Hi Eo Ra Kim
Kim Hi Eo Ra's agency gives update about the actress' school violence controversy
Notícias - Abr 16, 2024

Kim Hi Eo Ra and her agency shared a new update about the school bullying controversy she's involved in.

Im Ji Yeon, Ali, & Jung Sung Il Express Their Support For Kim Hi Eo Ra
Notícias - Set 7, 2023

Kim Hi Eo Ra's fellow actors show their support through social media "Likes."

Kim Hi Eo Ra Undergoes Visual Transformation for Her Character in "The Uncanny Counter Season 2"
Notícias - Jul 13, 2023

Check out the details of the interview held with Kim Hi Eo Ra.

Jin Seon Kyu, Kang Ki Young, and Kim Hi Eo Ra Deliver Awe-Inspiring Performances in Upcoming Series
Notícias - Jul 4, 2023

Feast your eyes on the latest character teasers and posters from "The Uncanny Counter Season 2: Counter Punch", featuring Jin Seon Kyu, Kang Ki Young, and Kim Hi Eo Ra.

Kim Hi Eo Ra is the Epitome of Pure Evil in the Stills of "The Uncanny Counter Season 2"
Notícias - Jul 3, 2023

Check out the new stills featuring Kim Hi Eo Ra.

Counters and Demons Clash in the New Posters of "The Uncanny Counter Season 2"
Notícias - Jun 27, 2023

Check out the new posters of the upcoming action-fantasy drama.

Kim Yoon Hye joins the K-drama "Jeong Nyeon"
Notícias - Jun 22, 2023

Kim Yoon Hye will be added to the cast of the upcoming K-drama Jeong Nyeon.

Cho Byeong Kyu & Team Gear Up to Face the Evil Spirits "The Uncanny Counter Season 2"
Notícias - Jun 19, 2023

Feast your eyes on the new posters of "The Uncanny Counter Season 2: Counter Punch"

Winners of 59th Baeksang Arts Awards Announced!
Notícias - Abr 29, 2023

Check out the winners of Best Drama, Best Actor, Best Actress, and more award categories of the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards.

"The Uncanny Counter Season 2" Schedules Release in the Second Half of 2023
Notícias - Abr 20, 2023

Get ready for season 2 of the much-awaited action-fantasy series.

Kim Hi Eo Ra in Talks to Join Kim Tae Ri and Shin Ye Eun in a New K-drama
Notícias - Abr 11, 2023

Kim Hi Eo Ra's next co-stars will possibly be Kim Tae Ri and Shin Ye Eun.

The List of K-dramas and K-movies Nominated for the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards Announced
Notícias - Abr 7, 2023

Check out which K-dramas, K-movies, K-actors, and K-actresses made it to the list of nominees.

Netflix Releases the Official Teaser of "The Glory Part 2"
Notícias - Fev 9, 2023

Get a glimpse of the upcoming Netflix revenge-thriller.

Netflix releases a special trailer for the upcoming "The Glory Season 2"
Notícias - Jan 23, 2023

The second part of "The Glory" is coming very soon.

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Kim Hi Eo Ra

Hi Eo Ra Kim
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  • Primeiro Nome: Hi Eo Ra
  • Sobrenome: Kim
  • Native name: 김히어라
  • Also Known as: Kim Hieora
  • Nacionalidade: South Korean
  • Gênero: Female
  • Nascido: Mar�o 18, 1989
  • Idade: 35

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