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Since most of the answers to 2021 End Of The Year Drama Challenge (courtesy of WandereR and @anniedelavoye), would be "I don't know/I don't have a favorite actor or actress ", I decided to make this list public as my own way of taking part in the challenge. (Thanks for the challenge, WandereR and annie!) 

My top tags came out to be Romance and Comedy. Though, I don't know how many of the listed dramas fall into that category.  I haven't yet added many to my official watch list, but made significant progress before they ended getting forgotten. Oopsie!

  • All drama and movie stuff of 2021, including dropped ones, and my Feed Posts links listed in a chronological manner. Unrated dramas indicate that I've not yet completed them. 
  •   ****January 27, 2021
  • *****January 24, 2021     

Final Updates:

  • #Completed: 44
  •  #Dropped: 10 
  • #Promoted to IFYE List: 6 
  • #Waiting for Subtitles: 2
KingC Jan 23, 2021
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