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Seo Bok
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Abr 15, 2021
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Mankind's greed has no limits....

I've been anticipating this movie, for quite a while now and I have to say the wait was worth it.

If you're one to get easily emotional, then get ready to grab your tissue box, because BoGum's doe eyes will make you cry and feel for his character, Seobok, who amid everything was still innocent and yet treated so unkindly by humans, through all his life. To never know kindness, love or trust, and see himself as nothing but a specimen with a purpose.

It truly depicts the lack of humanity when it comes to study and use animals for such, also the greed of those who fear death while seeking for a way to prolong their petty lives.

"It scare me to think of dying, but living forever is scary too."

Kiheon and Seobok both share something in common here, they both fear the unknown that lies in dying, and yet they are also afraid of living.

"What should I believe to not be scared?"

The symbolic value and moral grounds this movie works with are deeper than one can assume, and mainly questioned by the two main characters, along their journey, were their fears and doubts are exposed.

"Do you think dying... is really like sleeping?"
"Then how come people aren't afraid to fall asleep? It's like dying for a while."

For some it might be the typical collaboration between Korean/American plot with the whole experiment and survival, however it's GongYoo and BoGum's acting that takes the prize.
Special effects too in a way when it comes to production.
The OST is nothing out of the ordinary for me, although quite right into the emotional scenes.

Not going to lie, it's quite an emotional ride.
The message in plot is more than it seems.
Its all about acceptance and resilience.
And knowing what's wrong and right.

"It's beautiful."
"What is?"
"To be alive."

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Contei ao pôr do sol sobre você: Temporada 2
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Mai 28, 2021
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Completados 2
No geral 9.5
História 9.5
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 9.0
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"Love when you are ready and not when you are lonely"

What can I say? NADAO really isn't playing when it comes to the production of this series. Ever since the first season to this one, I actually believe they have improved and given us this delightful first episode, filled with many captures and panoramic views of the city, and also of course the always so aesthetically pleasing scenes with our main leads, Teh and Oh-aew.

The shots where they enter and the whole dynamic with the colors Blue and Red (just like in the first season), will be very significative along the series and probably has a plethora of symbolic meanings associated to them.

What I do love about this story is how realistic and relatable it truly feels. Teh and Oh-aew really do represent all of us in terms of chasing our goals and dreams, while questioning our own sexuality and passions, to graduating high school and applying to college that not always is close to home, having old and new friendships, and many more... all in all, the ordeals of a lifetime.

Am sensing that a lot will happen this time around too...

The first season was more like an awakening. Like a realization of a blooming of youth.
Meanwhile in this, it will depict the changes that come with college life and access to adulthood.

BK once again awe us with his skills in conquering both of our hearts with the way he takes the character of Teh, the always avid dreamer and aspiring actor and then we have PP being his adorable self, taking us in an emotional ride by how well he shows Oh-aew struggles through the screen. The way they can draw emotions in their roles is truly amazing. PP with just his expressions alone can really makes us see the pain and suffering that his character is going through, that talent hasn't changed from the first season to this one, on the contrary their acting has only gotten better. Am looking forward to see more of it.

Teh is a constant, while Oh-aew is a variable.

That is only reinforced through the outcome of their own life changes and decisions within their personal journey here. Hard not to feel empathetic towards the characters when they give us an insight that we can without a doubt relate. Not everyone is set on their dream so passionately as Teh is, some of us are lost like Oh-aew until we do find our own dream. Changes are always the hardest to accept, mainly when the fears speak louder than reason. However some are inevitable.

What I do love about the episodes of this second season is the fact that we are able to witness their coming of age, along with how their personal choices affect others and their own perceptions of what is right or wrong, bad or good, and the maturity they need to overcome the obstacles that might settle in their own way.

And somehow, I like those odds.

"Love when you are ready and not when you are lonely"

It's a phrase that can easily apply here and also when it comes to temptation. Still, it's quite enthralling the way they film the turmoil of conflicted emotions within the scenes between Teh and Oh-aew. Every single scene is made with the sole purpose of pleasing the artistic eye, therefore to engage the viewers with the complexity of feelings their characters are feeling, all through their intimate and personal journey and paths.

If we go beyond and past all prejudice here, we might see the levels of maturity this season and characters deal with when it comes to the ordeals of life and relationships, be it love, betrayal and even friendship and family. It teaches us valuable lessons if we are able to see between the lines, if we manage to decipher the symbolic value of each and every scene.

People keep on commenting and comparing about ITSAY and IPYTM, from my point of view they are both masterpieces in their own unique way. Both series are different but with the same characters, they are shown to take a step towards adulthood while making mistakes and losing the moon while counting the stars, but it's also shown how to overcome obstacles, how to change paths and chase new dreams, how to deal with breakups and failure, the bittersweet feeling of loneliness and the good friendships we make in life we do carry in our hearts. To not give up on ourselves and on others, and most importantly to learn our own worth and to love ourselves first before opening our hearts to love once again.

It's a trial and error this thing called LIFE.

We're never too sure of whatever our decisions be won't uphold consequences of appreciation or regret.
Sometimes we have to swing it, be bold, learn how to overcome our mistakes. Be mature enough to admit them or to forgive them. Not everything can be forgiven, that's certain, when it comes to relationships communication is one of the most important things to have, without it there's no foundation to begin with.

Teh and Oh-aew have shown that they have come a long way. And it's okay.

Coming to the start point is not always a step back. The beach in Phuket is always their start point.
It's the place where they matured from boys to men. Where they shed uncertain and sorrowful tears, and where they discovered themselves and their over growing feelings towards one another, their sexual awakening was written in those grains of sand and witnessed by the crashing waves, and their very first time was shared and covered by the blanket of the twilight sea as the beaming moon testified up in the night sky above them.

It was their safe place, where they started it all and I found it was the perfect place for them to end their final scene.

They did it, they fulfilled a full cycle ever since ITSAY all the way until here and now in IPYTM. And I am one to admit I would love to have a third installment but at the same time am pleased with how this one ended as a whole in all the symbolism.

Both of them were able to show that it's okay to have new interests, new paths, different dreams and goals, and jobs. It's not okay to cheat in anything or anyone in life, but there are those who overcome it, those who regret it, and those who don't mind at all.

I am just glad that Teh and Oh-aew were able to show where they stood in both of their point of views in that matter.

Don't blame one character, to err is human. Humanity is bound by several mistakes it makes, no one is a saint in this life. And not everyone have or deserves any second chances. For some mistakes it does not take one person but two. If people blame only one in a scenario, then what about the other party? It was the trouble the minute it showed up and the way it used it's own way and merit to climb up top too success without caring about the lives it would ruin by allowing so...

Meanwhile let me add another thing to this long review xD sorry not sorry...

The only flaw I might point out to this, or rather my expectation when I learned that ITSAY was going to have a second season. I was looking forward to have a better insight of Oh-aew. In the first and last episodes we are somehow granted that. But in the middle it felt off. Almost like Oh-aew was a support and not a main character because the attention seems focused on Teh once again just like it was on ITSAY and although on that one it's totally understandable, here it would be better to have both or more screen time for him to shine as well. Nevertheless, they tried to include a variety of characters each one with their own struggles and at the end they even brought the old friends from the first season into the screen to show their roots and connection between the series and the main characters. It was a nice touch I give them that.

The OST is cute, to have BK and PP song as an intro makes it even more special.
They made this one for this and the lyrics are all about Teh and Oh-aew.
And I also like the fact that it has an instrumental version too. They have outdone themselves with the OST of many songs for this season and I am loving them all. NADAO really spoilling us with MVs from the songs and promotions that I can't complain.

I might change the ratings at the end, but so far I am given a high score even though I know they will make me suffer :')

Visually appealing, the emotional scenes are nicely done too, not to slow or fast paced, it doesn't dwell on too silent moments and it also doesn't have those overbearing music scenes. Cinematographically they give us plenty of good shots, while playing with angles, taking advantage of the natural and artificial light and even using the zoom in such a smoothing way that it's very pleasing to see. In certain scenes it gives us a warm like filter, and in others a cold filter which makes me think again of the colors they are paired with, Blue and Red (detail on that also on the plushies they have, and also their college ties ;3)

This drama is the reason I will be anticipating the next few Thursdays of the moon cycle schedule.
Because this season started on a full moon and it will end on a full moon :') therefore completing a full cycle.
And I really wonder if both Teh and Oh-aew will complete their own cycle as well after everything they will go through...

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À Distância, a Primavera é Verde
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Jul 13, 2021
12 of 12 episódios vistos
Completados 3
No geral 9.0
História 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.5
Musical 9.5
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"You owe me emotionally"

It has been a rollercoaster ride to follow up these broken characters from young adults with painful scars of their past, to the adults that bear secrets to uphold the way they chose to live their own lives.

The highlight of this drama it has to be the bond and bickering between Soo Hyun and Yeo Jun. How these two helped So Bin, making the three of them become an inspiration to many others who crossed their paths in character development.

"Can't you love me?"

Ji Hoon has really engaged into his character Yeo Jun to the point that we can really see the pain and neglect from his sorrowful stares and feel the agony he has tried to hide for most of his life behind fake smiles yearning to be loved to fill the void of loneliness. I don't know how to explain it but he seems so soft looking and yet can depict such a tragic character.

"I lived many years in darkness due to my father's physical abuse.
I'm all better now. I'm in the light."

Although mostly all the characters have their troubles and painful stories, the trio we have come to love and support through this Journey have more similarities than all the others. Yeo Jun, Soo Hyun and So Bin all share family problems. Although different and the same, they all have been through childhood suffering in their own way by those predicaments.

