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You can call me icesea. I entered the world of kdrama to shift my addiction from Manga. Tell me any shoujo you like, I might have read it already :"D Later I know it was a trap. I'm now addicted to kdramas :"D

My experience began with Running Man as my opening door. When I started to feel bored to watch RM nonstop, Lee Kwang Soo led me to It's Okay, That's Love. I FELL IN LOVE. Still my #1 favorite and since then I always look for new dramas :3

Generally, I love romcoms. A type of romcoms that can make me laugh and also teach me about life. I like crying to dramas that can touch me and make me think about my life. You can call it moral story, well, yeah, lol. I was just beating around the bush, aren't I? gomen :"D

My Completed list doesn't have any score below 5. Well, if it's that bad or I don't have any interest in it, I'd just put it on my Dropped list without scoring them. So,even if I completed it,  score below 7 are actually quite bad already IMO. Score 7 to 8 are just the average. Score 8.5 is slightly above average. Lastly, well, score 9 to 10 are definitely  my cup of tea! Recommended to my judgement. They're good at something, whether it was very fun, taught me a life lesson, overwhelming chemistry between the characters (not just the leads), thrilled me I can't stop watching, or a little bit of everything xD

Last thing, I never really liked KPOP before, but because of Running Man (again, damn!) I found Shinhwa and immediately became their fan. They're just cute, please, help me (and funny, of course, that's why I like them in the first place)

Nice to meet you! Let's talk a loooot about dramas! xD any recommendation is welcome


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