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Who Am I?

I'm Autumn Carrots. Adult human being. I casually watch dramas, write reviews about them, and complain on Feeds.
I love reading, music, long walks, and carrots

How I review: 

  • The number of stars I give for each category (story, acting, music, and rewatch) is based on what I consider my critical viewpoint. Meaning, I will measure them as I would measure a show I intend to recommend to someone to watch. 
  • For the overall rating, however, I will only look at how much I enjoyed that show. So a show might average between 6 and 7 stars in the detail categories but I might give it a 10 star overall if I actually enjoyed watching it. Meanwhile, a show with great production and 10s and 9s, might get an overall 5 because I didn't enjoy watching it.  
  • I will consider plot, narrative, character development, subplots, and interesting plot twists and signs for "Story". 
  • I will consider the appropriate casting choices, actual acting, emotional impact, and charisma for "Acting/cast".  
  • Don't pay attention to my music ratings! I rarely listen to the OST and I barely notice the background music unless it's really bad or exceptionally good! 
  • My rewatchable rating depends on how hung-up I am on a show and whether I am willing to rewatch a 50+ show more than once. The answer is almost always no unless I am hyperfixating on a show. 
  • I will also give an opinion on production, set design, costumes, light and sound (if the creators really mess them up!), and cinematography.  
  • None of these are professional opinions nor should they be perceived as such. These are all my personal opinion and I actually do this for fun, as weird as that might be. 




Favorite Dramas

Rating system:

10My absolute favorites regardless of quality
9.5-9Great quality shows  I enjoyed
8.5-8Good shows but didn't love them
7.5-7Mediocre shows that I still wanted to watch
6.5-5.5Not so great but still watchable
5Finished watching it but didn't like
4-4.5I dropped but others might enjoy
3-3.5Dropped and bad quality
2-2.5Dropped and terrible
0Might give a second chance to

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