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Fully supporting k-drama world domination. It's my hobby and passion. 

Let's go to Dramaland. Actor on another level, Lee Junho.

After having watched almost 500 k-dramas, I don't have any genre preferences anymore. I check out most new dramas and if they're not my thing I'll drop. But I try to find also great older dramas to watch.

Great k-dramas can easily be watched 2-3 times and they remain just as great. It's Okay to Not Be Okay, Crash Landing on You, Arthdal Chronicles, Mr. Sunshine, Just Between Lovers, Run On, Vagabond, Man to Man.... 

I'll always rely my own scales and judgments but I really appreaciate how MDL lets me get the big picture (ratings from 30 000+ viewers) and more detailed reviews/opinions. So I also fully appreciate this community and MDL content. 

My ratings:

  • 10 rare masterpiece, amongst the best dramas ever made!
  • 9-9.5 fantastic, gem, but not perfect
  • 8.5 really good and a recommendation to watch
  • 8  enjoyable enough, but only for one-time watching
  • 7-7.5 still better and more worthwhile than non-k-drama
  • 4-6 dramas that I struggled to finish.

One thing though: I'll always defend everyone's right to express their opinions and judgments. Calling other commenters "haters" if they don't share your opinion basically means stepping on others freedom of speech. Even if its a small thing it's a red flag to me. Of course a lot of dramas are not as good or well made as we hope them to be when we start watching. There are hundreds of great dramas to watch after all.

Go Jun (in Save Me, one of the very best k-dramas) 

I love watching Behind the scenes and Making of clips. Ok Taecyeon fighting ghost in Bring It On Ghost

One more thing I really like: KBS drama specials. They're like small indie films, often. With k-drama qualities but more free and experimental than box office hit movies.  Park Sung Woong is in 2 of them ! (Butcher Barber, Strange Cohabitation).  


Epilogue:  I used not to like k-pop at all, but that was before ATEEZ (and the World EPs to be precise) ! Fully supporting ATEEZ world domination!!


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