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  • Exibido: Mai 27, 2021 - Jun 24, 2021
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A promise in front of the moon yet beyond the light.

Are you confused because of my title? Let's examine and resonate what, how, why, when, where and find the answers.

Note: It's a obvious that ITSAY is way better than IPYTM but will you actually discredit the work? NO, Never do that. Let's talk. If you haven't watched you can skip the 2nd part for now.

ITSAY (s1) is indeed a game-changer in the world of Thai BL, being the best ever Thai BL ever produced; it is inclined more towards the LGBT pov of a BL, yeah! But If we are gonna compare it with IPYTM (s2), it's better to realize that we are on the wrong boat. The type of storytelling, as everyone can feel and see, has obviously changed from "an artistic narration of love that complements a soul" to "simple narration of love that doesn't want to be bound within limits" kind of story.

So when the title of the 2nd season along with the first poster was released, everyone was so happy but at the same time difference in interpreting the title was seen. Many people perceived it as 'one pledging their lover to do anything for them at any given cost' and others explained it as 'promising something that's difficult to keep or even impossible to achieve'. Despite of all the speculations, each of us wished for a happy ending even though we were in doubts. But as the series is over what we can conclude is, Moon that's full of spots as imperfection, is also a sign of love and perfection; because even the most perfect relationship has some flaws. Notably, the 1st episode started on a full moon and the 5th episode or finale ended on a full moon depicting how our lives are drawn in full circles, making us come back to the same different spot; but it's upon us to find our way out of it to achieve what we wish for. I am amazed the way the writers put symbolic meanings to it along with the use of various props with deep meanings.

PRODUCTION: There are bigger production companies in Thailand but when it comes to quality, Nadao Bangkok is the BEST among all. I have trusted in Nadao and the team it formed since ITSAY and this time even though Nadao changed the team, my trust still remained the same. I am sure they never compromise when it comes to producing. The quality of their work can never ever be discredited. P'Boss who was the director of ITSAY remained in IPYTM as a producer to supervise everything. I was a little disappointed when Goy was removed from the screenwriters' team but she was casted in the show as a character and I believe there was a reason behind it. After everything, I really wanna commend the entire team who has always believed in the immense study on life, critical analysis and putting best of their efforts in writing, managing and directing the series. People who are fool to misinterprete and jumped into conclusion thrashing and bashing you all for the story don't deseve such a precious series at all. Do not listen to them as I trust you guys must have reasons behind all these when you clearly knew that you'll have to face backlash once it goes on air. Thank you for the courage. Also, Bravo, Nadao! As someone who has always complained about the lil production value of Thai BL industry, ITSAY and IPYTM came as a revolution in the Thai BL history writing a chapter that no other can ever claim.

STORY: I am really not sure how to explain but let me tell you, you will never see such realistic approach in any other BL series as they've shown us in both ITSAY and IPYTM. I feel the entire crew that includes the directors, producers and the screenwriters are masters of storytelling on individual level and their combined efforts has been successfully paid through the series. Both ITSAY and IPYTM are more like "feeling-based romance" stories with very heavy plots and despite the obvious changes from one season to another, IPYTM still kept us going for the quality work put by the production and the cast. ITSAY was an awakening and realization of blooming youth whereas IPYTM is a reflection of struggles of adulthood or precisely the process of adulting as an individual and evolving in a relationship. Given both the seasons have 5 episodes each, there was no way to be bored or feel like it's going slow because every episode is filled with a lot of solid contents. I really don't know how to express my feelings for the fact that IPYTM is so very realistic and relatable that threatened the inner-self of lots of people. May be that's the reason a large no of audience are disappointed for they were shown their own reflection through the story, hence making them dislike it. Not just the main leads, rather each and every character we encounter in this series more or less represent us and our life who either run away from reality or chase after it. Both the seasons are coming of age stories set in different premises and involves different stages of life. They in fact have proved that how one's persona can define the other at points where two persons are in a relationship and what are the ways to come out of it. Just like ITSAY, IPTYM has been successful in showing the artistic pov of how the turmoil of conflicted emotions can shake lives which is both tragic and eye-pleasing at the same time and hence making the audience hooked up the complexity of the feelings that the character had to go through. Also, it's not an one year or few months story, rather a relationship of years so they had to go through all these anyways. Us being upset is totally unreasonable because people gotta get out of happy-go-lucly fairytale stories. PLEASE.

