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Nov 19, 2023
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interesting Start

I’m basing this review of just finishing off the first episode.
be warned to either watch with headphones or make sure your alone when you watch it!!
After all the sex scenes I think it has a very interesting understory.
I know sex plays a huge part in some of the pairs stories but for me the scenes felt a tad too over done.
I’m thinking I may wait till it’s complete to come
back and binge watch it all in one go!

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Mar 10, 2024
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Playboyy as an unexpected trip down the rabbit hole (Alice in Wonderland cries in the corner)

Sex, nudity, prostitution – Playboyy the Series from the trailer is a revamped version of Not Me and porn films in a slightly different reality. What the audience actually saw on the screens may have surprised them. Playboyy turned out to be a conglomeration of scenes and stories that defied expectations from the start. Maintained in the style of black comedies, filled with easter eggs and seemingly mocking itself with sex scenes so bad that second hand embarassment is nothing next to it. Could it have succeeded? Supposedly not, and yet it does. Playboyy fails and attracts at the same time – nothing is as it seems, and this non-obviousness, surprising twists and characters that are in vain in other Thai dramas really make this show something else. This time in a positive sense.

What is Playboyy about? The search for the missing brother is just an excuse to reveal the cards our characters play. In the meantime, they have sex, fall in love, make bad decisions to finally get serious about finding the truth about the missing twin. And that's when things start to get funny – the elaborate torture the missing man's brother uses is a punch right in the face for the real thugs. Interestingly, up to a certain point, he gets away with everything he does, and the audience can watch him slowly change – it's hard to say whether this is the result of our naughty Prom, the situation he finds himself in, or perhaps the truth about the brother and his life, or maybe everything at once. In any case, the current twin is just as crazy and unhinged as the rest of this gathering, so he fits in perfectly with the group.

Playboyy is not another candy story, you can say goodbye to fluffiness. It is a story where nothing is black or white – everything and everyone has different shades of grey, where what is seemingly sweet and innocent can be more dangerous than the obvious threat. The fight between good and evil is only a pretence, as no one here is really good – characters have their own flaws, which are clearly shown in the following episodes, they are selfish and act impulsively often without thinking about the consequences. Despite the large number of characters (7 pairings!), everything is interconnected and ultimately comes together.

Whoever never wanted to be a detective, let him be the first to throw a stone. Nont has fulfilled the childhood dreams of many of us, unfortunately under unpleasant circumstances. He is no Sherlock Holmes or Hercules Poirot, but hey! he has something to work with. So he decides to discover the truth by making out with every suspect. When that doesn't work, we move on to horrifyingly effective (really!) torture – who wouldn't want to be tickled to death by such a torturer?

Who has never thought of having a nice time with the sexy twins? Prom and Nuth wouldn't want to miss it. Especially Prom, who knows full well that you don't have to worry about missing your lover if you get your hands on another one – by chance looking exactly the same.

Who didn't plan to open their own business when they were young? Captain didn't need to be told twice – he turned his love of films into a profitable business. Actors don't always know they are starring in a film, so cutting costs is not a problem.

Anyone who has never watched anime and hentai should hide. Zouey has not only watched, but still memorised a few lines and will not hesitate to use them. "Thick japanese accent" activated.

Who has never wanted a sweet little virgin for themselves? Teena just wanted to seduce a rich kid and walk away. And boom! Instead of sex, there was affection. It's just a shame that his virgin isn't a virgin, what's more he's the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing. And in a flash Teena himself has gone from playboy to 24-hour muse.

Who has never ordered a pizza with home delivery? Soong delivers pizza and more. Our pizza boy pops up here and there, but only stays with the blonde-haired BDSM lover for longer. Probably because they both have a weakness for playing with food and cringe dress-up straight out of Z-grade porn movies.

Who hasn't had to coddle in college? Puen doesn't look for problems, it's the problems that look for him. So instead of finding a quiet, normal job, he chooses the Playboyy Club. And instead of competing for a place on the team on the pitch, he does it on his knees. Smart move, right?

Who has never dreamt of Prince Charming? Nuth may not have arrived on a white horse, but Phop doesn't seem to care. Why does he need peace of mind when, as well as selling himself on the internet, he can still sell drugs, make weird movies for his boyfriend and make an unexpected mistake that changes the course of the whole story? Phi!