Yeo Jun being a victim of an abusive father, Soo Hyun having to step up as the older son and provider to help his mother and younger brother after his father passing, and So Bin with her parents divorce and knowing her mother left her behind cutting ties. It all leaves scars running deeper in their souls and slowly defined their personalities all through the course of their lives.

"If someone ever says awful things to you, it means that person is hurting inside."

It is not easy to rely on others and much less to share personal pain. Having a traumatic experience can also mess up our memories as a way to cope with the pain, we create walls as a mechanism of defense, only those who come close enough to knock them down and sustain the fall are reliable. I am glad that these three complete strangers from the first episode have come closer and learned in some hard but valuable way how to manage that, and be there for one another.

Developing a close friendship, a loving relationship and strong brotherhood.

Jun Wan always seemed more than met the eye, emotionally closed he had more secrets to hold than anyone. I only hope that he too breaks free from that habit, from their abusive father by saving the ones he loves and cares about, his mother and brother and finds valor in himself. For such a young kid to be willing to sacrifice his life and happiness so that his brother has it own was commendable, although it did not work as he thought it would. By pushing Jun away he only created a wall between them isolating the other, it has also caused him pain when Jun should have a strong pillar for support he found himself alone.

They all were lonely living in the shadow of their father.

Mi Joo and Young Ran are two characters that I really like in terms of development and that are fresh in dramas. Their bonding is pure and amicable and not as usually rivals tend to be that at some point in the story it turns sour and petty. Not, these two, they are both strong female characters that despite their differences and being total opposites still manage to become supportive friends and rivals when it comes to love. Kudos for that, it's a rare sight be it in real life and drama land.

Mi Joo seemed like a spoiled brat in the first episode but revealed to be a misunderstood and naïve character with a pure heart, still I must say, the courage she mustered for a confession, facing a rejection and accepting and still wrapping it all up by letting go it was honorable and this should be an example of a healthy way of moving on.

The character that I still have trouble warming up too has got be Chang Ki, now he is not bad and I for sure love his interactions with Jun when it comes to jealousy. But overall as a best friend, there was always something about him that lacked. I haven't read the webtoon yet, so I have no idea how it goes there. If he had any clue that So Bin had a crush on him like in here he seemed to have and yet he still engaged in pointless relationships or should we say nightstands that were hurting her.

Although claiming to be her best friend and always there, that is just an excuse. Because in the end their friendship shouldn't be measured by the years they've known each other, but by how they were there for each other. In the end So Bin knew more about him than he knew about her, that he even neglected that she appeased him in his own tastes because she liked him when he truly believed that she liked the same things as well.

Only when she become unavailable on his radar did he deemed her to be the missing piece in his life and that important? Only then did he brought the topic that her mother asked him when he was a child to look after her. Was he living with that in his conscience and not being able to confess any feelings he had, being afraid of losing their friendship in case things went sour?

If it's like that then he and Young Ran are on the same boat by having crushes on their friends.
Nevertheless, that's the reason these two bond as well in their rough times they learn to rely on each other and show an unlikely and inspirational bond to overcome their own troubles. I enjoyed their scenes and advices, it's relatable.

I really am fond of the main characters, and the moments that move me more definitely are the scenes with both Yeo Jun and Soo Hyun. I have been rooting for these two to get to know each other and pass the strangers mark to having a close bond and friendship and I am really content with the development so far. No one can measure who bears the most pain there, both are still suffering, but the best thing now is that they are no longer alone. They have each other. The fact that Jun calls him hyung is proof enough of how they matured and surpassed the barriers they had ever since the first meeting.

"I've become an adult who can share his true feelings, thanks to the people who love me for who I am."

The acting of the cast is good. I like most of the cast in their roles.
Bae In Hyuk and Park Ji Hoon are enjoyable to watch, the first being playing two polar opposites roles in two different dramas. Here being a poor and broke student, quiet and reserved, while on My Roommate is a Gumiho being the rich playboy who redeems his ways when falling in an unrequited love. Quite the promising young actor of this new generation.

The same goes with Park Ji Hoon, from idol to actor, he has talent in both. What I love most about him is how he conveys the emotions in his characters, they couldn't have chosen a better for this role of Yeo Jun other than him, he has the cute and soft look, while conveying the hidden emotional scars in his lonely tears. I am looking forward for more roles with him, he seems to get better and better and he truly dedicated himself to embody Yeo Jun in many lenghts.

The OST is pleasant to hear. The main theme, Talk to Me by Ji Hoon is so catchy that I find myself going with the flow. Rothy and Han Seung Yun song Pum is also nice to hear. And of course it wouldn't be a youthful OST without having Punch here.

I recommend, either you have read the webtoon or came to see this blind as I did. Its okay.
There will always be main differences and preferences on both sides, but the journey is always the same.

And remember,

"You can write your own ending to your story."

Therefore don't despair in your own struggles, where there is darkness there is also light, create your path at your own pace :)

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Com Você no Dia em Que o Mundo Acabar 2
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Mai 3, 2021
6 of 6 episódios vistos
Completados 4
No geral 5.5
História 5.5
Acting/Cast 7.0
Musical 6.5
Voltar a ver 3.0
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Had high hopes, and now we're here....

WOAH what can I say about this mess of a season, other than, it's absolute crap.

Seriously, don't bother watching this drama, and surely reading this LONG review if you don't want to get SPOILERS because I'll be straightforward and addressing plenty of issues regarding this season and if you think you're getting answers or any plot development since season one, than you better just drop it, because you're not, believe me, this disaster here was only to scrap characters from back and forth, stir conflicts, destroy character's plotline and perhaps act as a poor bridge to a third season.

Which I am highly skeptical about after this train wreck...

I've spent all this time pissed off while watching the attempt of development of plot here, and there was NONE.

First of all let me say, I didn't like Kurumi in the first season, and she proved to me again in this one why I disliked her character. It's a waste of FL, I don't see any improvement on her storyline but a setback instead. The whole amnesia being one of the symptoms of the virus she was injected was a cliché plotline to help with the sole mess that was the shelter "House of Hope".
She once again is the main reason Hibiki walks and breathes apparently, in his world there's only Kurumi and the rest is landscape, because wherever she is or goes so will he. Even if she forgets him entirely and ends up falling for the most cliché of all, oh yeah ANOTHER MAN. Years down the gutter right there, even if not remembering, I am sure she could feel deep in her heart that something wasn't right whenever she interacted with others, but I guess she is that clueless and emotionlessly driven. Pissed me off, how much more does Hibiki have to sacrifice for her, when in the first season he did that plenty...

Hibiki ohh the ML, the so-called leader, yeah for the while he had that role anyway. It served him better in season one, but after getting Kurumi back I guess he lost his senses, but even more when she lost her memories. In that moment I believe he just lost his marbles, because the rest on his scale lost the spark or interest the minute he stepped foot into the shelter. His plotline was destroyed by Kurumi once again, and he still had to go out there in search of some sort of cure for her. Funny thing right? He is the main character and in a season of ONLY 6 episodes he disappears for like 1 episode and a half maybe? Almost 2?
I lost the count because apparently here all that mattered was that bloody house and their annoying racist residents.

But seriously he goes ALL THE WAY to Fukushima and not even an insight on his journey is shown there??
What are we? Oblivious tenants in "House of Hope" to stay behind and not know about the world??
We're only left with his words, when he does come back (to find his girl being kissed by spineless creep), that there's no hope or even cure because he has seen that there's no safe space out there and that's it?

Well, nothing new there right?

In the first season there was already many facts that showed the lack of hope for better places and more survivors.
Hibiki's new found family is suffering and he is clueless about it, because all that matters is Kurumi... *echoes on her name*

The only highlight in this season could be the new bond formed between Todoroki and Kanae. When others fall, some will rise, these two are complete opposites and yet they compliment one another well in a crisis. Todoroki development from the first season to this one and the fact that he is atoning for being alive, only demonstrates how he is struggling and how much Kanae is helping him. The thing I don't get it is how the hell does he amputates his hand in cold blood, without hygiene because, well it was a life or death situation and they were trapped and void of options, and not bleed out or get an infection since they gave up returning to the shelter in the first place. Kanae, certainly is a female character that I for once noticed how much she evolved in the first season and she did not disappoint in this one. Her character is much stronger than others and she has learned to adapt well. I think that's part of her charm and new found charisma that attracted Todoroki towards her, and made them comfort themselves in their losses and grief, and pain of being rejected and made outcasts in a certain way. Them getting together only proves they can learn to love one another, and forget or lessen the supposed feelings they had for Kurumi and Hibiki.

Akiyoshi Ren, the son of the former leader of "House of Hope" pissed me off the most.

ALSO am I the only one thinking he looks like a total creep? >.<

Because those angry stares, and his whole dark emo demeanor, was awful for a leader I must say. If enigmatic and gloomy was the goal there, they FAILED completely. I was mostly creeped out and found him to be a rat and a weasel (note not to offend the animals, the poor creatures) on his attitudes and lack of integrity and morals. I mean stealing someone's lover, when he was made their guardian was a LOW BLOW. Even if it was Kurumi, that only shows how much of a coward he is and a traitor too in the first place. What a terrible example to lead, but then again the residents themselves were all garbage in the first place.

"House of Hope" what an ironic name for such a hopeless place.

