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Fell out of the habit of watching Asian films from the library (especially the golden age of 1950s Japanese cinema) and reading Asian lit, mostly from second hand shops and libraries, because life and health. Am delighted to find so much an overwhelming amount of Asian drama available to stream and this treasure trove of information to start to find my way through it.

Generally enjoy historical settings but more interested in stories and characters than any genre. Keen to learn more about the ways people in the many cultures represented here live their lives and tell their stories.

Six months in: My tastes are moving more and more towards a high oxytocin (from people helping each other) to cortisol (from stress & people hurting each other) ratio. I'm having the most luck finding this in Thai BL and youth series but surely there's some in het and post-high school/uni dramas too? Recs welcome. 2024 - there is, it's just harder to find but I'm really enjoying exploring more broadly in Thai series and movies.

I rate high. 9s and 10s from me are a combination of respect for how well I think they achieved what they set out to do and how I much I loved the experience of spending some time in that world. Moonlight Chicken stan; it helps me grieve in a gentle and sustainable way. They made something truly special there <3

Chronically ill and often bed bound. Last summer I started imagining bits of nonsense to cheer myself up. Then I started writing them down so I wouldn't forget. Then I kept on writing. It only happened because I could borrow some of the chaotic boy energy of favourite Thai actors. Now it's turned into a madcap high oxytocin, low stakes, zero cortisol comedy story (~7k words). A series which will never be made, if you will, but you can imagine it along with me if you like: Chaotic Boy Energy

A very different story I wrote "Close" (~1400 words).

A BL romance in 3 minutes on mainstream UK telly

My Thai Drama Challenge 2024 post

Collecting lists from other users of things I might want to watch. Because this is the only place to do it on site.

GL recs, have found some really good ones through this, of what i've watched the shorter ones are better.

Thai PBS lakorns

Thai not lakorn, not BL/GL

Thai dramas styles, the differences

SKYLINE's list of lists, for Thai Drama Challenge


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