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What started off just as a source of entertainment has now turned out to be a good platform to gain knowledge, understand perspective of various characters from different angles and a must "me time" therapy - series, movies and documentaries.

Hi, I'm Tashfia :) I started watching kdrama during the lockdown of 2020 due to pandemic and since watched many beautiful stories so far. My first drama was Goblin and I was so impressed with the character's performance, director's concept implementation, ambience, OST and emotional expressions; it was definitely praiseworthy. Soon afterwards, Park Seo Joon  was all I could think of after I finished watching Itaewon Class and binge watched almost all his dramas within the next few weeks :P

After him, I'd say Lee Minho, Ji Chang Wook, Park Bo-gum, Jo Jung-suk, Yoo Yeon-seok, IU, Lee Hye-ri and  Park Min-young are my favorite actors as well and most of my drama list has revolved around them more or less. You can find out more about my reviews and drama ratings from my watchlist and I hope it guides you to find a good series for yourself. I also watch Chinese dramas every now and then and my most favorite Chinese drama is The Story of Yanxi Palace and it's female lead actor Wu Jinyan is an outstanding performer.

I really enjoy watching historical drama since I'm more inclined towards developing an understanding of prehistoric and historic events, cultures, psychology, myth and stories. Other than that, I also find myself indulged in rom-com, action, thriller, medical, fantasy/fictional dramas except horror :P

When it comes down to critics, I'll say I am neither a hard rater nor an easy pleaser. My reviews tend to be meticulous mainly based on the development of the story which could either be devised primarily around the lead characters or fictional sequential series of events. The actors' performance, directing of scenes, details, dialogues, ambience, emotional responses and underlying meaning of storyline - these are also considered when I'm watching and reviewing any drama/series and movies and yes, I research properly on the dramas to watch before I dive in ;)

Since watching drama, series, movies and documentaries are a huge part of my leisure time, I've always found myself addicted to western series and movies since forever. You can also see list of some of my most favorite ones and the ones I'm currently watching in here. I'd hate to compare western media industry with that of Asian, it's more like comparing apples with oranges. Both the industry has their unique sets of ideas and implementation when it comes down to delivering their art to the viewers and I always love to focus on that. 

Nonetheless, I'll try my best to throw honest reviews on the shows I'll watch and feel free to add me :)


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