The residents think they are almighty in their messed up beliefs and minds, that they deserve to survive better than actual survivors that have indeed seen the atrocities and what the world has turned into. The greed there is one of a kind, and the division of equality freakin' unbelievable, but then again, that's what we call humanity in a crisis. May the worthy survive and the less fortunate fall, what a load of crap! The sheer discrimination there shows the envy and disdain people have of each other. It only depicted what he learned from the group of strangers in the first season who learned and adapted to each other in order to survive, and in there they are slandered and made victims for being outsiders of the original residents. A bunch of narcissistic people, and the fact that most wear white outfits, as if they are pure or of better breed is quite ironic, when there should be unity, they are only divided.

Hope? Where? I don't see it.

The original group all divided is a blow too, and the amount of characters killed in this season is ridiculous.

It's like the screenwriter only wanted to get rid of most plot and add others, only to kill most of them at the end.

Oh and Hibiki's dad! That is like a filler inside a filler here. I mean the guy vanishes for YEARS! And irony of fate, when the world is falling down, they are united again, because that's right, the old man is at the shelter, who knew right.?
BUT, wait for it, because it's a bittersweet greeting. Not only is Hibiki's pissed off and with reason given the old pops never said anything and left him behind, only to discover he is about to die there. Talk about killing characters for plot and angst right.?
Honestly not much angst though, the man hardly has worthy interactions there, it's like a walking contradiction to teach us a few morals. Just like they tried to teach us the sense of family, that not always has to be from the same blood.

And when strangers are closer than family members, is like a slap in the face of the tenants there.

POINTLESS should be the word for everything in this season.

We're nowhere close to figure things out. The potential of plot here was wasted by cliché storyline, and a killing spree.

Why bring Minjun, or whoever is that?? Because for all records we saw him die in season one.
He died as a good boy, he was brave and had a family, HAD, because they are all torn apart now and some are dead...
Makes no sense to make him an antagonist now. What's this an anime of an ANTI-HERO who came back from the grave??

I had a few theories and I believe I made some comments in here too about them, and I expected it to be the case of something close from that but in this filler season nothing happened. I had a theory that both Kurumi and Minjun could be the only hope for a potential cure, because she was injected with samples of the virus and who knows what that Shuto did in that lab, to have Golems locked up and the original one of all in a isolated cell. Minjun was bitten by it. Hibiki's mother was the original one, the source of the current virus, so I had a theory that maybe her bitemark could have reversed side effects, perhaps regenerating ones as a side effect instead, and perhaps Kurumi would too if her imune system was a rare one like they have stated before, to be able to resist and delay the infection.

Although we saw Hibiki stab Minjun's head and his death, so that part would be odd to explain. But the strangest thing to witness here in his lookalike is that his right eye is marked with an X, or has a scar across it, and why does he remain hidden and acts like the walking dead? Maybe he is one...
I mean, if he is Minjun he was indeed buried.
Not a fortune event to crawl his way out of there.

I bet there could be more theories, but THIS SEASON MADE NONE WHATSOEVER.
It was only good to avoid it, and confuse us more, with the premise of a shed of hope with Kurumi's conception.
If their intention was to spur curiosity for the next season, well they made the opposite since many people dropped this for sure.

I for one, despite having rolled my eyes 'till infinity with these 6 episodes, will only see season 3 to see how further are they planning to ruin a show. That and because I want to know if that moody fella really is Minjun or not. Because that individual did end up going to the island and mess with Minjun's grave and rest place.

Could this be a sign? Who knows, certainly not me.

All I know is that this season could have been better, if it had maybe 10 episodes like the previous one and a decent plot and not an endless killing spree and mysterious events that didn't even let us see who the real antagonists is or better are, because that scene that caused a massacre at the "House of Hope" was made by more than a sole individual, and Akiyoshi had said it, there is a gang of former members of the shelter that rebelled, so he is putting the blame on them...

However, could this be really the truth?

I don't trust that guy. One can blame the pressure of replacing his mother that provided better guidance to the residents, and to the apocalyptic world they are living in but when being a leader it's not only the choices we make that are bound to others, it's the example and integrity too, and he has none. He slowly turned and consumed himself into the dark abyss that he feels deep inside him, believing that he is being bellitled and put aside, therefore snapping against Hibiki, and letting other's be in danger. He is selfish, and like most humans, greedy of what's not even is in the first place.

As much as I dislike Kurumi, what he did to her was wrong, he controlled and played with her unstable self and messed up emotions, as to make her stay with him and love him, instead of Hibiki. When Akiyoshi learns of her sudden pregnancy that could only be from her former lover, because let's face it there's no miracles here (and not even one would save this season.... that's for sure), he goes all mental against Hibiki when he is also denying the child, the opposite of Hibiki who wants to embrace his newfound role.

But guess what Kurumi leaves once again without saying a word, because it's the whole excuse of protecting others.... and once again Hibiki is pulled for the mighty magnet that is Kurumi, and their unborn child. The savior, departing the shelter once again. And this time he isn't going alone, because Yuzuki, is tagging along. Him being shot and wounded, and her being limping (and might I add ahsmatic, although in this season that hardly is mentioned unlike the first season where it was life or death), what a duo. I wonder what their reaction will be if they end up reaching Kurumi and find out Minjun or whoever is behind this.

This was a MESS and that's about it.

And I probably have more to say, but this is taking way too long and it was frustrating enough and infuriating to see how this went downhill so fast...

We had high hopes. Maybe we did...

OST wise the same song that follows here from the first season, works out fine too.
The acting of some here works better than the story itself.
As for seeing it again, (unless I missed something, along with my braincells) I would say no, thank you.

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Escrevendo seu destino
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Mar 26, 2021
10 of 10 episódios vistos
Completados 0
No geral 8.5
História 9.0
Acting/Cast 8.5
Musical 7.0
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If Deities could write fanfics… this would be it.

Never thought I would see the day, where a Deity would plagiarize a Human’s work in order to solve her love life and make it into a masterpiece. Hopefully he can get more views and ratings if all goes well...

We can’t cancel a Deity after all, or can we?
Humans can’t but the laws Deities abide from might...
If only he had a compliant main character to work with, his job would be easier said than done.

Then again, the way Ho Yoon messes up with her life at first, really makes me wonder if we aren’t all in the same predicament.
Maybe that’s why one of these days, I was heading to the kitchen and ended up in the living room instead.
Perhaps, the Deity above is messing around with my GPS system and playing me like a SIMs character of sorts, well at least I can honestly consider that he is being considerate when it comes to my dieting plans, by keeping me far away from the fridge.

Either way the story is super interesting for a such a small drama, and the cinematography its pretty good actually, considering all the effects used in the transitions for each scene.

Some scenes do remind me of certain dramas though, like for instance, in the first episode when Ho Yoon and Myung are crossing that Tunnel it reminded me of the most iconic scene in Goblin. And in fact, there’s also a scene where Chae Kyung is wearing a red scarf, so the vibes are right too. Then again, the tunnel has a symbolic value through the theme presented.
The whole drama inside a drama inception plot, was very entertaining to say the very least, and the references of dramas with the pun of the names is rather hilarious. “The Accounting of the Married” and “Sky Cash” for example, both with the most dramatic parody plots ever created.

And well the acting in general wasn’t bad throughout the series, I enjoyed every character the actors portraited, so kudos for this cast.

The fact that Ho Yoon plans fail because he starts to get too attached, get to all of us at a certain point in our lives. I mean we all end up having a crush or falling for a character in a book, right?
Because in a way that’s what Chae Kyung is to Ho Yoon.
The female protagonist of his masterpiece novel of a Lifetime.
One where he is about to become a part of and with the main role no less.
Their Fate is written in paper and sealed with twine.
It’s an unavoidable destiny. That they are meddling with and against.

Nevertheless, it’s quite an enjoyable drama that can be seen in a whole afternoon, with only 10 episodes in total with around 20 minutes each.

“Some lives are long as a novel. But the other lives are short as a poem.”

It resumes well this drama, it might seem short like an idyllic poem, however, it’s as fulfilling like a novel should be.
The OST isn’t really that memorable in my ears, but its pleasant on certain parts that it was played so I guess it worked somehow.
I really recommend watching this drama, if you’re currently waiting for updates on any on-going drama just to fill the gap like I did or give it a try if you do prefer short stories.
But then again, I guess the ideology that less is more, can be applied to this one.

“If first love comes true every time there’s first love, the world would cease to exist.”

This plot will definitely surprise for the events and topics it works with, despite eventually falling under the category of a potential love triangle, the way the story unfolds precedes time and fateful encounters.

“If you’re meant to be, you’ll end up meeting in one way or another.”

If I ever re-watch this story again, it might take some time and if I ever do so it’s for the nostalgy.
Perhaps whenever it rains or whenever I do order a caffeinated drink, I will remember this by...

And I am fine with that

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Desqualificação Humana
22 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Out 9, 2021
16 of 16 episódios vistos
Completados 0
No geral 9.0
História 9.0
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 9.0
Voltar a ver 8.5

What hits differently with LOST?

We could say it's the way its told. To the dark palette scenes, the silence at some points, the dialogues between characters and their interactions and storylines, they all hit home in a different way. Perhaps it's how crude and natural most seem out to be. That they can be touching and emotional, or even deemed tragic. Nevertheless, everything is so elegantly written that captures the viewers.

It's a slice of life that shows us how much loneliness is within each and everyone of us no matter our age or social status, how lost we've become at some point in our lives to start questioning where indeed we went wrong from the path we've once were settled on following. Or maybe there was none of it and we are still lost in a maze of our own delusional perceptions.

