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kiyois back scrubber


kiyois back scrubber


hi <3 i'm alexia 

i've been watching dramas since 2021. i watch mainly korean/japanese dramas but will watch any show thats good idc what country its from.  my favourite genres are romance, fantasy and slice of life however i don't restrict myself to those. my favourite drama right now is utsukushii kare (my beautiful man). i adore that show and could talk about it for hours. the drama i have a soft spot for is to my star (s1 & 2), it is very dear to me.  my first kdrama was tempted. 

carrd (a lot more info) - &

drama twitter account - @KENSHINKIYOI

favourite tropes/clichesleast favourite tropes/cliches
dark/lighttime skips
rivals to loversweakling/dominant
high school crushheavy toxicity (abuse)
hurt/comfortanything with kids involved in a romantic relationship
flirty/stubbornfriends to lovers
codependencyarranged marriage
opposites attractamnesia
mutal obsessionassualter/assualted

favourite shows

to my star  

my beautiful man


doom at your service

extraordinary you

run on

at a distance spring is green

favourite movie

your name engraved herein

favourite actors

<3 kim kangmin
<3 son woohyeon
<3 david eung
<3 lee soohyuk

<3 shin se kyung
<3 im siwan
                 <3 yusei yagi
                <3 riku hagiwara              <3 michieda shunsuke

feel free to message/friend req me at any time! i'm very active on twitter and you can also talk me on there (@KENSHINKIYOI) <3 im into kpop but the only group i stan is stray kids, they mean everything to me! thank you for reading 

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