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  • País: South Korea
  • Tipo: Drama
  • Episódios: 16
  • Exibido: Set 4, 2021 - Out 24, 2021
  • Exibido em: Sábado, Domingo
  • Original Network: iQiyi jTBC
  • Duração: 1 hr. 10 min.
  • Pontuação: 8.4 (scored by 3,436 usuários)
  • Classificado: #743
  • Popularidade: #1141
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 15+ - Teens 15 or older

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Out 24, 2021
16 of 16 episódios vistos
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And every single breath we drew was Hallelujah

You know what's the most difficult thing to deal with in the world? It's your soul. Yes, the struggle with your ownself is the most arduous task one must go through at least once in their lifetime. LOST, the Kdrama is the portrayal of the very same aspect that uses immense storytelling method to narrate stories of lost lives, striving to find themselves and see themselves becoming something in some way.

Note: I am sure this drama just like it's title, LOST, has made the audience lost for words to describe or write about properly. Even after I'm done writing, I will look forward to reviews which will have more and better described perspective than me. I love analytical readings after all, haha.

Trust me, the drama is not what it's synopsis says. You might assume that it's a love story between 2 lost beings but more than its simply written plot, it's all about the viewers' mood and frame of mind. What "Lost" demands from its audience are patience and an open mind to embrace anything that is thrown at them. The amount of angst it contains, is good enough for to take a toll on your mind too, so be careful. The drama might look slow but that's the method of storytelling throughout, so if you don't like it, may be it's not your cup of tea. The unique element of this is the immense use of inner monologue narration of the 2 main characters, in the form of writing notes to their respective fathers.

LOST is the story of ordinary individuals who have dreamt to achieve extraordinary things in life and done their very best. But, at the crucial points of their lives, they find themselves lost in an unfamiliar direction and their longing hopes are nowhere to be seen. They're not sure what's happening with them, nor do they have any plans ahead; they're simply breathing their lives until death embraces them. So the basic plot is about a man & a woman seeking immediate meaning to their individual lives while they encounter each other often due to situations and become friends. They help each other comfort and grow as persons and in their subconscious they end up falling for each other at the end which somehow makes everything complicated.

Lee Bu Jung (Jeon Do Yeon) is an ex-team leader at a publishing forum as well as a ghost writer who had once dreamt of publishing a book with her own name on it, as the author. At the age of 40, she, an unemployed is simply making money even when her mental health is completely ruined because of her personal and professional lives. Lee Gang Jae (Ryu Jun Yul), is a prominent & famous face in the line of stand-in service world with his own individual business. At the age of 27 and a almost withering youth, he often finds himself living in a fake world full of fantasy where he's left behind when his clients go back to reality once the task is over.

The story also invoves people around both of these lead characters,their relationship issues, carrer problems and individual struggle to sustain in this harsh and cruel society. I would refeain from describing them to avoid mentioning any spoiler because there's no solid plot as mentioned earlier; It's greatly a slice of life story and everything that happens with the characters, count as minor or major details of the script that should be rather witnessed than simply read, in order to understand.

LOST is truly a depiction of mystery of life and it's operation. The world has undergone a devastating change over years and with our changing lives, we all have become lone men army, lost in our perceptions of life and continuously constructing barriers to assure self sustainability. On our journey to achieve big, we somehow lose the meaning of our existence and end up questioning the worth of living. This leads to the deterioration of our mental health subsequently resulting in depression, loneliness, anxiety as well as panic attacks and sometimes to jealousy, insecurities, possessiveness and ultimately to something as toxic as sadism. LOST is about all these elements of life that either make us miserable or help us learn and grow. LOST is about losing everything you own just to find it little by little, each day. Don't you think that this, in some way, is a pleasurable experience? But I wish the drama were that simple TT.

"아버지, 나는 아무것도 되지 않았습니다." Trans: "Dad, I didn't become anything." is the utmost distress signal or a cry for help by Bu Jung to his 70yo father who is at declining health and the onset of expiration. The feeling of emptiness has taken a toll on her, even when she's surrounded with people, making her a sadist woman who seeks joy when her enemy trembles with insecurities. She has become suicidal because of the unwavering life motos and lack of motives, however, she doesn't have the courage to end everything either. She just wants to run away from everything, knowing that her life has turned into nothingness after the severe downfall she had to go through a year ago.