A mature and heavy storyline not for the faint of heart or spirit. Because it focuses on dark themes, such as suicide, abusive relationships, depression and hardships. The loneliness of those who live alone, of those sharing a house with someone acquainted, with a lover, a husband, and yet still having this void and drift among them. To the pain of losing someone precious, and the constant sadness, of failing, of being framed. The struggles of finding that your loved one is suffering in silence, or not finding at all until it's too late. The sheer fear of the unknown. Of potential gossips, and misunderstandings, and betrayal. The endless fear of becoming nothing. Of achieving nothing with life, not living but merely existing. The longing of living not knowing how to do so.

Fated meetings and secrets being kept between friends, and the uncertainty of life and death.

However there's a certain melancholic beauty with LOST which allures us to keep on watching and try to empathize with the characters and their own personal struggles. And to their inner emptiness that shows on every single episode.

"What is it like to feel empty?"

Great question, that is hard to give a proper answer to.

The lessons this drama portrays are beautifully expressed by the acting of such talented and seasoned actors.

Do Yeon and Joon Yeol take the prize with the main characters, and the way they engage into their bond and plot in such a natural way that it blends with the symbolic message they are portraying with their roles. Everyone has a role here, and in an odd way they are all connected or interacting at some point. It's hard not to praise the cast for their work here, they all do an amazing job with their characters and the gloomy and serious vibe of this drama. Everything seems realistic, mature and true.

I've known the song Hallelujah before, and it always hit on a deep level, but here in this drama it hits differently. They chose a cover of this famous song, and its spiritual in here. The lyrics, the voice, the sorrow that keeps on matching with the characters storyline and their scenes.

The instrumental melodies and OST blends gracefully with the feelings and the messages the main characters often mention.

Somehow the setting of this drama almost gives some Indie vibes.
Be it the cinematic effects, or even the slow paced scenes and dialogues.
There's an authentic aura enlaced within every single character and story.

Definitely a must watch.

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Midnight Motel
11 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Jan 12, 2023
6 of 6 episódios vistos
Completados 0
No geral 8.5
História 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Musical 8.0
Voltar a ver 7.5

Definitely a must watch for anyone's drama list

Now this was a mini dark series we all never knew we needed before until the first trailer came out and the drama aired.

Midnight Motel held a dark humor series with a great cast, for 6 episode it did not entirely disappoint, because of it's clever cinematography shots and a few calculated steps. The way the story is told through the characters is also interesting to behold. It just hits differently than most, as it also engages with the viewer. Because it has serious and dangerous moments and then a few breaks in comedy that breaks the fourth wall entirely as it's meant to do. And the coloring used works so well here.

Sun and Kat's past and the glimpse of Mote's too helped with the complexity of their roles.
Overall in 6 episodes it wasn't bad. It was able to include comedy, drama, and slight "romance".
I've got to say that even when it was supposed to be darkest... the humor got to me good, like when Sun and Mote were bickering in these final episodes. Their unusual partnership at some given point was fun to see.

Surprisingly this is the type of series that we all wouldn't mind having a few more episodes, but at the same time we are left somehow satisfied with the outcome of certain events and with an open aftermath of possibilities. It's a mini series after all. Not everything has to be completely build up and delivered in a platter, somethings are made to make us the viewers think like the characters and create our own theories while collecting all the hints in the plot. The clues are obvious but it's also entertaining because of the actors playing it. Sure, I would also like to see June in a nice jumpsuit and behind a few bars to pay the price for her crimes... but the show always focused on Mote and the others, so where he goes, it's where it leads.

Really loved seeing Off as Mote, but Mond stole the whole show as the dark broken Sun, and Jan as Kat was able to prove once again her acting versatility. As for Louis as Doi is probably a favorite now, and Neo iconic appearance in two scenes will forever be remembered. Kudos to Victor, Pae, and Mew for their roles. The whole cast and production team deserve a praise.

The Ost and music through the episodes was okay, I really liked the intros and glitch theme vibes. The texts in the scenes could be deemed annoying in certain dramas but given the theme of this drama they worked in most parts, like when Mote explained his plans or the business app. But nothing tops the over the dead body conversation, that one was genius, CHEERS to that.

Well.... nothing besides the poker game that Mote had with June for the final deal.
That was a fun scene to see, it's these type of creative scenes are what makes this drama special.

Face this as a "light" mini drama to watch between your current on going dramas.
Don't take it too seriously it was never intent to be that way, I mean it's a parody.
Enjoy it for the cast, for the cinematography, for their plot holes and twists and dark vibes.

For all that and more, Midnight Motel is definitely a must watch for anyone's drama list (o゜▽゜)o☆
( ̄y▽ ̄)╭ PS: And let's not forget for all of those who watched Not Me, in here Sean actually defeats Tawi xD

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Peach of Time
11 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Set 23, 2021
10 of 10 episódios vistos
Completados 0
No geral 8.0
História 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Musical 8.5
Voltar a ver 7.5
Esta resenha pode conter spoilers

A first love that transcends symbolic boundaries...

Peach of Time is that drama that makes you question values and scenes, but at the same time pulls you in closer when it comes to the bond between the leads, to the acting skills of the cast, to the mix of Korean and Thai languages that in a collaboration creates such a cute masterpiece as this. I was really happy to know that Jimmy and Tommy would be in another drama together, and got even more thrilled when I learned that it was Korean production and that Jimmy would break the pattern by pairing with Jae Hyun. Quite refreshing to see both Thai actors entering in different roles in a BL rather then forming a couple.

There's a lot of speculation and mainly harsh criticism around this drama, because of the lack of information it provides or well the knowledge into this world they provide us where ghosts exist, talk and eat, as if the living can't see that happening. Lots questioning why Peach can see only Mario (Tommy) and Yoon Oh (Jae Hyung), instead of seeing more ghosts. And how come no one finds it weird that he talks into thin air as if everything happening in this drama is completely normal and ruled out.

Thing is this is most likely a small production drama, so I am only guessing the budget isn't that high to begin with. Another thing to consider is that maybe the screenwriter and production wanted to maintain the opening for the viewers to engage and take on wild imagination and think outside of the box with this. No the ghosts are not eating, it's probably an illusion or ectoplasma that "allows" them to pick on objects. The said objects are not floating on air, otherwise people would react, it's probably a projected image of sorts, that to be done properly would require extra budget and special effects too. So, it's left to people to imagine or think about a little more into perception rather than having all the work done and shown.

As for the "why" Peach is able to see Yoon Oh and touch him even. Perhaps is the connection they share, or the fact that he believed his friend was there with him in the first place. Even so when he did discovered the truth he had already seen Mario too, in a way he believes in good and is naïve, it didn't took him long enough to embrace both and accept what they are. The fact that he does that, dealing with the stages of grief differently probably makes him able to "touch" Yoon Oh. Unlike Yoon Oh's mother who can neither see him or touch him, but then again she did the same when he was alive too, she would only nudge him for good grades to enter medical school, ignoring her son's ambitions and dreams. She has been in denial ever since her loss, therefore not accepting anything because of her deeds. Perhaps in the last episode she will be able to be granted to hear her son, as she has already seen him in what appeared to be a drama, where Yoon Oh manifested to her.
As for Peach being able to see Mario, he has been a resident at the resort for two decades, I can only assume his presence has influenced Yoon Oh too because they are both spirits with deep sorrow to resolve. He is bound there and therefore connected with Yoon Oh because the resort was from his family, and Mario was a worker there. They chose to focus on only this two plots, Yoon Oh and Mario instead of the drama being about Peach being able to see ghosts and help them out which would result in a bigger mess and would need more episodes.

I am not saying there isn't a couple of flaws here and there within this series, but I am not going to be unfair and call it a disaster and rubbish solely because of those. There are far worse series out there, than this one.
By focusing on certain aspects they did neglect a few, and although some are to make the viewer think outside of the box, others are just peculiar. Like the fact that in a resort about to close down, Peach of Time café can gather quite a few clients in a crazy short amount of time. I can discard the fact that Yoon Oh's mother let him stay right away at the resort, even when she was grieving because it a friend of her son which she had always neglected, and also because maybe she felt the need to not be alone in there after everything. So, considering all that and more it's not that strange to let him in and stay.

What is strange here is the whole concept of 49 days, Yoon Oh is passing through is, but Mario has been there for 20 years. It's said that if left with deep sorrow and unsolved problems, a spirit can turn evil. It amazes me how he has not turned into one in the first place, has his 49 days pass already? Then is Su Jin , his former lover the only thing that is keeping him behind? Again, small episodes, and trying to cover all this by pointing the obvious would leave no space for imagination and theories.

Peach is not a tourist there, he is a humanitarian who travels the world into help missions. His parents run a café in Phuket back in Thailand so he is not entirely strange when it comes to the business, although it may differ from this one in Korea. It wasn't hard for him to travel to Korea to meet his friend, only to discover the sad reality and make it his personal mission to help the other to find peace, even if it will cost him more than he would like to admit.

Their love story is both beautiful and heartbreaking here. It's a tragedy of what they might have had, of a young first love that did not have a chance to blossom in the right time. Of a friendship, and bond that transcends realms of the dead and living. The symbolic value of their moments is what moves the viewer to be engaged into the plot, and ignore the plot holes previously mentioned. It's not common of a theme within the whole BL world, although there are a few dramas that tackle around this, - Peach of Time - remains so far by my standards as rather unique, not only because of the cross languages used, but also because of their beautiful story and the symbolism it truly represents. The journey of the soul, the selfless love.

