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Like many of you I was introduced to Asian dramas by a friend. It was back to 06-07and she recommended me to watch Devil Beside You, which started everything and now I'm here fourteen year after and still going on. I will say it's more than just dramas and movies, the culture and everything is now part of me and my life. It have been a apart of half my life. 

It was a couple of years later after I've watched my first drama that i realised I've been part of this much longer than I thought. While watching a drama, I heard the ost in the drama and I started to sing along with it. I was like `Why is this song here?´ i looked it up and it was a song by DBSK/TVXQ that I've heard years back that I had on my mp3 player back then. I think it was a whole album on there. At that time I had no clue that I've been listening to kpop since I was 13-14. This is my story pretty much! 

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These lists here is remakes of the most famous, popular and old school dramas, that never gets old. 
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"What you said about the powerful and the powerless, you weren't wrong. In fact you're absolutely right.                      Except for one thing. The most powerful person in the courtroom is no one other than the judge.                                           It's us. The most dangerous one, is us as well. Don't forget that, ever!"

- Judge Han, Miss Hammurabi ep.13


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