"사랑하는 아버지, 내 삶의 본질을 잃어버린 것 같합니다" Trans: "Dear loving father, I think I have lost the essence of my life" is the grievance of Gang Jae to his late father whom he lost to a long-term illness when he was in highschool. He could never find any profession suitable for him nor had he any passion he loved, and to earn living he relied on being a companion to others and quickly rose up to be a familiar face in the Stand-in service business. Even with few close people around him, he always felt he's living in a world of illusions where he is left behind alone as soon as his assigned task is over.

One might think the drama is about the romantic development between the ML & FL leading to a relationship but there's strictly the least amount of romance portrayed in the drama. It's neither a chemistry development or a bond strengthening, rather the buildup of peaceful and comforting "soulmate" who help you heal your deepest wounds and nurtures you into a better being. Most part of the story progresses a lot on individual level of the leads showing their lives separately. On that note, the development between them is also a depiction of mutual liking of people stuck in complicated situations, which makes it difficult for their unison. Even for Jung soo and Gyeong Eun's development, it felt so pure. Even though the situation involving 4 of them got complicated by it, they were held back because they felt so disconnected and lost. So how could it not be moving when they were finally able to connect both physically and emotionally with someone? One thing that was common between them was both had that one person, they considered their confidante; for Bu Jung it was his old father and for Gang Jae it was Sun Joo (Just/Taegi).

However, when both of them come into a single frame, the wind changes into something else; something that could be felt well but very intricate to describe with words; something so pure that it can't be named as a particular relationship; that's how I felt all along the drama. On that note, the vibe of the drama is very heavy though heartfelt shades & emotions it depicts are all greatly realistic and awfully relatable, more or less for every single one of us. Bu Jung's relationship with her father was the most beautiful one after the lead's storyline.

The drama showcases various psychological (not psychiatric) mental health issues which are very common among human beings, making it even more congeneric, so it strikes deeper than anything else; make sure you watch it with a major TW and take it easy & slow, in case you're sensitive.

The story is filled with ironies. It is hugely character-driven having characters with flaws, their method of interplay, their real arcs as individuals and how they perceive each other. The writer has very beautifully drawn every character of her story, and those characters have served their roles unerringly, making them lively & relatable. The flaws of the characters are what make them real in any story and this drama implies that no one is good or evil, or even entirely innocent, and no deed is moral & immoral; as long as it's dependent on perceptions, it varies to a great extent. The dialogues are so well written here, both for conversations and for the monologue notes, one might get lost in emotions and tremble with melancholy. They are very thought-provoking, sometimes inspirational & uplifting and some other times emotionally challenging for your mind. Simply, the emotionally moving and very human experiences that the drama visualizes will make you witness, understand and empathize/sympathize the hidden shades of human life and make it easier for you to embrace every forthcoming possibility. What I also loved is the way of reminiscing own's past and relating it with your present; no matter that brings you joy or sadness. The story is accompanied with light comedy here and there in a scattered manner, nevertheless, it's mostly a heavy setup.

I am not a believer, a hardcore atheist but from the pov of quality music, I have known and loved the song "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley (originally by Leonard Choen) but the drama using the old track as a prop to narrate the story, has again changed my perspective of the song as well as life. It's been used a multiple times in the drama which suitably blended into the scenarios portraying different emotions like sorrow, grievance, downfall, isolation, etc.

I wonder the reason the writer Kim Ji Hye was in hiatus for 7 years. Is it because she was busy creating this piece of gem that will stand out for it's way of unique storytelling techniques and awe the world with very-human approaches it has made in order to portray the essence of life? Haha, I'm certain that's not the case but the drama is on some other dimensional level to make you assume so. She herself told it's an ordinary tale, which in actual is true, but what makes it extraordinary is the seemingly ordinary characters on their journey to achieve the longing significance, that they have been seeking for time immemorial. This ain't a predictable trope, rather every single thing that happens, welcomes every possible result which is difficult to guess or make certain of, truly.

The directors have done a job as good as the scriptwriting, I must say. The screenplay techniques used to connect the characters & their stories are very intriguing. The frames jumping from one character to the other at the time of inner monologue narrations of the 2 leads, shows how common the story we have, are yet how different it is for each of us. The way they have tried interpreting simple dialogues with the use of aesthetically pleasing cinematography work and by the use of dark and shady colour palettes, deserves applauses.