As for acting, Choi Jae Hyun takes the prize here. The way he embodies the insecure Yoon Oh, and manifests the emotional struggle of being child of a single mother, of suffering bullying through his teen years, the pressure of his mother to make him study and pass a hard exam only to grad from a school he did not want to attend. Lost dreams, will to live, drowning in constant doubts, insults, pain and neglect. He was a lonely person, who preferred to ran away from his troubles, the reason he met Peach in the first place. Maybe the first time he noticed the café could be is safe haven, and took interest into being a barista. Jae Hyun has shown us the remarkable actor he is and how he can tackle down a main role as this one, no wonder he is gaining more popularity given this, and hopefully we will see him in another drama soon. His emotional scenes can move those who see him, become the broken Yoon Oh. I just want to give him a big hug because he did not deserve what happened to him.

The criticism towards Jimmy is something that I cannot fathom. I mean he is certainly younger than his co-stars, since Jae Hyun and Tommy are both 95' liners, but age does note matter when it comes to talent. And Jimmy is nurturing that within every role he has, and this role of Peach if no different. Jimmy is doing a surprisingly good job. Comparing him with more experience actors on set, that can foreshadow him and claiming he does bad acting is wrong, He still has room of improvement, but his role here is the typical clumsy, innocent and happy boy who i might add is in a foreign country so it's normal for him to not know the language or seem "stiff" when in contact with the locals, other than with Yoon Oh and his mom.

The real mystery here lies, why did Yoon Oh's mother taught him Thai language? I found it weird to have one talk in a language and the other understanding it and answering into a different one, not being a middle ground there, but oddly enough within the first episode that awkwardness dissolves and it's different and somewhat enjoyable. Could it be connected to Mario? He was after all a Thai staff that worked in the resort until the fire 20 years ago. He also said he knew Yoon Oh for long ago. I presume Yoon Oh is around the same age as Peach, 22 yo probably. That only means Mario was still alive, when he was born, and it's mentioned that Yoon Oh's grandma left him the resort in her will... Another odd fact, Peach can speak basic Korean, but he says to Yoon Oh's mother he does not know Korean, therefore he speaks Thai with her when she reassured him that she understands because she was the one who taught Yoon Oh, but how can Peach understand everything they say in Korean if he has trouble with the language?

Mario's plot is good too. His changing wardrobe seems questionable, but then again here it's all about perspective and well presuming what it might be. While in other dramas, we have seen that burning clothes can help the decease to change attires, or burning incense allows them to "eat" the food presented. Here we are not given any of that, so once again I like to consider it's a projection of an object and the plasma that fits their needs. Or focusing on the simpler version by discarding the logic and throw it out of the window and go with the flow and enjoy the drama without bickering about every single little aspect and flaw. Just appreciating how fine Tommy looks in a black suit, and how strangely sexy he can be with red contact lenses. His acting is flawless like always. Really amazing how he engages into his character, there's a certain charisma whenever he shows.

Ae Yun acting as Yoon Oh's mother is another good actress here. Although I highly resented her role, as a mother and a single mother no less, the way she showed "love" as she called it was wrong. It was never Yoon Oh's fault for the misdeeds and choices of his father, or for resembling him in the slightest. Also, to create high expectations of her child and forcing him to follow a path, was the breaking point. Often times, it leads to cases of severe anxiety and depression, and also suicidal youth problems. It is only when a tragedy happens, that they open their eyes to everything said and done, and realize how unfair they've been, her cruel text message to her son in a moment of rage was utterly despicable. Yoon Oh grown up with a busy and stressed mother who seemed to resent him for being born, and yet she has the audacity to claim he was her world. Well then, she should have treated her world better when she had the chance too.

The places are all the same, from the resort as a home to the café within it, to the short glimpses of the hospital and police station, and to the most romantic place in Seoul, the Locks of Love fence situated in Namsan Tower, production wise may be small but so far has done a good job with the resources they had in hands. I really like the color setting here, warm colors in most scenes, even at night. Be it by the warm colors of the actor's fabrics or even in the environment lights in the shots. I don't know how to explain it but it's a nice touch, instead of the whole gloomy vibe whenever there are spirits around. It creates a warm aura even in the dark scenes, a glow of well quite the "Peach" palette if I must say, from oranges to pink soft tones.

What can I say about the OST so far, it's catchy. I like it, not that memorable as some other dramas, but pleasant to hear though. I hope Jae Hyun's song is included, his voice is so soothing and beautiful that would be a crime not to have anything from him in the OST. I have not checked yet, because the OST has been taking long to be launched, but would like to see one or perhaps two theme in Thai. I know the drama is mostly Korean, but would be cute and meaningful.

It's bound to say that the ending might be realistic, despite painful, it's what the meaning of this drama is all about.
The 49 days. How to let go, and move on. A spiritual journey and experience of a lifetime.

If you engage into Yoon Oh and Peach, and the realization of their over growing feelings, their bond, their friendship, and their selfless young love. Or if you focus on Mario yearning to find his lost first love, and the reason to why he thought he had been abandoned, the deep sorrow he carries within his heart, until he faces the truth and discovers the scars of his past. If you realize how subtly the five stages of grief are incorporated into the plot through several characters and their own personal problems that seem connected with Yoon Oh. If you appreciate the settings and surroundings, the symbolic message the drama portrays and the value of the sentimental scenes. If you listen to the OST and the lyrics of the songs.

You might even grow fond of the main characters and cheer them on despite knowing that there is a rift between them.

The beauty here is in the maturity Peach has to deal with such a sensible matter, and how strong he is to carry that responsibility upon his shoulders. And that slight immaturity and jealousy Yoon Oh shows on certain times, because he fears the to be lonely, if Peach will end up leaving him behind. And yet they are both equally mature for their age, while dealing with everything with grace. To know that the current situation is not okay to be maintained despite their growing feelings, to know that there will come a time where one has to let go of the other, and see him depart with peace.

Many fail to remember how this drama started. It starts with a hint of the possible ending. Peach remembering Yoon Oh on his table, mentioning what he learned and what the other has taught him while he stayed in Korea for that short amount of time. The memories he gained and the lessons learned, that moment was him leaving the resort and café he temporarily opened. Now, not sure if they left that there because they were building up the thriller in the plot until the reveal of what happened. Still, it would be foolish to change that course of events, since it seems settled on happening. How are they going to develop that in the final episode, hopefully without leaving loose ends. It's a good meaningful drama, with a chance of re-watch value, at least for me, since I am a sucker for symbolic meanings.This was a first time for me to see the mix of Korean and Thai in a drama, it would be fun if this would open doors and allow different collaborations in other up coming dramas and projects too.

Don't watch this drama is you don't expect to suffer a bit through the episodes.
Don't fall into the romance, expecting a holy miracle or magical twist through the story.
Just give it a try and enjoy the ride. It happens fast, 10 episodes of more a less 30 minutes tops.
The storyline is meaningful and unique in a certain way, and the main actors synergy engages in quickly.
Yoon Oh's and Peach way of love is certainly bittersweet and lovely at once when you realize the predicaments.
Not all information is provided in plot, which allows you to think and create elaborate theories of your own.
You will be cheering them on, and you'll want to cry whenever Yoon Oh cries, because his acting is that good.
Memorable for everything I have seen so far. Really love these 3 main characters, Yoon Oh, Peach and Mario.

NOTE (SPOILERS rant): Just finished it. The last episode could have been A LOT better. I liked the series as whole despite its flaws, but this last episode lacked in more ways than the whole series.

Mario is seen having a blast with his first love but has he resolved his deep sorrow and moved on? It never really shows. The party was the most cringe little party I've ever seen. Not sure if the audio and synch were really off but it made things awkward with Yoon Oh having a poker face while "singing" what it could be an emotional song .
Once again, no one interrupted the lonely Peach in there or found it weird that the host of the party did not joined his guests... It does not tell if Yoon Oh's mom forgives the man responsible for her son's death, but from his confession it was indeed an unfortunate "accident" rather than a murder or suicide.

FINALLY Peach and Yoon Oh hit the beach in winter and we learn that the deep sorrow within Yoon Oh's heart is, not being able to confess his feelings for Peach while he was still alive. Such a pity that the final kiss scene is gone with the wind in there. The bracelets break and I guess their wishes come true. If Peach's wish was for Yoon Oh's to be at peace then what was Yoon Oh's wish?The boiler, the sudden smoke, he gets scared by that, so could it be that he has lost his "ability" to see the dead?

I doubt that was a mere coincidence when the café seemed closed for business. It also does not disclose if the resort is sold, the characters simply disappear after the Christmas party and that is it. I know it focuses on both, - Peach and Yoon Oh, - however there's a little thing called closure in a storyline that does not happen here.

Peach is back to being ordinary not being able to see Mario or Yoon Oh.
And could it be that Yoon Oh really did moved on?
Or is he still around like Mario, watching over his loved ones?

Endless possibilities and theories, but it's not entirely a satisfying enging... Even with the hint that there could be a continuation of the story. Overall this drama, has it's up and lows, that much is certain, but we cannot disclose that the message is here wavering between the awkward and meaningful scenes the show tries to portray.

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Em Busca do Smash Perfeito
9 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Jul 26, 2021
16 of 16 episódios vistos
Completados 1
No geral 8.5
História 8.0
Acting/Cast 8.5
Musical 7.5
Voltar a ver 7.0
Esta resenha pode conter spoilers

"Win together, Lose together."

Was it worth it to have it delay for after the Olympics? TOTALLY!!

