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there are similar games, it is done by the same PD, and in my opinion it's better than the first two seasons of genius. With many plot twists, strong alliances, betrayals, interesting games, smart people and a lot of self learning and discovery near the end.
Recomendado por Miamoryhj - Out 21, 2023
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Thriller by the same OCN. It has a similar atmosphere also the main detective is also like a genius.
Recomendado por Miamoryhj - Mai 15, 2018
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two dramas explore same concept about religious cults and stronger people behind them. Both were aired by OCN which is famous for it's mystery thrillers.
Recomendado por Miamoryhj - Mai 13, 2018
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The epic music!! And the epic story are really similar. The main lead Hong Gil Dong also played here and this was the reason why he also could land a lead role in Rebel. The story here, however, is more complex because it depicts the fall of Georyeo and the creation of Jeoseon.
Recomendado por Miamoryhj - Abr 3, 2018