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Both are the same. The Korean drama is the remake of this drama. Both are amazingly done with great chemistry between the two leads.
Recomendado por Maya Amina - Fev 9, 2018
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They have similar storylines.

Both have devoting wife. Loves their husband. Their husband meets another lady(in promise it's a rich lady).

Both couple in the drama have a young daughter. Both female lead have a another guy who likes them and wants to help them.

Both dramas that had betrayed their girlfriend have trouble relationships with the woman they chose to be with and end up running to the main female because they realise their love for them.

Both seek revenge
I watched both but fell in love with 'The promise' Because it's detailed.

The promise is a daily drama that consist of 102 episodes whereas the other one has less episodes and isn't a daily drama.
Recomendado por Maya Amina - Ago 21, 2017
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Roof top prince and the best hit both are similar. The main lead both go to the present to solve a mystery.

In roof top prince, it is about a prince, who gets sent to the present to find out what happened to the princess in the past life, similar to Hyun Jae's character but to find out about his disappearance.

Both drama's have cute love story as well.
Recomendado por Maya Amina - Jun 18, 2017