This final episode had the same vibe in a way with all the adrenaline rush of the final matches and results, that even the final scene was inovative and creative to see.

The perfect drama for a Prison Playbook reunion has got to be this one. The screenwriter is the same after all xD
Quite a youthful drama to enjoy and binge watch, learning a few badmington tricks and loving the cameos and whole cast.

There's quite a few negative comments and reviews against this drama regarding the issue in the early episodes, however if we disregard a drama based on one of many flaws that exist in modern society we fail to see how the tides change or how the story progresses. Racism is WRONG, and unfortunately is somewhat always present in one way or another in the course of our lives as we fight against it, but this drama doesn't deal with only this particular issue, it deals with many problems that we fail to consider, taking advantage of people, doubting and taunting others, the pressure of sport competitions, bullying and more.

It's not that it instigates and highlights those negatives, but it shows in some depths what happens in and out of the field too.

I gave the drama chance though despite all that, there are always others who make it worse and not with profound purposes. Blame it on the scripts for that. Nowadays its hard not to offend anyone by anything written or said. Still for all I've seen so far, I can say it was worth to persist and follow this, some character developments and interesting cameos in the plot are worth it. Most of all it made me reminisce of the times where I too used to play this sport in school and for fun as my hobby. And I miss it.

I have gained a new found respect towards athletes who play this sport in such competitions.
It's intense and hard as any other sport out there, but sadly underrated compared to others. Badminton was always fun and refreshing for me. And I remember how hyped and cheery I was whenever I picked a racket and started playing. Because it never failed to make me smile despite the blood, sweat and tears when it came to grades in school or playful competition among my peers.

So, when I heard about this drama it got me intrigued on how they would be able to make 16 episodes of a team of boys from a rural area thrive all the way to achieve their goals, and stick to a consistent plot of the sport.

The development of their characters and the bond of friendship and brotherhood are the best moments here.
I get that first love and all that is somehow present in Youth dramas, it is tolerable but if they made it solely about the boys and the sport itself it would not only remain interesting, it would probably be better. I like Han Sol part where she regains confidence in herself and is able to show that a team isn't formed by a single player. The scenes where Se Yoon enters are mostly awkward, I prefer seeing her character playing the sport rather than waiting for confession of two boys in luv there.

If you focus on the boys and their game play and antics you won't be bored.

The coaches arc is interesting too, I really enjoyed the character development we see in coach Yoon. He had always hidden talent when it came down to coaching however as the story progresses we are able to see that as he guides the boys with good advices and strategies but most importantly, how he learns to trust in himself and in the talent of the boys he is coaching. Many coaches fail in that department throughout the drama, although some do realize it at some point in time like coach Ra for example. Better late than never, is what I tend to say and Amen for that.

When it comes to arches in the storyline this one wavers in between the present and a character that is mostly known by everyone but about an issue that happened 10 years ago. Somehow, the characters are connected, and although he is mentioned for most part of the drama, he only shows on the second half when it's all aimed to the final competitions.

By then we've already witnessed the countless adventures and struggle of our main boys and their ever growing friendship.

The elders and village people along with the city couple who moved to Haenam is always fun and endearing and filled with many symbolic lessons about life and hardships, but also how to welcome strangers into becoming an extension of what can be called family.

I have to point out the cinematography here mainly on some games and moves is pretty interesting, and specially on the first half of the drama it remained strong, however, on the second half they focused more on the romantic plot and the missing player that caused havoc in the badminton community a decade ago. Not bad on that, but I would prefer if they included those epic cinematographic shots of badminton every once in a while. Nevertheless, the sport is portrayed as the main event.

The amount of references to BTS is suppose to be about the title, a pun and trending.
Comedy wise sometimes seemed slightly forced, or when they do look at the camera because it's supposed to happen, which reminded me of sitcom shows. Although some jokes where funny, like the slogan of the motel they stayed in once in a competition and Coach Yoon's line of "there's children here" PRICELESS.

It's hard not to grow fond of the team of misfits, "Racket Sonyeondan" that share the passion for the same sport.

Hae Kang growth was good to see, how he warmed to those boys that welcomed him and showed that friendship isn't about interests or popularity but creating everlasting bonds and be supportive of each other in either wins or defeats. How they welcomed yet another peer into their group with open arms and created a group of unique and different individuals that complement one another so well, and in which Badminton is a common interest is interesting and heartwarming to see. ´

On how they learn to be a team by the lessons they learn a long the way.

"Win together, Lose together."

Now this is what I call an EPIC motto.

It's refreshing and at the same time a light drama to see, despite having some serious issues addressed.
The OST is somewhat cheerful and my favorite it has to be the main one from The Boyz Will Be, it upbeat and catchy.
I recommend to give it a try, don't be disheartened by the negative remarks, but through the whole drama as a spectrum.

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Bad Buddy
7 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Jan 21, 2022
12 of 12 episódios vistos
Completados 0
No geral 10
História 10
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 10
Voltar a ver 10

A perfect 10 out of 10

Never thought I would grow attached to another BL series and couple, ever since ITSAY and IPYTM , Teh and Oh-aew and yet here I am, already missing Bad Buddy the series and our lovely rivals, Pat and Pran.

What can I say?
It's definitely a 10/10 with a great script to match such an amazing acting from the cast.

Ohm and Nanon really delivered into their roles of the fearless Pat and lovable Pran.
Even when they had no lines in their scenes, their stares spoke more than 1000 words.
Bad Buddy not only took the world by storm, conquering many fans but it become an iconic drama.

The plot itself is a bit typical, rival families, love and hate and so on. However, this is much more than that.
They were able to create something deemed generic, and turn it into something unforgettable and special.

By adding the perfect dose of humor, with endless bickering, an emotional value into the scenes and the symbolic lyrics of the songs from the OST - especially because Nanon sings 2 major songs here that are key to the plot and both his and Ohm's character.

And let's not forget about the cinematography and how the past and present were combined here.

*Because it's CHEF'S KISS*

There's an uncanny familiar and warm feeling while watching this series by how fast it grows into whoever sees it.

Before we know it, we're already drawn into the main characters story and their own struggles. We find ourselves seeing the episodes either with a smile on our lips, eager to see just one more episode, and laughing hard by their quirky antics or even getting emotional when things may go wrong.

It's a journey between them and the viewer. One it must be savored.
When a series is able to do that and more, it's definitely a gem to behold.

The OST is not only catchy but quite meaningful. When it comes to production they nailed the sounds.
Bad Buddy starts with a bang and it does not disappoint through the course and flow of the storyline.
More than a good script, it's the remarkable acting of our main leads that really takes this to a whole other level.

The way the emotions were tangible in certain scenes that leaves us all speechless.
And by the ending of episode 5 we really get that by a thousand fold...

They did it. They really set another high standard.
One that will be hard to match or cross over.
And I am not even complaining. Not one bit.

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Let Me Be Your Knight
6 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Jan 23, 2022
12 of 12 episódios vistos
Completados 2
No geral 9.0
História 8.0
Acting/Cast 9.5
Musical 9.0
Voltar a ver 8.5
Esta resenha pode conter spoilers

LUNA aka Bros before Woes

To some this might be a generic drama, to others perhaps a bit rushed and flawed in concept. However... 'Let Me Be Your Knight' is much more than your typical drama if you take a moment to see between the lines.

It may not be perceptible on the first time watching, but the hints are there in every single episode.

This is what we can call a "cycle of healing" kind of drama.
Where the true essence resides in the characters as a group.
And into their own personal problems and self-healing that may affect those around them.

The thing is they did it with a K-pop concept and with a band in the center grounds along with the pros and cons.
LUNA is the core of the whole show. Their personal journey as they all struggle with personal feelings and problems while trying not to fall apart. The five of them are the main characters here, and the FL joins the journey with her "baggage" too.

Hilarious how she being a chaotic mess, can be the solution to Tae In's problems and become his muse in times of need. Sometimes, we find the simplest solution within the problem. He only needed to find another model to get inspired, to set different goals and find where his own strength relies on. Not only in Yoon Joo but also realize how isolated he made himself to be when it came down to his band member's. The bigger the house, the wider the distance. It was a good indirect example of how in a bigger dorm the members grew a part within the years ever since their debut. It's a reality portrayed here.

This drama is not solely meant to be a romantic comedy of sorts, although it's implied in the tags.
Or a drama about a thriving band in the music field trying to cope down with their unstable leader at first.
It's about the growth and maturity they face by facing themselves and their own ordeals to finally find the right path.

Sometimes, going back to our roots is the best outtake we can find. 'Less is more' as people tend to say.
It takes 12 episodes here to realize that. It takes a few scandals, several setbacks, blatant lies and some hidden truths.
Overall, within the characters we find a few valuable lessons to behold upon if we set our eyes into the big picture here.

The plot doesn't always have to be straight to the point, sometimes the hints are insidious but are there.
We just have to see beyond and unveil the theories or be able to gather the perception of what it's revealed.

Tae-In's sleepwalking for example is not only about the great amount of stress he has to achieve perfection, but also the sheer pressure he has faced ever since his childhood, only to appease to his classical music genius of a father who tried to mold his son based on his personal taste which resulted into a trauma that led to how the drama starts in the first place. Cliché, right?

Nothing too out of the ordinary. This drama isn't about plot twists or epic cliffhangers. It's all out in the open here. It's the typical clichés packed into a somewhat cool concept.