Who has never thought about barely legal boys? Hopefully none other than Jason Lee. The sexy sugar daddy likes to take advantage of those weaker than himself, something he shouldn't get away with. Right? RIGHT?

Is it hard to take your eyes off the screen? Yes. Should we talk about food fetish (yes, First and Soong it's about you two), unconditional love of cameras, colourful drug-fuelled sex or humiliating your partner? It's not for me to judge, although the trauma of some scenes will stay with me for longer (once again FS and their thermometer, ketchup and literally "sex/food" obsession).

Does this series make you repeat over and over again: "Why? Just why?" Yes. And not just in relation to the actions of these gaggles, but also to your own mental health. In the course of watching, more than a few have asked themselves: "Why?", "For what reason?", "How?". And most importantly: "What am I doing with my life?", "Don't I have more important things to do?". But once you've fallen down the rabbit hole, you're not going to get out so quickly.

Has Playboyy earned its rating? Both yes and no. It's a show not for everyone, and watching only the first episode should not be an excuse to judge the whole series. Unfortunately, MDL is a collection of individuals from all over the world who don't understand that you don't judge a book by its cover. It is worth seeing at least half of the episodes and only judge the efforts of the crew and actors. And if the show is that bad, watch five minutes and drop the hell out. Why waste your life on bad series?

How do you watch Playboyy? Without much expectations. It's impossible to predict what's going to happen – the characters live their own lives and the scriptwriter, to the delight of the audience, has clearly created the plot on a high or, on the contrary, forgetting the prescribed medication. As a result, the show is engaging in its maddening unpredictability slowly revealing its cards. What could initially be seen as bad writing, bad editing and "bad everything" is planned down to the smallest detail. The dynamics of the show change as do the relationships between the characters – NCs scenes take on a life of their own, with a plot lurking somewhere in the corner. And just every move of the characters still remains an unhinged mystery.

Who would I recommend Playboyy to? To anyone with an open mind. Despite appearances, it's a demanding show with a non-obvious plot line (yes, we have a plot here). So if you are a fan of simple copy-paste stories, you may not be able to bear the weight of Playboyy. This isn't a sweet tale of a search for a missing brother decorated with hot romance – everything here is unhinged, and you start to question yourself as you watch. Are you bored of standard dramas with a predictable plotline? Do you cringe at the word fluff? Do you think a conversation is invalid if it lacks English interjection? Are you a weirdo or a psychopath? Playboyy might be for you.

You know you're doing it right when the final product evokes so many emotions, even if they are so extreme. That's why I would venture to say that Playboyy was a success on several fronts.

Firstly, it certainly wasn't boring. And although for some the storyline of the series is as lost as one of the twins, that's just miserable slander. Just open your eyes (and watch more than one episode) and somewhere in the vapour of sex and absurdity you'll find a pretty solid plot spiced up with plenty of plot twists.

Secondly, Playboyy lives a life of its own. It is something new, unexpected and bizarrely entertaining. At a time when you've been everywhere and seen everything, such productions are a rarity. Especially as it is unlikely to be a commercial success.

And finally thirdly, the Playboyy comments section is the least toxic and one of the most active communities on the site. Compared to other hot and more normal positions, where passive-aggressive comments and high school-derived opinions dominate, Playboyy's audience is a balm to my heart, and it's amazing.

To summarise, Playboyy is an unhinged, roller-coaster ride. There are really bad sex scenes and really sexy NCs, naked buttocks worthy of sin, scenes straight out of romantic comedies, plenty of treats for connoisseurs of culture (musicals, cinema, literature and even japanese AV!) and an ending that brings even more unknowns to the whole story. Also noteworthy is retro fashion at its most quirky. Twinks reign supreme here, but fashion gems can be seen in most of the characters. And here the question arises: who actually dresses like this? Without a doubt, Playboyys fashion is nothing more than a stylist's wet dream ;) It is a show that teaches you to expect the unexpected and not to take anything for granted, because the scriptwriter knows better anyway :) And note: Playboyy is like a bar of chocolate – you never end up with just one piece. THE END

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Mar 2, 2024
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This Series Doesn't Know What It Is

I have a lot of trouble rating this series. I think it did some things okay, dropped the ball on some, made some really poor choices on some things and tried to talk about rarely discussed topics. However, the series as a whole lacked focus in a big way which resulted in it not doing any of the things it was trying to do particularly well.

