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Kim Hi Eo Ra and her agency shared a new update about the school bullying controversy she's involved in.

On April 16, Kim Hi Eo Ra's agency Gram Entertainment shared the actress's and the accuser's status. According to the agency, "Kim Hi Eo Ra and the company personally met up with the people who accused her in the bullying controversy. Both parties tried their best to understand each other and recall their memories. After much reflection, both parties have decided to end the issue and support each other's craft.  

The agency added, "Through this controversy, Kim Hi Eo Ra spent time to reflect on herself and has decided to become a responsible member of society." They also revealed that Kim Hi Eo Ra will do her best to repay the love she has received from the public.

Last year, Kim Hi Eo Ra became involved in a school bullying controversy after she became more known through the Netflix original K-drama The Glory. Because of this, she decided to back out on her next project which is the upcoming tvN K-drama Jeong Nyeon. Her role was then given to actress Jung Eun Chae.

Kim Hi Eo Ra made her acting debut in 2021. She became more known after starring as one of the bullies in the hit Netflix K-drama The Glory. 

After The Glory, Kim Hi Eo Ra showcased a new side of her in the 2023 K-drama The Uncanny Counter Season 2: Counter Punch. She worked alongside Cho Byeong Kyu, Yoo Joon Sang, Kim Se Jeong, Yeom Hye Ran, Ahn Suk Hwan, and Yoo In Soo

Kim Hi Eo Ra was also part of the works Bad and Crazy, Forecasting Love and Weather, Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Bad Prosecutor, tvN O'PENing: Shoot Me, and more. 

After being involved in the school bullying controversy, there were no reports about the upcoming project of Kim Hi Eo Ra.


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