In regards of OST too, the composer has been able to do a fabulous job. I mean for a drama with such unique emotions and moods, it'd have been a difficult task to create and produce suitable tracks to fit into the scenarios but how beautiful the songs are! In fact the background tracks and their appropriate editing with subtle classic instrumental gives off the shady vibes and might make it seem slow but trust me, it enhances the quality of storytelling in a different perspective. The loan English song "Hallelujah" is the base of the drama. Other than that, the song that tells the essence of one's tale is "My Story sung by Ha Dong Qn which has the touch of melancholic beauty. "From Me" is the track meant for uplifting the fallen spirits decorated by the beautiful vocal of Sonidia. The high notes of Kim Yuna in "Under the blossom shadow" are highly pleasing and touching. "My Home" by Hajin is a very comforting track.

The other important aspects of life involving both the leads and other supporting characters, portrayed in the drama are: Worrying parents, understanding child, parent-children bonding, fighting long term illness, taking care of bedridden patients, dicorce & separation, untimely demise of life-partner, widowhood, dating relationships, breakups, late age single life, one sided liking, deep friendships, workplace problems, career failure, celebrity life, rich family issues, dirty secrets of entertainment industry, domestic abuse, extra-marital affairs, married life hardships, consequences of ill relationships, miscarriage, stress disorders, loyalty, admiration, respect, caring for family, live-in relationships, second marriages, dreams & hopes, indecisiveness, confusion, swaying of heart, change in feelings, exhaustion from relationships, etc.

I would like to write a little about 2 things that I particularly want to bring to the notice of readers who might not have thought much about:

a) The way the writer has painted the arcs of Gang Jae in regards of his stand-in service profession, is very real. It's just matter of choice and open-mind nature, to realize that this exists in real. In a world where we choose to rely on strangers during odds rather than our close ones, stand-in substitute is in fact what people with money go for in case they're deprived of love & affection, or simply are lonely. Only a few percent of them require the service in events or parties to fill the venue in and show-off. Some others also use substitutes in dates too. Despite the fact that all these are fake, we can't deny it's become a trend in the changing world as more and more of us are growing fond of solitude and lonely lives.

b) Just like the mother-in-laws for most of the shows, Bu-jung's MIL was surely insecure of her daughter-in-law and complaints a lot but the portrayal of her as a person is what intrigued me. She could be nagging and screaming and telling on her a lot but at the end of all, she understands everything. She secretly cherishes her DIL and worries about her at times as well as his son's married life. She's very caring and even concerns about Bu-jung's old father and his health. The sides of a MIL shown in here is truly that ecstatic which are a rare example in the real life.

Not sure how should express my feelings about the ending. Some might think it's absurd and some might be mad because how it ended but trust me you wouldn't see a more realistic approach than this. I mean things ended just as we wanted it to but the time provided to it is very short, which again is very justified if we consider the pace events of the drama. Some things were sorted, some were not, however that's how real it felt, because a story might end, but life continues. I am just lost for words to tell anything or may be I am not knowledgeable enough to state anything about it, pardon.

Some side storylines, the supporting characters and their lives were not clarified well, in fact the 2 lead characters had the same case, which can be interpreted as an open ending, leading to possibilities, but isn't that how slice of life dramas are supposed to be? I think it's safe to assume and imagine here rather expecting for another season, so that it doesn't hurt us later, haha.

To sum up everything, LOST is the story of lost lives, seeking help and prosperity and the ride is surely full of unbearable angst. The relationship between Bu Jung and Gang Jae are beyond the definitions of chemistry or bonding, more of long-lost mates striving to find each other. It's a super slow-burn development yet immensely intense and the seemingly slow paced story that actually is an appropriate one, given the utilized storytelling method. The unspoken intimacy that elicit emotions are truly ecstatic. Also, such seasoned & familiar actors that made the characters justified, I wanna praise all of them. The subtle development of bonding that accumulates a lot and bursts oepn into blooming love at the end is indeed a journey of warmth and pleasure. This is a drama that said a lot without exactly saying anything. The best reason to watch this should be the immense opportunity of character study so grab it as soon as you can.