Playboyy attempted to be dark and edgy by dealing with the sex industry, for which I applaud it. However, there were too many moving parts. Some people had a problem with the sheer size of the cast and felt they could not connect or understand many characters as a result. I didn't share that issue, personally. However, the show simultaneously tried to have a murder mystery, a commentary on the sex industry, commentary on drug use/addiction and how that can overlap with said sex industry, the reality of being gay in a society where discrimination for being part of a sexual minority is the norm, power dynamics, grooming/sexual abuse, and normalization/acceptance of different types of sex and sexualities. I'll address what was supposed to actually be the plot of the series last.

The focus on the sex industry only felt present in the beginning of the series. We see the main sex worker characters all get out of the profession for the most part. Soong does this back and forth dance with continuing sex work and having his relationship with First, Ultimately the relationship wins over the sex work and while I give them some credit showing his struggle to make money in legitimate ways this portrayal feels so inauthentic and unrealistic. We have no idea what happens with Teena. At the start of the series there's a sense of Zouey being a sort of mark and him planning to continue to work as a sex worker like the rest but ultimately he just become's Zouey's boyfriend. Jump keeps up the sex work as much as he can until he's blackmailed by Porsche. They could have done a lot with this pair and how sex workers can be taken advantage of so easily without any protections or recourse, but they didn't. We never see sex work from Prom's perspective. Phop is saved from sex work by Nuth by becoming a drug dealer. Again, this could have been a very interesting thread to explore but the writers failed to do so. That leaves Aob and Puen, who characters who are relegated to the backburner much of the series.

The plot line of First abusing sex workers at Playboyy would have been great to focus on more if the writers actually wanted to talk about how sex workers are abused because they are seen as disposable and without any way of stopping said abuse. Especially when Zouey gets pissed at him and points out Soong used to be one of them and yet First chose to treat people in that same industry that way. However, aside from Aob threatening First and Keen taking Puen when he's injured from First's paid abuse, this is all brushed under the rug.

The most we really get about sex workers or the sex industry is a) how it makes relationships difficult with what I am going to call normies and b) competition for clients. The treatment of both of these lines of discussion feels shallow and cheap.

The drug angle is almost incidental to both the sex work thread and the murder mystery thread. It feels like it is there mostly to give us a legitimate means by which we can bring down our villain. In the very last episode we get some discussion of trying to get out of that line of work and how to survive without it, but of course this isn't really explored. The drug trade is mostly used as a catalyst for Nant's problems which lead to the supposed plot of the series.

Adjacent to sex worker thread we have the illegal sex tape trade angle. This is predominantly explored through Captain and his private facebook group. Adjacent to this is Nant, who was supplying Captain with material for that group. We do get some repercussions from this. Keen is initially expelled because a video Captain posted (and recorded) without his consent is sent to the university. Keen is initially very angry with Captain. But, again, this is all brushed under the rug with Keen seemingly forgiving Captain because he loves him. (I cannot roll my eyes any harder at this.) Yes, there is some underhanded work on Keen's end that gets his place in the university back and gets Captain kicked out instead but that video is never posted for the public.

The sex tape trade then connects into the rugby team and the homophobia we see there. I will say, the politics of the rugby team in terms of their homophobia and hazing was decent but it was a pretty small part of things overall. However, this does feed into showing the realities of being gay in a society where it is not acceptable. These guys can haze and bully anyone they think is gay and get away with it just fine. (I have a suspicion they are the ones who sent the video of Keen to the Dean or whoever. Captain jumps through hoops to prove his straightness to them to avoid bullying and willingly throws Keen to the wolves to save himself from them. Beyond this, we don't get much on trying to be gay in a largely homophobic or at least unaccepting society. I could point to First's father but his objections to Soong and First seem to be rooted in the type of sex they enjoy and Soong's position as a sex worker, not necessarily because First is with another man.