Which now leads us to the band - LUNA - set into the world of K-pop industry, this drama present us the view of idols, (more precisely a band instead of a group, which is awesome given the numerous K-pop group dramas lately, one with a band playing musical instruments is a breath of fresh air), the concerts and vibes of the past we miss, all the packed schedules, comebacks, albums, lightsticks, fans, venues, talk-shows or radios and even live streams. We see it all, not forgetting to add in fans, discussing their bias and also the troublesome sasaengs (dangerous stalker "fans").

They manage to create the perfect band with mostly idols from quite a few famous K-pop groups:
Lee Jun Young from U-KISS as Yoon Tae In
JR from NU'EST as Lee Shin
Yoon Ji Sung former WannaOne as Kim Yoo Chan
Kim Dong Hyun from AB6IX as Woo Ga On
And although Jang Dong Joo as Seo Woo Yeon is mostly an actor he could be a rising idol too.

Jung In Sun did a good job here playing twin sister roles.

I hope that I am not the only one wanting that LUNA would be real enough to release something in RL too.
The songs are catchy, although the lyrics seem silly some have subliminal messages within the absurd linked words.
We find ourselves singing along, or even tapping our feet to it. Infatuated with the way all 5 members sing and play.
By each and every episode, we keep rooting for LUNA to thrive and overcome their endless troubles.

I wanted more of LUNA songs, shows, whatever, but they focused more on their problems rather than the music. And although it's frustrating and seems to drag until the final episode at one point with the ML and FL "dramarama", it's by the final episode that we realize why it was so. Because to solve things they needed to be reminded of the past and the start so they could rise up once again. The drama also tackles down several known problems from love scandals, bullying accusations, failures, secret relationships, demanding and greedy parents, scams, controlling CEOs, and many more. Despite the setting and the way they did it, we can't deny these happen on a daily basis in RL too. It's a slice of life packed in 12 episodes, bound to be rushed.

But it's in the small details that we're able to find the creativity placed into the scenes.
Like their title track and comeback song being called 'Beautiful Breakup' to the lyrics and meaning, that leads us to one of the scenes in the final episodes where the album is plain sight. It's a realization and a fear, but also a wakeup call to them all.

Overall. I actually enjoyed the acting, the cinematography and music here.
'Beautiful Breakup', 'Love Paranoia' and 'Let Me Be Your Knight' become a fan favorite of mine.
The reason for such a high score is by all that and because of the whole spectrum of problems portrayed.
Not every drama is in fact flawed or perfect, some even fall down in between, while other's are a few rare gems.

This one is saved by the general concept.
Although we want more, and a few answers, if we think beside the box we get there.

It's not a bad drama per se, for judgmental and critical people it is likely to have its numerous flaws.
Still, if you really like bands as much as K-pop groups this is not a bad drama to go to.
Just focus on the five elements of the band and their own development. Believe me, it's the best part.

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Oh! Mestre
6 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Mai 13, 2021
16 of 16 episódios vistos
Completados 0
No geral 6.0
História 5.5
Acting/Cast 8.0
Musical 6.0
Voltar a ver 4.0
Esta resenha pode conter spoilers

It makes you wonder "what the hell?" in every single episode

I had good expectations when I started this, mainly because I am a fan of MinKi's works.
However, not even him or a miracle could save this train wreck that is called Oh! My Ladylord.

The screenwriter did a messy plot here, on which I believe most episodes seem to be fillers, with too many unnecessary character plots, annoying side characters, and an on and off love triangle that seriously puts off anyone who watches this, and myself included.
I am probably a masochist for pulling this through 'till the very end, no one can ever compensate the loss of braincells from this.

Seriously, the plot is messy and has too many dragged fillers, like BiSoo's mother and her WAY too many symbolic moments.
I believe if the purpose was to give us THIS, then WHY 16 episodes? This is clearly set for a short drama of 12 episodes.

The wasted potential is astonishing.

When the white figure appeared and revealed the whole 49 Days, it reminded me of an old drama with that exact same name, so I was quick to associate the man being close to BiSoo and eventually it's revealed indeed who the man was.
However, the drama 49 Days was delivered better than this one that eventually focused too many moments.
It's like several fanfic moments collected in an attempt of a rom-com with a sprinkle of sappy melodrama.
And yet the angst wasn't fully there, it's perhaps half there if such. I wasn't emotional, it didn't move me... it annoyed me.

YuJin character was cringe to watch, because there was no chemistry there, it's like seeing a friend trying to claw his way out of the FRIENDZONE only to be pulled back there, and yet he never quits... being his passive self.
The only fun moments might be the "friendly broship rivalry" between him and BiSoo and even so it made no sense.

The side couples didn't pull me in at all, most of the times it was another filler inside of a filler, and it made me roll my eyes out.

The moms were cute, until a certain point where the plot line once again dragged.
His so called "dad", who seemed obsessed with the hospital was only there for his role of being a greedy man who only cared for his ambitions rather than the family he had lived with for decades.

BiSoo's disappearing made no sense, I mean they didn't explore much of the white man, his father, why or better yet HOW could he be granted more time only to fall in love and learn to be loved if he was doomed in the first place, other than for the reason of being with his mom until she passed. WELL woah, no one knows he "died" and assume he just went on a journey.
In the end I believe JooIn stayed with the same, if not a heavier amount of pressure in her shoulders, from dealing with her mother's illness and being the only one to know and grief for him and her loss without having a shoulder to cry and rely on.

I believe this drama started promising, than it got weird real fast like hit by a truck... and at some point in time (probably when she says she likes both BiSoo and YuJin) it went downhill.

OST wise it's the typical sappy songs through the "emotional" moments. Unlike other dramas it didn't strike memorable to me.
As far as re watch value, I say no thank you.
Not even if I would only have 49 days left, would be better to save myself from seeing this TRAGEDY once again.

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Um Dia Comum
7 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Dez 18, 2021
8 of 8 episódios vistos
Completados 0
No geral 9.0
História 9.0
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 8.5
Voltar a ver 8.0

Innocent until proven guilty taken to the extreme

I know this is a remake of the original story from the UK. I haven't seen it yet and refrained myself from getting spoilers or try to compare both for their details or any mismatched storylines.

Perhaps, the Korean version is darker. The cinematography draws us into the abyss of a presumed innocent young man accused and most likely framed of a hideous and hate crime that took a woman's life. We see and witness his confusion, his pain and his struggles through it all. And at the same time when everyone is turning their back on him, we can see his transformation in survival mode, hence that being the name of this episode...

'When in doubt, in favor of the defendant. No one is presumed to be guilty.'

However, it's with these cliffhangers and the mysterious aura this drama portrays, that they leave us wavering between the lengths of innocence and misconduct. I like this type of scrip that messes with the viewers perceptions and beliefs, it makes us analyze the evidence alongside the characters and hope for the best result. We have been following his journey and believing him to be framed, and that the criminal is most likely out there. By each and every episode the story gets bleak and the light at the end of the tunnel keeps getting dim. To mess this way with the perception of everything presented so far is a bold move.

What is the truth behind the case? Will there be a plot twist? Or have we been right all along?

The investigation was poorly done, it sounded like a fanfic.
It was based on mere speculations and not any solid evidence.
They just needed someone to blame. And he was an easy target.

Could this be his mind being manipulated to believe he is who everyone is making him out to be?

How will he prove his innocence and live with the consequences of his life's decisions?

There's the thing about all of this. The stigma of being imprisoned, the scars it leaves on a person who has seen and felt under his skin how quick people can drop someone in desperate times. Sometimes, those being the people closer than you think. Next of keen even. It brands someone, who will have to try and return to society knowing life itself is not the same or ordinary.

The cinematography is well matched with the OST, alluring, dark and mysterious. The same goes with our many characters here, some shady, others with a hidden agenda, and some with good intentions. Too bad that in this drama those are counted by a single hand at most. The rest reveals itself as the story unfolds.

Kim Hyun Soo, Shin Joong Han and Do Ji Tae, are those characters that pull you in the minute they appear on screen. The actors really got immersed into their roles that every interaction, scene and conversation was worth to watch. I really like the brotherhood formed between Ji Tae and Hyun Soo. There was something in Hyun Soo, that both Joong Han and Ji Tae - who are from opposite sides, and yet with the law as a common interest as we can see by one's profession and the other's hobby - saw at first glance. They were both his pillars through the nightmare that his life had become. A balance of justice if I may say.

Unfortunate events can be turned into life lessons. There are people who come into someone's life to teach something. Ji Tae's worth was more than a guardian and a Hyung in times of need. He was a teacher, and a counselor. One who contributed towards Hyun Soo's transformation and probably smoke addiction. Well, no one said he was a good influence. They were inmates and locked inside for a reason. Although they shared more in common than one could think.

We can say Ji Tae could be a representation of what Hyun Soo's future looked like if he had no one who believed in him.
And Hyun Soo was a reminder to Ji Tae of what he used to look like in the past, before losing his freedom and himself.

Not only Kim Soo Hyun did a remarkable job on his role, but the whole cast did too - in fact - it's both the actors and production who are the true core of this drama and not only the protagonist alone. Still, we can't deny how powerful Soo Hyun's deep and silent stares in many scenes truly are. Or even turn a blind eye his desperate cries and raw emotions through this journey.

Cha Seung Won delivered a rugged image of a third-rate attorney - Shin Joong Han - with his life upside down, but with a sense of Justice within him to not give up on the most complicated case of his life.

And am sure no one was left indifferent whenever Kim Sung Gyu appeared as Do Ji Tae, with his powerful and yet calm aura. He truly embodied someone who ruled the yard and whose presence alone was somewhat respected. He yearned that given his years. In the end he was the life and soul of that prison, so that final scene with him in his cell, and the last glance Hyun Soo gives as if everything is as it was, although far from the truth given the emptiness that it is felt was symbolic.