I'm someone who is over-sensitive and becomes overwhelmed over every little thing, but this drama is actually that intense that my heart felt heavy till the end and I couldn't really bring myself to cry till the ending episodes, when tbe basic plot finally attaining it's peak. I was just watching along with the flow and my heart was trying hard to understand and feel whatever was happening. I cried very lil in the last 2 episodes over naturally moving scenes but after finishing, it suddenly hit me hard that ahh it's over. I immediately strated crying out of despair which went on for a while, in fact I completed writing this thing as my eyes were still teary. (Adding these 2 lines now only)

This drama, again, is not for everyone to watch, and the writer has intentionally tried to test the viewer's patience here; but for someone who is open to trying out everything and watching stuffs with suitable perspective, this drama is a must watch. The genre is a common but for me, the method of storytelling is very very new, certainly a first, and I entirely felt in love with it, I should admit. My sole interest for starting this drama was Ryu Jun Yeol choosing this, and ofc, I have loved Jeon Do Yun and Park Byung Eun, but now that I've finished it, I have no words to describe how it has gone way beyond all my feelings, leaving me with no satisfying word to praise it. LOST is indeed one of a kind unique drama which must get it's worth-deserving attention and recognition, please because it's very underrated. I'm definitely coming back to this again.

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Out 24, 2021
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Only in Loss do We Appreciate the Comforts of Life

From the moment I read the announcement that the ageless Jeon Do Yeon and eclectic Ryu Joon Yeol's comeback to the small screen, I’ve had it in my sights. The many teasers I'd watched since in anticipation gave me My Mister vibes, one of the best dramas ever made. The premise of Lost resonated with me in how relatable the story was of ordinary people who, despite trying their best, reach a point in life when they realize their hard work didn't amount to much.

I remember thinking as melancholy and dark as things seemed at Lost's opener that it would do for me what My Mister did --shatter me to pieces before methodically putting me together again through the emotional bond that develops between two of the most unlikely people. And Lost does that and more. It took me through the journey of pain not just of our leads but all parties involved, from their vacantness to their gradual wholesomeness as they come to realize what life is to each of them. Lost is penetrating and poignant from its opening, especially in how Ryu and Jeon D Yeon and those around them deliver their roles. From the anxiety to the emptiness and loneliness, it all cuts through the interlocking issues of human nature, social relationships, disconnection from those relations, and the state of existing but not living -- drifting aimlessly through life.

Lost evoked in me some serious emotions and questions. It made me ask myself if I died tomorrow, would I be pleased with the life I've lived; would I be satisfied with the mark I left on the world, or would I even leave a mark and if I would be pleased with the relationships I've had; it gave me a lot of food for thought moments that I appreciated. What I liked most about Lost, other than the way the story was told, was that it brought one of the most prominent issues that afflict everyone the same regardless of status, class, age, gender, religion, ethnicity, or race to the forefront, the feeling of inadequacy. Being ignored, as they say, the worst feeling in the world isn't being lonely; it's being forgotten. Everyone has a secret sorrow, which the world knows nothing about. And often times, the world calls them cold when all they are is sad.

I think I can write a novel about this drama, there is so much to say but I will keep it simple. Lost will probably be one of the few dramas that will stay with me for a long time. Nothing about it was superficial, it was as real as real can be. Nothing was rushed, not the conversations or the tone, nuanced and whole. The journey, the simple messages along the way that relay the facts of life -- that the tests of life are not to break us, but to make us, and that most times, it isn't about the journey or the destination, but the people we meet along the way that can change us in ways we never imagined. It drives the message that all of us as humans have scars, fears, and pains, some of us bear them better than others. Sometimes, that pain blinds us to the pain of others, but sometimes it helps bring everything into focus. That is what Lost has done for me.

What's even more special about Lost is that by the end of it the viewer gains appreciation for all the characters even the not so likable ones. And as bittersweet as the ending of the drama is, it made sense because only in loss, do we appreciate the comforts of life. A thousand and one kudos to the writer, the director, all the actors, they each did a great job getting me as the viewer to relate to them even as I hated some of them. But the standing ovation goes to Jeon Do Yeon and the ever special Ryu Joon Yeol for the wonderful and eye opening journey -- for showing me (us) that inner peace comes when you trade expectation for acceptance. I hope Boo Jung and Kang Jae find their happiness in each other and hopefully so do Jung Soo and Kyung Eun because they too deserve their happiness . As they say, sometimes bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best thing that will happen to us. This is one drama everyone would benefit from watching. I know I did.

To read more about my thoughts on Lost check out episodic reviews here

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  • Drama: Desqualificação Humana
  • País: Coreia do Sul
  • Episódios: 16
  • Exibido: Set 4, 2021 - Out 24, 2021
  • Exibido On: Sábado, Domingo
  • Original Network: iQiyi, jTBC
  • Duração: 1 hr. 10 min.
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 15+ - 15 anos ou mais


  • Pontuação: 8.4 (avaliado por 3,436 usuários)
  • Classificado: #743
  • Popularidade: #1141
  • Fãs: 14,553

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