The abuse in the series (Porsche's abuse of Jump; First's abuse of the guys at Playboyy; Jason's abuse of Porsche, Zouey and Aob; the revenge abuse we sort of see in that edited episode from Jump to Porsche and from First to Soong; that insanely out of character moment when Teena ignores Zouey withdrawing consent; Captain recording Keen and Tutor/Jump without consent and posting it; Captain's abuse of Nant and Zouey -- yes the bullying and manipulation is abuse; probably more I'm overlooking right now) is almost all completely glossed over. Teena has some consequences, Jump gets revenge on Porsche, Keen breaks things off temporarily with Captain, Jason gets outed for abusing Porsche and First gets threatened by Aob. Yep, that's it. That's all we get.

I think Zouey as a survivor of rape was well done at the beginning of the series and I think Korn actually handled that character really well. However, his character ultimately seems to fall into the "love fixes trauma" trope which I despise. Knowing now why he didn't want to have sex, Teena ignoring his withdrawing of consent and the sort of quick turnaround from anxiety (near panic attacks) at the idea of trying to have sex with someone to out of nowhere wanting to do it feels so cheap. This may be how things go for some survivors, but it feels like they wanted an easy answer to something that was much more deep and difficult than they thought it would be when they started that plot line.

As much as this series tried to make "deviant" sex (mostly kink related) okay, it also never reprimanded Captain who pushed the idea that Nant and Zouey needed to have sex. In some ways we see critique in that in Nant's fall but that's it really. The depiction of kink is what I expect of young teenagers just learning what kink is for the first time. I have zero problem with characters being into sadomasochistic sex, roleplay, power dynamics or bondage (the main kinks I recall from this series), but this is a caricature of kink at best. First comes off as a little boy with tantrums being indulged. Every sex scene between First and Soong was so cringy that I don't know what they were trying to accomplish with it. What we see between Prom and Nant or Nont is done much, much better than what we see from First and Soong.

I absolutely despise the "I like kink but can't control it, I'm a monster" thread they broke out with First. Just...what? That's right up there with portrayals of people who like kink being abuse survivors who just need to heal and then they won't "need" kink anymore. This adds to the feeling of First just being a brat with a tantrum, to be honest. And they never address it. He spirals for a couple episodes, abuses the hell out of people and justifies it by paying them to be abused (abused, this wasn't bdsm/kink). And then he gets Soong back so it's okay because HIS Dom is the only person who can keep him in line? I don't know because that entire thread abruptly drops once he has his Daddy back (they may not have a Daddy/baby boy dynamic but it sure as hell feels like it in some ways). Overall, it feels like the writers don't know anything about the kink community or how people who are part of that lifestyle participate in it. Did they just watch 50 Shades of Grey and then try to apply it to these characters?

The plot. Oh gods, the plot. I'm pretty sure the writers forgot they were supposed to have one for much of the writing of this series. As I said before, they had no idea what they wanted this series to be. Perhaps because they were given space to make a more mature, darker series they tried to stuff it full of all the things they wanted to make a series about and got lost and overwhelmed in the process. The actual plot about Nant wasn't terrible, it just wasn't there for most of the series. It went in unnecessary circles considering how convoluted they decided to make it. They took too many episodes to start the actual murder mystery plot and stuffed things in at the end which should have been in the middle of the series.

This was clearly written with the intention of a second season, which is why they stuffed important plot points into the last episode (many after the credits) and didn't worry about wandering off on other tangents whenever they wanted. However, as a result, what they gave us isn't good enough to warrant a second season. Another season would likely be just as messy, disjointed and poorly handled as the first. Maybe worse. Okay, likely worse.

(plot discussion below)

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Messy, overly ambitious but captivating

Could have been so much better! The visuals, the cinematography, the acting (most of it), The theme, the potential is amazing. The problem is not so much the story but the telling of it and the editing. Some scenes are just there, without any (obvious) connection to any other scene. We are made to guess why decisions are made or how someone ended up where they are. parts of backstory are given, but not the parts we need at that particular moment. its such a MESS.

Everyone has sex for one reason or another, but initially it's never love. I was puzzling the story together rather than the mystery. We hardly get clues as an audience. We are just given facts or speculations. We are not made to feel we are "helping"to solve the crime. I feel one of the problems is the number of more or less important characters. It's just too much to tell a story AND give them all an NC scene in every ep.

