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Recently (end of 2020) I got into Kdrama and Cdramas at the end of 2021 and I started to watch Jdramas and Taiwanese dramas. My first Kdrama, that got me into all of this is Alice, and my first Cdrama is Love is Sweet.

I've watched a lot of really good Kdramas but I prefer Cdramas . I am really excited for all the new costume dramas to release, I think 2023 had the BEST costume Cdramas. I also prefer newer Kdramas (2020 onwards), more so than older ones but there are some really good Kdramas from around 2016-2018. I also write quite a lot of reviews and they tend to be long, I try to make them short but then I end up ranting or just obsessing over the plot/characters. 

I usually send quite a few friend requests to people if I see their comments or profile page and like their recommendations on their page. So here are a few of mine:

A list of my favourite Kdrama, Tdrama, Jdrama and Cdrama (and a Thai drama) (Most of these have my favourite trope which is an anti hero main lead). I'll also recommend anything from this list.

Born Again (2020) 
My favourite Korean melodrama with just about everything.

The King in Love (2017)  
My favourite Korean historical.

SPOILER: FL ends up with the SML (my ship).
W (2016) 
(My Review)
My favourite Korean fantasy.
SPOILER: A surprisingly happy ending.
Lost Romance (2020)
(My Review)
My favourite Tdrama and cross-dimension dramas.
Summer's Desire (2010)
(My Review) 
This is the drama I am most obsessed with and my favourite trope. Chinese version was also good, but this a billion times is better.
Rainless Love in a Godless Land (2021)
(My Review)
A rollercoaster of emotions and twists.
Fall In Love (2021)  (My Review)
My favourite Chinese historical with my favourite trope.
Legally Romance (2022) (My Review)
My favourite modern  Cdrama so far. Great chemistry, cast acting and ESPECIALLY the writing.
Story of Kunning Palace (2023)  
My favourite Chinese costume with my favourite trope:
red flags = green flag couple
Last Friends (2008) Japanese (Drama)
A drama about an extremely toxic relationship, unrequited love and friendship. AMAZING acting especially from Nishikido Ryo.
Read, Set, Love (2024)
The only Thai drama I gave a 10/10. Very different to other Thai dramas, likely because it is a Netflix drama.
Cubic (2014) Thai (Drama) (My Review)
The most decent Thai drama I've watched.. A toxic concept but a very non-toxic friendship and later romantic relationship between the main leads. No annoying side characters, misunderstandings or dragged plot. Just action, friendship and romance.cent 

My favourite movies:

Novoland: The Castle in the Sky - Time Reversal (2020) 
Chinese (Movie) (My Review)
By far my favourite Asian movie .
It was AMAZING in EVERY aspect: Cinematography, acting, script etc. Highly recommend this movie if you like fantasy.

Not a huge fan of movies because they seem too short and rushed, but this had the perfect pace and a lot of in-depth plot.

Completed  Challenges:

My Favourite actors/actresses:

Zhang Linghe
Zhao Lusi
Yang YangWu Lei
Tan Jianci
MV/edits: TikTok: @T_Ceries 
My Playlist for K/T/Cdramas:
- Kdramas watched in 2020
-  Kdramas watched in 2021
- T/Cdramas watched in 2021


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