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In late 2023 I was blessed to see my 68th year. I'm a mum of 5 and have 13 grandchildren scattered from one end of the US to the other. I miss them dearly, but they left their home state  to find better opportunities. If I could I would join them, yet I'm rooted here.

I abhor bullying of any sort, which includes people being easily offended by the slightest whatever it is then lashing out at the other person when it was actually unwarranted assumptions on the easily offended's part. We ALL have a choice to BE offended or not. If YOU are easily offended, ask yourself WHY. What  triggered you? Reflect & conquer. I abhor bullying of any sort, which includes the behavior I've seen across social media sites in comments that slam others for their honest opinions. Opinions are personal. If you disagree with someone, please STFU and don't reply to them. Simple. Howerver, the herd mentality which we see today in not being able to go against the herd has stifled people's unique voices, and being villified for being unique is ludicrous. I would hate to live in a cookie-cutter world.

I'm retired, have way too much time on my hands, yet my health doesn't allow me to volunteer like I would so love to do. Such as it is, I spend most of my time online on one social media site or another, push others to VOTE, watch mainly Korean dramas & films, piddle in my yard, and eye the unresolved DIY projects which need more stamina to finish. Maybe the attitude of doing everything by myself and asking for no help has landed me in the position I'm in. Yet, I have no regrets.

I've lived an extremely full life with experiences, good AND bad,  others might not ever be able to have in 3 lifetimes. Nix traveling though. THAT is my one regret, to be able to travel to the places I can now only visit through media.

Live and Learn

Use it up, Wear it out, Make do, or Do without (I follow my beloved maternal grandmother's advice)

I love others' stories. People are really amazing in their unique appearance, experiences, wishes, hopes, and dreams. It makes me happy to connect with folks across the world and receive (virtual) hugs since I don't have the opportunity IRL (in real life). I'm a HUGE hugger.

I base a rating for dramas and movies on ONLY one thing: How much I did or did not enjoy it. I don't care how little a drama has been promoted, nor whether it's been hyped over the moon and back. I'll leave rating them based on the technicalities up to everyone else. 




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