The last 3 eps. are the best, with finally some real progress and action and emotion that actually came through the screen. The last ep. even left me wanting more, so let's hope we get a S2 where the makers have learnt to scrap and strike!

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Fev 24, 2024
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the deeper you dive the better it gets


i will begin with the story, the story is super good and detailed and you can see they worked on it.
the story is just about a person from a friend group that went missing, so his twin brother goes to find out what happened to him and discovers the dark past of his brother.

the acting/cast was amazing..
i mean they all know what they are doing with their life.
they all handled the sex scenes pretty well and did a great job.
plus all are good looking and seem to have great chemistry between each other.

the music can't get any good rating since it was barley present in the series.

i personally rewatched every episode and i will tell you why you also should.
firstly the plot is super confusing and complicated and it's very hard understanding it on the first watch of it.
the plot consists the life of 1 person that went missing(nant) and other lives of his friends.
the life of his brother and his lover(nont/prom).
the life of the boys in the friend group and their lovers(zouey/teena), (first/soong), (captain/keen), (porsche/jump).
besides these people mentioned there are the side characters (aob/puen), (phop/nuth).
all these people gather together to try and discover the true behind nant's life before he went missing.
but life wouldn't go easy on them because to get to the tiniest clue they will have to go through a series of sex.
because of the heavy plot everything would pass by really quick and, you will have a hard time catching up with the story.

overall i think this drama is really great and the review is based on the episodes that are out now not including the last episode.

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This Series is Real, Raw, & Revealing! Brilliant!

Don't let the negative comments about this series through you off. It is deeper than what it is given credit for.
This series is an erotic roller-coaster ride through the world of gay love. If non-gay people want to know what it is like to be gay, then this is the series to watch. Not the idealized versions of BLs. This is what the world of gayness is, whether you want to believe it or not, accept it or not. It is what it is. Sure, it is the darker side, but it is no less real than the ornament sanitized version of what GAY love is via BL. In other words, this is its antithesis. This expresses the real world. It is a potpourri story that is at times impossible to follow and logically makes absolutely no sense; it has a ‘soap-opera aspect to it. And I loved every minute of it. Why? Because it presents the darker side of ‘BL’. And if you think for one second that this world either does not exist or is not real, then you are misinformed and mistaken. As it does. What this story does is capture all the issues facing gay men today in a raw, gritty, realistic fashion. Sometimes a bit over-the-top dramatically but never ever unrealistically. To be sure, the problems are overblown, but never its lasciviousness. These actors had the guts to portray the characters in all their rawness and ugliness, and yet give them believability and made them oh so human. Kudos! And well done!
I for one loved this series. This will end up on my Ten Best List for 2024. You can read my complete review of this amazing series at

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Nov 16, 2023
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Keep the remote close

The movie was very intriguing. I didn't know what to expect except for some NC scenes as showcased in the trailer, but it turned out to have a story, and a plot, and it portrayed how some of the characters struggled with mental illness, as well as the message of not judging a book by its cover. I'm excited for the release of episode 2 and the rest of the series. Although it was not boring for me, I had to have the remote next to me due to the sound effects of the NC scenes. All in all, I give it a 7, maybe because I had no prior expectations and the cast and acting were good enough for you to get the emotions and deceit.

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Mar 24, 2024
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A camp cult classic bl show we've never seen before

Before reading or watching, please read the mdl tags as a trigger warning for any serious themes you cannot watch.

Spoilerwarning: I will mention details from the plot and characters here.

As of now there is an open ending. If you can't enjoy the show, because of this, be warned.

As mentioned in the headline Playboyy is a camp show. What does camp mean?
Merriam webster defines campy as
"absurdly exaggerated, artificial, or affected in a usually humorous way".

Writer Susan Sontag wrote in 1964:
"Camp asserts that good taste is not simply good taste; that there exists, indeed, a good taste of bad taste"
"Camp is a vision of the world in terms of style – but a particular kind of style"
"It is the love of the exaggerated, the ‘off,’ of things-being-what-they-are-not"

In a simple way people describe it as "so bad that it's good".

And this is what Playboyy gives us:
The plot, the characters, the fashion, the way they talk (the random english), the nc scenes (yes, there are a lot), the action scenes, the product placements (rich underwear and cathy doll embraced their sponsorship like no others), the pop culture and western movie references ( I dare anyone to name all the references)...everything is over the top.

