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Favorite Dramas

My personal favorite dramas, not necessary in orderGenerally dramas i liked, and not the all time faves. The ones i liked the most have !! or…

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Dramas with good messages or deep meaning

Dramas that had a message for me. Or a deep meaning i saw in them.  (As i love deep meanings) The order is not important, they are placed…

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Good Nice dramas (but Not Absolute Fav)

Dramas that were nice and I enjoyed a lot or a little or really liked! BUT they are not super favorite to include in favorites list. !!! -…

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Dramas that ended up being a Disaster

Dramas that ended up being a Disaster FOR ME. maybe they had promising start... but ended being illogical, meaningless, empty shell instead…

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Rare Gems

Dramas that I personally think are rare and phenomenal. Usually not the most mainstream ones, maybe the hidden ones, but not all of them are…

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Favorite actors/actresses

My personal Favorite actors and actresses :)Some of these change as time goes by....for example when i first started dramas i would have totally…

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Favorite Shows

personal favorite TV-Shows 

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Actors/Actresses I don't quite like

*DISCLAIMER* This list is only my opinion and it doesn't mean that I hate this people or something. It's just something in them that i don't…

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Fave and not so JDoramas

Favorite and not so favorite but just good nice japanese dramas.I dont remember the exact reasons i liked them, except some of them. old, but…

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Winter Dramas

Dramas perfect to watch in winter (mostly korean) To Be Continued!P.S. Feel free to post suggestions in the comments!! :)

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Best 2020 kdramas

Dramas I thought are great in 2020I liked some others but not as much

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Best Historical Korean Dramas

Korean Historical Dramas or Sageuks I watched and thought that are the best! (I will slowly add more titles to this list) I am very interested…

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Favorite Secondary/Supporting roles

favorite second leads, their characters. Sooooo hard to remember  XD-This list contains second leads, supporting roles, and sometimes even…

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Best 2019 kdramas

Absolute favs of 2019I liked some others but not as much.

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