The Spicy Scenes You'll See In Playboy Is Like War Of Y (But War Of Y Is About Acting) But I Recommend This To Everyone Because You'll Love Both Of These. Enjoy This <3 - FellowAngels (11-16-2023)
Recomendado por FellowAngels
Both seem to focus on dark, messy and toxic relationships, with a lot of sex and not enough communication. They both have multiple couples and they all seem to sleep around with a lot of other people. They also both have the same writers with the plot of Only Friends not being as intense as Playboyy is supposed to be.
Recomendado por ScarlettaMay
Both of these messy and explicit BL dramas explore the dark side of some jobs and the various things people will do in order to succeed and get what they want. They also have the same producer and screenwriter, making for a similar viewing experience.
Recomendado por AthenaTheStorierX
Kinnporsche has mafia vibes but also love scene. However Kinnporsche is more towards loving side compare to playboyy as we see a lot of dark theme and topic. It did a good job in terms of having a rebel getting into the mafia industry and how he developed in that area.
Recomendado por Yayanatawin
both are bl and both are about a twin taking his brother's place in order to find out what happened to his brother. One has a corrupted organisation/politician that the group of friends are trying to take down and the other is more about sex workers.
Recomendado por Melanie Sives
They might not have that much in common except:

- we have another set of twins that swap places / identity for the other twin who is not able to in the moment
- the mains families are dysfunctional (by Playboyy main, I refer to Nont/Nant)
- supportive friend group shenanigans but also comes with conflicts
- there is some spice in both dramas. very high for Playboyy and I might say medium for Twins (so far for the side couple up till ep7)
- main ship dynamic is (fr)enemies to lovers / fwb

The major differences are:

- Playboyy is a dark, erotic mystery crime drama playing in the sex industry (take the content warnings serious)
- Twins is a romcom about a Volleyball team with a side plot in Jujitsu
Recomendado por FoxSpirit
Both are Dark Sexual Dramas that has multiple storylines and a flirtatious group of boys.
Playboyy has a bit more mystery and plot to the story where as The Jungle has more individual character development plot focus.
Playboyy is a BL while The Jungle has only straight couples.
Recomendado por disgrace
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