The plot starts with a group of university friends. When one of their friends go missing his twin arrives pretending to be him in order to investigate what happened.
This is the basic plot, but half way through you sometimes forget about the missing twin as so much more is happening.
It's a rollercoaster of characters and events from finding your one true person in a bdsm relationship, sexworkers and drugdealers finding love and us rooting for them and an over the top sugar daddy villain that we love to hate. Every character has his secrets and flaws.
But this is also more real than some other rom-com green flag main character could be.

If you embrace the camp character
of the show you will get mindblowing nc scenes involving popcorn, Ketchup, masks and a Thermometer to just name a few.
You will get iconic one liners (First) and funny remarks in serious situations (Captain, Porsche).
You will get interesting fashion choices ( granny scarf scene) and almost all actors wearing rich underwear with "the safe" cup that makes those scenes even funnier.

The actors are mostly newcomers, but they worked hard and were dedicated while filming the show.
The director is not a newcomer, so flaws in acting or lines that are spoken in english I presume to be intentional in the show.

If this review makes you curious about the show, I recommend to get a bunch of like-minded friends and watch the show together, because that makes it even more fun.
Or stop by the comments section here to find open-minded, positive people that can embrace the camp attitude of this show that will become a classic in the future and is our hidden gem for now.

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Soft Porn Trainwreck

Much like a train wreck I couldn’t look away. But before the explosion I decided to look away because I cannot unsee what I had seen already. I don’t need to see the end to know the death of this series.

I read somewhere that some of the actors are Only Fans broadcasters. I am not sure if this is true but it would make sense for the NC scenes and the zero acting ability.

For Nant, I don’t understand this character at all. Other than he was a plot device. There is no character development. I didn’t even see him in the first scene and had to rewind when his twin Non’t showed up.

How can the friends not know Non’t is not Nant? But then again all the friends are super fvcked up people.

How can Prom just hook up with Non’t after he knows it’s not Nant? It’s weird. Prom was supposedly in love with Nant. He even helped him fake his suicide to help him escape loan sharks. I thought Prom was Playboyy’s owner but it’s the pedophiler Daddy JasonLee.

Zouey and Teena are an odd couple. Teena comes across as the Only Fans broadcaster because dude just stands around looking like a prop except when he has to perform sex acts.

Yuck to First. Seriously the insertion of objects into the butt. The fisting. And biting someone’s d!ck. Soong and Pune most really need the money thst bad to put up with it. Good for Soong leaving but to upend ups it’s another psycho like Daddy Jason Lee.

Captain can rot in hell. Good that Keen found out about him and made him think he’s still with Puen. I want him to suffer in heartbreak. Shit I want someone to pistol whip some sense into him.

Porsche doesn’t deserve Jump. I am glad Jump has journalist side piece. I want them together and Porsche can deal with Daddy Jason Lee on his own.

Maybe Phop and Nuth belong together. They are both orange flag with one going green and the other red. That’s how they are coming off.

At this point I don’t care who kill Nant. Most likely Daddy JasonLee. Or will I wast any more time watching the last episode.

Even scrubbing through at 2x isn’t helping to save this self inflicted torture

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História 3.0
Acting/Cast 5.0
Musical 4.0
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Just a porn parody trying to be edge

Playboyy is a camp series. They want to be dark, edge and sexy, but the script is too bad to allow that. And the worst of all is that the story has immense potential and could easily be one of the best BLs ever made. But that's not the case.

The biggest problem here is the lack of development. The script (for a 14-hour series) is extremely rushed and does not allow for in-depth analysis of the characters. It's a series that wants to address very complex issues such as sexual harassment, prostitution, murder, trafficking and addictions, but the characters and their motivations are too shallow.

The entire mystery plot surrounding Nant's disappearance (a character we only see in 2 or 3 scenes) is promising, but investigation boils down to Noth accusing people without proof and torturing prostitutes. The discoveries are all random and the plot never advances, which makes everything even more confusing.

All the relationships and the problems arising from them are equally shallow and unrealistic, in part because the characters look at each other, talk dirty and are having sex. Two scenes later they are in love, but the series doesn't bother to show it. There is no sexual tension, no flirting, no tension or sense of danger in the mystery, no nuance. Everything here is raw, played out on screen and explored in an extremely dramatic and obvious way.

