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Technically, it's my comments, Feeds Journey and all my favourite drama moments. I like documenting my Journey on MDL. I watch a lot of assorted stuff and have an erratic rating system - I tend to look at the re-watch values seriously. So, a drama once rated high might have its score dropped after a few months. The dramas featured in my profile are my "firsts", some that managed to leave an impression on me or those that are I find quite unforgettable.But, I do recognize their mistakes and will not consider them perfect. Here are a list of stuff which I think might be helpful in understanding my drama habits. Also, I drop dramas a lot if I feel like its not worth my time.

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KingC Abr 22, 2021
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  • Detetive Ancião

    1. Detetive Ancião

    Chinese Drama - 2020, 24 episodes


    FEATURED (NO. 1):

     I was so obsessed with this that I couldn't watch anything else seriously for three months straight. Terribly low budget, but its such a beautiful little gem. 

    My first comment about the drama. My first feed post in MDL is about it too. Then, I went on to write my first ever article for this site. (It resembles a vacuum cleaner advertisement and I feel shame shame whenever I look at it. Either it was my style of "watching paint dry" writing or the vacuum cleaner. I unfortunately chose vacuum cleaner. It's kinda sad cause I did actual research before writing it up. Ancient Detective is the reason why I know so much about Wuxia World.  

  • Poesia de Amor Milenar

    2. Poesia de Amor Milenar

    Chinese Drama - 2021, 49 episodes


    FEATURED (NO. 2):

    I might be one of the very few people who loved this. I found the storyline simple, yet refreshing. There are several memorable characters I'd not forget anytime soon.

  • Palavra de Honra

    3. Palavra de Honra

    Chinese Drama - 2021, 36 episodes


    FEATURED (NO. 3):

    My review explains why I featured it on my profile page. But, in no way is it perfect. Right after EP 30, things take a wild turn and the only reason I sat through EP 32 - 34 is to give Ah' Xu company. 

  • Estranhos do Inferno

    4. Estranhos do Inferno

    Korean Drama - 2019, 10 episodes


    FEATURED (NO. 4):

    Never expected to love such a dark drama. But, I'll definitely be checking out this genre in the future. I wouldn't recommend this for everyone though. I did not kid around with the word dark. 

  • Eu Não Quero Ser Sua Amiga

    5. Eu Não Quero Ser Sua Amiga

    Chinese Drama - 2020, 24 episodes


    FEATURED (NO. 5):

    I'm not a huge fan of high school dramas. But, this one unexpectedly turned out to be one of my forever favourites. And personally, I think it portrayed the relationship between children and their parents more accurately and realistically than any school drama I've seen, except for Slice - of - Life genres such as Lovely Us and Reply 1988.

    The right amount of angst, truth and the bittersweet portrayal of real life was touching. 

  • Vestido Com Mangas Vermelhas

    6. Vestido Com Mangas Vermelhas

    Korean Drama - 2021, 17 episodes


    FEATURED (NO. 6):

    My favorite Korean Saeguk. I've found most of them a chore to watch after a certain number of episodes. But, The Red Sleeve surpassed my expectations and became one of my all time favorite rewatch worthy dramas. 

    (Also, this is the first KDrama I extensively tried GIFFing scenes of on tumblr.)

  • Meninos Antes de Flores

    7. Meninos Antes de Flores

    Japanese Drama - 2005, 9 episodes


    A very questionable drama to be rated a 10. But, this is my first foray into Asian Dramas. And it'll always hold a special place for me. 

  • A Última Missão do Anjo: Amor

    8. A Última Missão do Anjo: Amor

    Korean Drama - 2019, 32 episodes


    First ever drama I watched while it was Currently Airing.

     My first ever public appearance on MDL. Too bad that it turned out to be a cope out and is now rated 6.5 in my list. Unfortunate, because Shin Hye Sun rocked her role and so did Kim Dan. 

  • Hotel Del Luna

    9. Hotel Del Luna

    Korean Drama - 2019, 16 episodes


    I still stick with what I said that time. I wonder if I will ever rewatch and finally it gets a raise from its present score. 

  • O Indomável

    10. O Indomável

    Chinese Drama - 2019, 50 episodes


    It's been a long time since I watched this drama and I still do stick to all the stuff I wrote here right after my first watch, despite having issues plotwise. Things took a particularly bad turn after I began to read the novel. (I might be the only one on the planet who did not like the novel too much, but it made me feel more critical about the drama and MXTX's writing style and plot devices.) One day... I might sit down and write a proper review.

  • Adeus Minha Princesa

    11. Adeus Minha Princesa

    Chinese Drama - 2019, 52 episodes


    My first full length political tragedy and my thoughts.

  • Sob o Poder

    12. Sob o Poder

    Chinese Drama - 2019, 55 episodes


    Escape from Good Bye My Princess. 

  • Jornada Fatal

    13. Jornada Fatal

    Chinese Movie - 2020

    Nie Huisang is forever my favourite character of The Untamed. That's something about that drama that's not going to change in the near future. Too bad that I had to give up my first rewatch of the Untamed after the initial thrill and never got around to picking up any of its other spin offs after that. 

  • De Mim para Você

    14. De Mim para Você

    Japanese Movie - 2010


    My first Japanese Movie. Also, my gateway into Asian Entertainment. 

  • Cinzas do Amor

    15. Cinzas do Amor

    Chinese Drama - 2018, 63 episodes


    Yep. I am guilty of having Second Lead syndrome. But, it's not exactly what you might be thinking. 

