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The Conscious Realm


The Conscious Realm

I lived in Japan for almost four years and can speak the language fairly well but was taught using very a formal and business way of speaking. Then while living in Osaka, I naturally picked up their native Kansai dialects. Since living in Japan, I've always enjoyed watching Japanese TV shows, anime and movies. I gradually became interested in Korean programs, as their production and storylines were becoming more entertaining than Japanese drama series. Switching between JDRAMA's & KDRAMA's for about two years. I decided to give CDRAMA's a shot because, why not? 

From there I also opened up to watching shows from Turkey, Egypt, Nigeria, Mexico, Germany, etc. As long as I could find English subtitles for the series. Being semi-tech savvy and with the advancement in AI technology.

Lately I have been using AI to create subtitles for a wide variety of programs I've always wanted to watch but never could, due to the language barrier(s). While the subtitles created aren't perfect, it does give you a decent understanding of what's going on and I find it better than nothing. Until someone else decides to create subtitles. Even if people use my 'beta' subtitles to create better ones, that doesn't bother me. Since we're all in this together, to watch and enjoy drama shows!

I spent several years getting into shape, so I understand what it's like to look at your self in the mirror and feel disgusted with yourself. It's also extremely difficult when you're doing some sort of "health" journey alone. Worried about what others might think, having too much anxiety going to the gym and no matter how much you change. You still really never feel 'complete'. Luckily cats don't care what you look like.

I have a very short attention span when it comes to finishing a drama and have also created this 'ritual'. I started to do this during covid because as we were locked in our homes for several years. Being overwhelmed with the amount of asian drama to select from and having an anti-trending personality (if something is popular or trending I won't watch it until hype has died down). I didn't know where to begin. At first I would pick random shows depending on a certain tag (timetravel, mystery, historical, etc). Then one day I wanted to watch a 'gambling' themed series and searched for the word 'dice' and came across a show (Dicey Business ). I do this about 80% of the time when looking for a new show to watch. I will think of a random keyword and then pick a random show from the search results of that keyword, without reading the plotline. I've become addicted to doing this as it's almost like playing the lotto. You also have to use more brain power watching the first few episodes to get an idea on what is going on vs. if you already know the basic plot. Finding hidden gems and actors/actresses when doing this really makes my dopamine spike. However once that dopamine spike goes down, it can be difficult for me to finish the series as I want to do my 'ritual' again and start a brand new series. Hence why my list has heaps of unfinished shows. じゃあまたね  ma ka han nya ha ra mi ta shin gyo kan ji zai bo sa gyo jin han nya ha ra mi ta ji sho ken go on kai ku do is-sai

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