Corruption and cases like such can happen when one least expects. There is a thin line to prove someone's innocence. This was focused on that alone and the difficulties on both parties. The accusers and the defendants. The system is despicable, seen with this point of view and with how they handled now only the case but the aftermath alone. Some win, some loose.

The prize in cases like this is not with merits and credits for something they had not part of... -The victory would be more personal, - to those who truly yearned it, who really worked hard for it, those who never gave up despite the ordeals presented, and to the victim who midway resigned with fate, not seeing a shred of hope with the outcomes, - even if it's baffled and not for the world to know, it does not lose it's worth in the end.

Because there will always be more cases out there in need of a helping hand of Justice as this end foretells...

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20 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Abr 27, 2021
12 of 12 episódios vistos
Completados 0
No geral 10
História 10
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 10
Voltar a ver 10
Esta resenha pode conter spoilers

A superb adaption in 12 episodes of valuable lessons…

Navillera is a gem amongst mini dramas.

It reminds us that age is merely a number, and it’s never too late to chase your dreams by learning the value of time and the measure of our lives in order to pursue it.

Mr. Sim wanting to learn ballet at such advanced age is a defiance of all odds and beliefs.
Yet when almost everyone disbelieved of his success, he still wanted to give it a go, so that he could soar at least once in his lifetime.

ChaeRok, is struggling and he doesn’t know why, but he is lonely and hurting inside while stubbornly pushing himself without a care for his self being when it comes to ballet.

When these two opposite individuals are placed together as student and teacher, that’s when the life lessons start for one another, and the development of both characters and everyone around them is simply remarkable to say the very least.

“I don’t remember how I got there. I just heard some music and saw a ballerina before me.
The boy soared, and he reminded me of the ballerina I once saw when I was little.
Ever since that day, the sight on him dancing was burned into my mind.”

The pace of the drama and the changes they did compared to the webtoon are pleasant and actually work well, evenly blended with an amazing OST at the right times.

“I’m not such a weak person. I really love ballet. I want to do it well.”

And the dance scenes are mesmerizing, especially when ChaeRok dances with the first snow fall on the street, or when Mr. Sim does it too to show him how he improved. It’s two emotional scenes that portray their unique friendship and bond that they formed throughout the series.

It shows us that the definition of family is wide and not narrow to only family members.

ChaeRok being welcomed by such warm and caring hearts of the old couple, it’s like he ends up regaining a sense of family and is invited into a sweet home where there are people who care for him. It’s probably one of the many factors that helped to melt his cold and broken heart and of course his demeanor as we can see from the beginning of the story.

He grows so much and shows how kindhearted he can truly be, showing his true strength on his ongoing support for Mr. Sim, even more so when he discovers the secret the old man is trying so hard to keep.

Redemption is something that many characters here learn eventually.

Mainly the eldest son of Mr. Sim and HoBeom, I believe those two have the best change of hearts, when they come to accept their own realities and how different their lives turned out because of certain life choices and ordeals they have faced along the way.

Ballet was something he and most members of the family were up against, almost making them fall apart and yet further into the drama, Ballet is also what brings them all together.

Inspiring, could be the very definition of this drama.

To inspire us to seek further, to overcome our fears of failure and dive ahead and live while we can. Because time stops for no one, and life is an unpredictable variable that we can’t always control but that we can try to follow, to think of ways to improve ourselves or learn how to adapt to our current situations.

To trust in one another and support each other in times of need.

We spend so many times busy and worried about our own lives, that we often forget that as we age so do our parents and loved ones. And as much as we struggle nowadays, so did they in different times and circumstances. That’s one thing we do take for granted, until it’s too late.

“Every single day is precious. Because I don’t have much time left.”
“Even, if you don’t remember me, I’ll remember you.”

Make every moment count, cherish the little moments of happiness.
Support others in their dreams, don’t bring them down.
Lift others so they can soar, and one day so will you.
That’s what the message of this drama is all about.

Life lessons, taught by a 70-year-old man, and a 23-year-old guy that met by chance in a ballet studio. United by their passion for dancing and wanting to soar on stage at least once.

Definitely worth watching, such a heartwarming and emotionally moving drama.

“Did you soar?”

He did.

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A Juventude de Maio
5 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Jun 9, 2021
12 of 12 episódios vistos
Completados 0
No geral 9.0
História 9.0
Acting/Cast 9.5
Musical 8.0
Voltar a ver 7.5
Esta resenha pode conter spoilers

MAY the tissues be ever in your favor...

Korea's May uprising was a violent and conflicted historic time that is hard to tackle down for both it's importance within history, but also for the losses and misfortunes it caused as well.

The fact that here they included a romantic plot right in the middle of such events makes it even more sorrowful and bittersweet. It's not surprising that we were expecting to suffer all through the drama based on such real life events that followed, and specially if they were going to make us feel empathetic towards the characters.

HeeTae was hard not to love from the start, hardworking and pacifist to a certain point but brave and through to his own believes, ready to sacrifice himself for those he loved and cherished. A broken and lost boy who grew up to be a man facing numerous responsibilities and hardships. A college student who dreamed of performing on stage with his mom's guitar, a guy who returned to his hometown to fulfill a promise and that ended up falling in love at first sight in that fatidic month of May.

A month of revolution. A month of misunderstandings, of youth and pain.

How can we not fall in love with his lovable and selfless character? How can we not suffer with him through his personal journey here? His devotion and passion, and his rightful persona was bright like a light in the darkness ahead and a beacon of hope for most there. Without realizing he indeed helped change the lives of many in there, being for the better or the worse.

MyungHee the strong and stubborn young woman that by helping her best friend out, met her soulmate in a small café. The girl who seemed like a pushover but who had big dreams to study abroad when accepted in college with a scholarship. Hardworking and fearless for her convictions, with a strong sense of justice and duty for her work as a nurse. A big sister, a lost daughter, a girl who just wanted to be useful. Devoted to those whom she carried in her heart. It was almost poetic the way she led her path to the unfortunate circumstances it took in the end, tainted in crimson and white. Nevertheless, she made her choice of what she already feared it would happen. That fear that reigned through those uncertain days in the month of May.

Their choices led to their fate.

Albeit not the one many would like to see, it was predictable in a way.
This story wouldn't have the typical happy ending most always yearn for.
Despite the sadness, it's realistic. Given what happened back then, this worked.

Because they represent the departed and those left behind.
The losses people suffered, and the sorrow they carry in their hearts.
It's symbolic too in that sense, mainly the final speech at the end.
Those left behind and brokenhearted, were left living a half life.
Empty shells mourning for the souls of their loved ones who died in May.

I also really liked the character of SooChan, he was a kindhearted man who loved MyungHee earnestly and although not reciprocated, he never forced his love. Rather he cared for her and his own sister, he was a family oriented man, but also a kind soul who wasn't afraid to jump to the frontline to stop injustices. Although he considered himself to be a coward, at some point given his status and affiliations that helped him out when his world crashed down in those bloody days. He showed his willpower, and strength by giving and helping the survivors alongside his sister and with the help of their father. Although a struggling family in the story because of the predicaments that tangled them with HeeTae's family, the 3 of them united at the end only proved how the rich can in fact give back to the poor in times of need. It could almost be seen as a criticism nowadays.

Because one single act of kindness, creates an endless ripple.

SooRyeon often infuriated me and other times annoyed me, but over all there was a character development in her. A newfound strength that she only gained by learning from her own mistakes, and to what they caused to all of those around her. She was passionate for justice and the rights of the people, and she fought for her own beliefs. Even thought coming from a wealthy family, she joined the crowd to rise the voice of people to be heard. Her carelessness created havoc among the plot and a handful of characters that were affected by her impulsive decisions. However, she had a fire in her that wouldn't be put down.

HeeTae's father was the face of the many monsters in there, although not the one entirely behind all of those operations. We can say he represents blind evil, greed and hypocrisy well enough. Controlling his older son like a puppet, or having him on a short leash like a dog while ignoring the younger was the view of a cold parent working for a side he considered to be right. Evoking rights, even if it meant using torture and killing people. Quite hypocrite of him to be aiding to the killing spree of countless people, ordering executions in a light way as if it were nothing but pawns in his chess game, but when it came to see one of his sons hurt by one of his reckless decisions suddenly it mattered. The only flaw here is that his ending isn't satisfying enough. More than being abandoned by his "family", he deserved to know the lenght of suffering he caused to many people.

It's a ride filled with angst, but also an awakening of what happened back then.
Every country has it's own history of revolutions here and there, some even more violent, it's always different.
And yet the feelings are the same. In the end, when there's conflicts, there is losses. There is blood. There is pain.
This was no different, it only had a few moments of romance so we could root for their happy ending or fleeting moments.

The acting was on point. DoHyun always amazes me with his grace when it comes to express emotions in his roles.
I enjoyed seeing everyone in their roles, and I am happy to see SangYi for the first time on a main role, Hope to see more of him.
The OST is sad and warm. Ideal to listen with a cup of tea, on those lonely days.
My favorite song is definitely Starry Night by RyeoWook. His soothing voice appeases whoever listens.

Do not expect a light romance history within these 12 episodes. It's love in the middle of an uprising.
Also it has personal conflicts in between and a couple of misunderstandings, and it's all in the month of May.
It's an ephemeral love story between two young souls who tried their best to make it work despite the course of events.

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