  • Amor Eterno

    16. Amor Eterno

    Chinese Drama - 2017, 58 episodes

    This might be my most procrastinate drama to date. The information dump was too much for me and I gave up. Hopefully, I might pick it up again this year. 

  • Nirvana in Fire

    17. Nirvana in Fire

    Chinese Drama - 2015, 54 episodes


    I dropped it after two episodes cause of this. If that hadn't bothered me much, I would have finished it a lot earlier. 

  • Flor do Mal

    18. Flor do Mal

    Korean Drama - 2020, 16 episodes


    My first Thriller drama. And also one of those Dramas that I never ever felt to drop or got bored of. 

  • Different Princess

    19. Different Princess

    Chinese Drama - 2024, 36 episodes


    Watch around three idol dramas and we'll literally guess how every story is going to go. Such is the case of isekai dramas, which are in endless supply in Chinese Dramaland.  I tend to avoid most of them unless something strikes and I manage to hold on for a few episodes. 

    Different Princess is the only drama that managed to capture my attention and make me stick till the very end. Hence my rating. Not because it's the best CDrama out there, but it's in a league of its own when compared to the others of the same genre. 

    but other hyped up ones can take a note on 'how to utilize screentime and characters'. 

  • A Flor Proibida

    20. A Flor Proibida

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 24 episodes


    An unexpected drama that I began just because it happened fo appear on my YT feeds. It has far less watchers due to the age-gap and the ending. 

    But, for a modern Chinese drama, it struck quite a few cords after I Don't Want To be Friends With You and Lovely Us, majority of the credits which goes to the cast and whoever was behind the camera and sound production. The scriptwrriting was abysmal at times and the editing made it obvious where and when certain scenes were cut and paste. All in all, it was infuriating, but I admire the crew for making such a bewitching drama.          

  • Amor e Redenção

    21. Amor e Redenção

    Chinese Drama - 2020, 59 episodes


    My second article in this site was due to this drama. Writing an article for a 40+ EP drama was torture, particularly, a major xianxia and one of the most talked about drama in China last year. (Writing about hyped up dramas comes with a price.) And due to my astounding inability to describe feelings, three poor souls were pulled right in to help me with it. I feel sorry for all of them to date as they had to put up with my meaningless messages and rants. But, I am forever thankful to them. (Its also my most liked article to date.)

  • Mulher Forte, Do Bong Soon

    22. Mulher Forte, Do Bong Soon

    Korean Drama - 2017, 16 episodes


    My first Korean Drama.

  • O Coração de Sila

    23. O Coração de Sila

    Thai Drama - 2019, 27 episodes


    My First Thai Drama.

  • O Amor Eterno

    24. O Amor Eterno

    Chinese Drama - 2017, 24 episodes


    My First Chinese Drama.

    I actually stayed away from Chinese Dramas for a really long time. I was searching for Japanese Time Travel stuff when this was listed as a recommendation. Plus, there were multiple Viki clips of it. 

  • Bad Buddy

    25. Bad Buddy

    Thai Drama - 2021, 12 episodes


    My First Thai BL. 

    After coming across too many fierce opinions in the land of Thai BL, I decided to start watching Bad Buddy, which had an unprecedented popularity in tumblr. I could not escape it's GIFs or spoilers before finally binging all the five episodes that had released within two days. 

  • O Conto de Nokdu

    26. O Conto de Nokdu

    Korean Drama - 2019, 32 episodes


    My First Saeguk.

  • Kimi to Yukite Saku: Shinsengumi Seishunroku

    27. Kimi to Yukite Saku: Shinsengumi Seishunroku

    Japanese Drama - 2024, 20 episodes

    My First Japanese Historical Drama.

  • KinnPorsche The Series

    28. KinnPorsche The Series

    Thai Drama - 2022, 14 episodes


    2022 - Random Watch.

    I stay away from Mafia dramas. But, Porsche is the definition of this meme by Paula and the only reason why I decided to watch it. 

    Result: Dropped at EP8. Saw the rest through tumblr gifsets.

  • Amor entre Fada e Demônio

    29. Amor entre Fada e Demônio

    Chinese Drama - 2022, 36 episodes

    2023 - Random watch. Watched first episode in 2022. Began a slow watch the following year.

  • The Story of the Bat

    30. The Story of the Bat

    Chinese Drama - 0000, 36 episodes

    Well... why I'm looking forward to this? MGTV seems have to have absolutely no strategy when it comes to promotion. 

  • The Light in the Night

    31. The Light in the Night

    Chinese Drama - 2023, 8 episodes

    Well... since Priest has her own style of shaping characters, I was intrigued with her other works. Mo Du, her other adaption once again by... Youku is already filming. I made this post on April, 2021 after getting too excited by seeing Steven Zhang in his costume. 

    Guardian was a hit and a failure, Word of Honor was mostly a hit, but still got 20% (EP 31 - 33 + 0.5 of EP 34)  "miss" in it too. And Legend of Fei... Zhao Liying herself was dissatisfied with the script. Let's see how this one goes. Finger crossed that they don't blatantly ruin it for even non-readers of the book. 

  • Imortalidade

    32. Imortalidade

    Chinese Drama - 0000, 58 episodes

    Immortality and Tencent seems to be waiting for us to cultivate to the level of a Xian before dropping the show. But, here is the I was there ticket. I made that comment a really long time ago when filming had just begun.