Each episode has around 5 to 6 sex scenes that are terrible. It's like watching a porn parody and the attempt to do something daring gives the impression that these scenes were created by a teenager who just discovered pornography.

It's exhausting to follow a series where 95% of the content is sex scenes or bad dialogue that revolves around sex. It's a script extremely obsessed with its own theme. The prostitutes are there to show off their bodies and that's all the series allows them. The students are spoiled and almost all of them are committing a crime or being toxic and whiny.

Zouey and Teena are a couple that happens very quickly and after the fifth episode they practically serve no purpose in the plot. And the entire final plot with Zouey doesn't make sense, maybe it would work if the series showed the relationship between them, but that never happens.

First and Soong give us the worst representation of BDSM I have ever seen. They have a relationship that starts from nothing, there is no construction whatsoever and the First being so spoiled, cruel and selfish only makes things worse.

Captain and Keen have something interesting there at the beginning. But everything goes wrong when they have Captain lying, recording and exposing Keen's sextapes and still coming out as the lovelorn sufferer.

Porsche and Jump is another random couple that adds nothing to the plot. Porsche blackmailing and harassing Jump and his relationship with Mr. Lee just means nothing in the narrative.

Puen and Aob are by far the most interesting couple. But the characters are too shallow. At no point does the series attempt to bring any critical thought about prostitution or social inequality. The entire psychological and sentimental aspect is left aside, which makes any social criticism present in the series and these characters null and void.

Phop and Nuth is another couple that I don't care much about. There is a violent presentation of Phop, a construction that there is something wrong with him, but this is soon abandoned and Nuth is there. Even the final plot with him is something that only the screenwriters will be able to explain, because there was no logic in the plot.

And finally we have Nont and Prom. A couple with no chemistry and that shouldn't even exist. Nont is looking for his brother, but that soon turns into him having sex with other men to find out information. Prom is a dull character and the final revelation that he knew everything (the fake suicide tape and the dog mask) just makes their entire arc so pointless.

The series even gets better from the 7th episode onwards and continues to grow interestingly. The photography is solid and has beautiful scenes with stylish lighting, the script has surprising twists and despite some average performances, all the actors have a lot of charisma.

But the final episodes sink the plot again and show the screenwriter and director's inability to connect all the plots and deliver scenes of tension and danger. There is no responsibility for the atrocities committed by the characters, Nont's plan is something so silly and the revelations are just confusing. The editing does nothing for this series, the way they put a supposed suicide scene followed by a sex scene is just an example of how bad it is.

The unresolved ending and the promise (threat, in this case) of a second season is the proof this series as a huge disappointment and waste of time.

What remains are sex scenes without chemistry, a convoluted script, problematic and poorly constructed characters, countless scenes of men in padded underwear and an attempt to create a mystery BL that results in a sleazy porn script.

For those who just want to see men making out, enjoy. But to everyone else, stay away from this series. A complete waste of time.

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Dez 13, 2023
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I don't know what to say.........

Well I started to watch this because I felt like that this gonna be a lit but I don't know why it feels so fke to me. Moreover like the director is only cared about the smut parts but nothing elese. There is no story other than hooking up with everyone.
About the actors sometimes it really doesn't feel like they are acting moreover like they are telling what's in the script. I'm not insulting or anything I just don't feel right about this cause I thought that this onna be more interesting than this right now.
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Mar 6, 2024
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Probably the worst series I've ever watched, I couldn't help but laugh at how terrible it was..

This series was hilariously bad. In fact, it being so bad to the point that it was funny is the only thing that saved it from being a 0/10 for me. It came across like the outline of a script after one day in the writer's room, a good skeleton with absolutely no meat to it. The only reason I finished it was to give it a fair shot before I reviewed it and I actually like it LESS than I did at EP. 8 when I originally wanted to drop it.

It had bad and often random cuts, little to no context to character decisions or story development, the appearance of characters seemingly out of thin air on numerous occasions, uncomfortable NC scenes, far too many random and cringey English lines, and virtually no followable plot outside of what you are told in the summary. Just an awful mess that was only as entertaining as it was laughable.

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