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 Been watching Korean Dramas since I was 11-12 years old and it was all thanks to my grandma, who thought it was a great way to have my first drama be Stairway to Heaven. I am sure the title of the drama says it all.  Soon after, I started my drama adventure. Sadly I did not know this site existed or else I would have recorded all the dramas. I have actually found myself rewatching SOOOO MANY DRAMAS that I forgot I have already seen. It's funny cause I thought I was a badass for being able to predict what happens but it wasn't until the second to last episode or last episode, that I realized that I have already seen it. ; ;  Anyway, here are some of my favorite dramas, these literally had me wanting more and have left me equally destroyed.

One Spring Night: Something in the rain. 
Crash Landing on You.It's okay to not be okay.

My insomnia and procrastination lead me to discover BL around late 2016 and early 2017 with my first series being Make it Right. I fell for Ohm Pawat's acting and then discovered Singto. I have never been the same after this. However, just like my dramas, there are some BLs that I am simply obsessed with due to the cinematography, dialogue, cuteness, or even the pain I have felt for the characters. 

I told sunset about you.Gaya Sa Pelikula. 
Light One Me. Friendzone2.
In honor to the two actors that brought me here as a BL Lover (Ohm P and Singto P).                                                                                                                                                       He's Coming to Me.

Here are some series that HAVE LEFT ME  SPEECHLESS WITH THEIR  ACTING.  These so far are a must-watch, it was truly phenomenal. 

Weak Hero Class 1.Not Me.
My Name.Bulgasal: Immortal Souls.
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