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somewhere on tatooine


somewhere on tatooine

prepare thyself, this bio is a bit heftyyyy lmao

I go where the wind takes me, and that’s the way I’ve always been, I’m currently prospering in portland, OR trying to possibly find a career either as an emt / radiology tech or do stuntwork / screenwriting for films in the U.S. and South Korea. 

~┏( ゜)ਊ゜)┛ ~
I’m a hardcore sagittarius and it shows every morning when I struggle to get out of bed lmao, an INFJ — 26 yrs & I love martial arts and foreign films; any type of foreign film is my go to, I love chilling with friends, trying to explore local cafes in my area (blackpink in your area, sorry I had too) because I’m a huge coffee ☕️  lover, also love going to art & astrology shops, I enjoy nature & all it has to offer, I love writing & drawing or painting, also love watching game walkthroughs on YouTube and aspire to have a YouTube channel someday, that's a bit of me :-)

my favorite genre of all time is by far none: HORROR, and any sub-genres (ex: psychological-horror, man ... we don’t get enough of these in the film society lol) that correspond with it, such as: fantasyslasher, suspense, thriller, demonic, psychedelic, sci-fi, & paranormal, the only genre of horror I cannot stand is gore horror, mmmm mama don‘t got time for that, unless it’s like 80’s/90’s gore because at least it looks like ketchup lmao xD

other genres I’m a big fan of are: fantasyparanormal-romance, normal romance if it's good romance lolaction & adventure, and rom-com, also any sub-genres with these included like I’ve stated above, so far I’ve watched quite a few kdramas with these, even cdramas or jdramas!

side-note: been working on my profile for ages and the spaces in between these columns below are still bugging tf outta me, I don’t know how to fix it, help me lawd,  <— Kim Seon-ho and Jungkook define all my feelings within the past like half a year I‘ve tried to fix this and give my profile personality for over three months lmaooooo ...

(all gifs at this point & past belong to rightful owners, also, go to “light mode“ for better viewing experience after this point :’)

now for some kdrama likes and dislikes

mentally and physically equipped FL’s, as in they’re prepared for that ass-whooping and don’t need a man to save them all the time, both

Scarlett from “Search: WWW,“ and Ko Moon Young from ”It’s Okay, to Not be Okay” are two perfect examples of this kind of character 

jerkish / childish ML’s

AND all of the most well known cliché tropes we’ve seen like 1,000 times, such as:

  • rich man / poor woman
  • disapproving parents
  • amnesia plot
  • love triangles ... god I hate love triangles
  • the stalker SL
  • FL & ML met previously when they were kids ...
Boys Over Flowers,” is one of the best examples of the rich man / poor woman trope 

(only a good storyline will get me to watch any these)

sweet ML’s who aren’t CEO’s but everyone’s dream guy at heart

Ki Seon Gyeom from “Run On” is a perfect example of this type of ML, and there are many more, love him 

undeveloped characters arcs from start to finish, and terrible endings, ”unfinished screenplays“ I like to call them ...
dramas with realistic themes, or relatability —this goes for plot and characters (themes such as racism or individualism etc. real world issues and struggles) 

lack of communication break-ups

 & “toxic glorified relationships

developed ML & FL / second ML & FL’s with driven developement, goals, dreams & struggles (physically or internally) 

If there is one ML that had the absolute best character development out of any other ML I’ve seen in a kdrama, it has to be Noh Go Jin from “Crazy Love,” like omg … if you see him from start to finish you wouldn’t think he’s the same person, he has the BEST character development I’ve seen in any kdrama, and he’s so lovable like …

^ the wrist grab,” or any motion in which the ML believes the FL is his product or property, because that’s hot  -______- ....
^ ML & FL’s who talk about their issues, and struggles —

both Moon Gang Tae and Ko Moon Young from “It’s Okay, to Not be Okay,” are two fabulous examples of a pair who went through the struggle bus, but eventually talked out their issues and differences

strong FL’s who have prior martial arts experience, but after 2 episodes, halfway through the show we never see it again because plot and writing said so ... 
happens too much, one of my biggest pet peeves, let me tell you ... although I’m not a fan of Kim Go-eun or “The King Eternal Monarch,“ Jeong Tae Eul deserved better writing and that’s straight facts 

the “destined to meet” trope, literally one of the only tropes I can stand lol 
masculine or tomboyish FL’s that yell ... a lot lol, or don’t embrace their femininity by keeping their masculine personalities at the same time

& disempowered ML’s, who act stupid or don’t use intelligence to get out of situations if they’re not physically buff

age gaps in historical dramas: back then it was a different time, and marriages where you had like 20 year age gaps were normalized, depending on the year and era
age gaps in modern day dramas: we’re talking by 15-20 year age gaps lol, not all about it, however, if the plot is interesting enough for me to get into, I’d reconsider watching with an open mind (I do this anyway but you know what I mean lol), and I’m not biased towards primarily women age gaps, same goes for men too, no double standards on this profile lmaoooo 

most anticipated dramas of 2021-22

(click on any of the bold names to go to the drama page :)

the dramas on this list change whenever they're released, so expect new ones every so often!)

my most anticipated 2023-24 watchlist  (so far!!! ;-)

Sweet Home s2&3 (kdrama)

Single in Seoul (kdrama)

Bad-Memory Eraser (kdrama)

The Shinru of Hash (kdrama)

Time Walking on Memory (kdrama)

Gannibal s2 (jdrama)

When the Stars Gossip (kdrama)

You Have Done Well (kdrama)

Sculpture City (kdrama)

favorite dramas of all-time

my lovely liar (2023)

crazy love (2022)

run on (2020)

strong woman do bong soon (2017)

my id is gangnam beauty (2018)

the sound of magic (2022)

moon lovers: scarlet heart ryeo (2016)

the glory part 1&2 (2022-23)

youth of may  (2021)

sweet home (2020)

save me (2017)

one ordinary day (2021)

the untamed (2019)

butterflied lovers (2023)

gannibal (2022)

thank you all for stopping by my profile and making it to the end, that’s all I’ve got! see y’all in the feeds lmao 

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