de Lily Alice, Junho 27, 2023

The Uncanny Counter Season 2: Counter Punch has unveiled two main posters, portraying the clash between the Counters and the evil spirits. 

The Uncanny Counter Season 2: Counter Punch continues the thrilling adventure of the Counters (demon hunters), who have grown stronger with upgraded powers and a recruit. Together, they take on the growing evil forces that threaten humanity. 

The amp up the excitement for the drama, tvN has released two striking posters, showcasing the clash between the Counters and the Demons. The posters feature the Counters, including So Moon (Cho Byeong Kyu), Ga Mo Tak (Yoo Joon Sang), Do Ha Na (Kim Se Jeong), Chu Mae Ok (Yeom Hye Ran), Choi Jang Mool (Ahn Suk Hwan), and Na Jeok Bong (Yoo In Soo), and the Demons Pil Kwang (Kang Ki Young), Gelly Berherd (Kim Hi Eo Ra), and Wong Yeok (Kim Hyun Wook).

The main posters beautifully capture the electrifying vibe unique to the series. The Counters, who have become even stronger with the addition of Jeok Bong, are seen battling the powerful Demons. Moreover, the posters and teasers also pique curiosity about the powers of the demons as they are seen going head-to-head with the Counters. 

In the Counters' poster, So Moon wears a determined expression as he summons the Yung's land; Ga Mo Tak, as the strongest Counter, emanates a powerful aura, raising his fists ready to crush the Demons; Do Ha Na comes as an agile Counter with stronger powers; Chu Mae Ok, with her fierce determination, raises her clenched fists, preparing for an unyielding fight; Choi Jang Mool's return to the battlefield foreshadows his combat prowess; and Na Jeok Bong showcases his exceptional ability to jump high, hinting at his hidden powers. The text on the Counters' poster reads, "Let's wipe out all the demons in this world!". 

On the other side, Pil Kwang's sinister expression and posture pique curiosity as to whether he possesses powers similar to So Moon; Gelly's sharp eyes command the spotlight; and Wong Yeok comes with all his might at the Counters, unafraid. The text on the poster reads, "Finish off the weak ones in an instant!".

Additionally, the contrasting colors of the posters create a compelling juxtaposition between the heroes and the villains, heightening expectations for an equally intriguing, suspenseful, and power-packed series as season 1. 

Don't miss the premiere of The Uncanny Counter Season 2: Counter Punch on July 29th on Netflix.