OOF! How many times I gotta repeat it? P'Meen and P'Boss are brilliant directors and stupendous creators of art and probably the best directors Thailand has ever produced. Given their age and experience, they can turn soil into gold which is reflected through this series, ain't it? If you're set to discredit them, please stop wherever you're because you're absolutely moving towards a wrong direction. The way they've set the entire thing and the kind of screenplay by drawing parallels and portraying contradictions between ITSAY and IPYTM is so very fabulous and worth the appreciation.

UNIQUENESS: One of the many peculiar things about both the seasons is that, the series is different from other BL series in which too many illogical plots are drawn. Plus unlike others, in ITSAY and IPYTM the supporting characters have not been portrayed as the sidekicks of the leads who always tag along with the main characters and keep teasing them. Also, the usual BL-fetish fujoshi/fudnashi stuffs have also been prevented from the series where others keep pestering the lead couple (I am in no way demeaning the BL culture since I too am a part of it, rather saying how it's not necessary to put the same thing in every other series). Even a girl like Khim's character was so mature and enough to move our hearts. Another thing is that unlike ITSAY, IPYTM is a time jump story. In five episodes we saw (i forgot) at least 3 or 4 leaps (?) and that included their entire university time plus the last episode was after the graduation and their professional lives.

ACTING: Do I really need to explain a lot about this? I mean give a huge award to the casting director. Nadao could be a small company with few artists but all of them are skilled and quality actors. BK and PP were so into their characters as Teh nd Oh-aew that it felt very real, it's like they've absorbed the entire persona of someone else and turned into real beings and not just mere characters of a series. There are scenes which could seem usual to you but the way they performed is just way beyond the cringeworthy acting of other actors. I mean the way they felt natural is wow and also their accurate facial expressions for every other emotions; in fact what makes ITSAY and IPYTM standout on the top of the pyramid is the performance. Apart from BKPP the supporting characters are also good as actors. Especially Khim (Goy) and Jai (Oab) are fantastic performers who were able to make a strong impressions upon us and I believe the Nadao directors have a part to play in how they've taught the actors in the workshops.

DIALOGUE WRITING: Well, as I have already told, the writers a set of brilliant storytellers and the part of dialogue writing has been so beautifully done that it compensates for even the tragic moments. Some were so simple yet so deep and meaningful, I must say they must have pull the heartstrings of millions. Teh who has been a emotional fool all along this season had not much to say but look at the lines of Oh-aew, Jai and Khim. I felt triggered at points and those things hit just right at my heart.

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Ummmmm, master quality skills of cinematography. I heard even the camera person were changed in this season but I still loved because as I have already told, we are not in the same boat as ITSAY this time. The camera angles were so very apt, particularly during the stage performances and the rehearsals that Jai conducted. The aesthetic views during their first meet on the foot bridge, the aquarium, the temple scene, in Oh-aew's condo scene; everything was done very beautifully and left me speechless. The colour coordination work has been amazingly done by the screenplay editors too and it's sometimes that had ITSAY vibes too. So a plus point for the quality editing too.

OSTs: This is something which many are complaining about but why do we need to do everything as we did in ITSAY? Season 1was definitely made to feel us overwhelming and content hence the old-style deep and pleasing lyricism was introduced. But in season 2, as I have already said that the kind of storytelling has changed, they changed the OSTs to simple and relatable lyricism that somehow felt deep and touched hearts too. I am so in love with the OSTs. One thing to note that, in ITSAY BK has more original tracks than PP and PP was made to cover one, whereas in IPYTM PP has more original tracks plus one cover from BK. Only common thing is in both the seasons, BK and PP has a very beautiful duet. Also, like ITSAY, IPYTM too left us awe with the sound effects that even made the subtle scenes beautiful; no unnecessary editing and no use of OSTs multiple times just for promotion sake.

ENDING: Not gonna spoil but if you're wary about it, please don't be because it's worth it. The series that has left us awestrucken all along during the entire thing deserved this ending. All that matters is the growth, development and the evolution in individual level as well as in a relationship that's been immensely picturized in this. Happy or sad ending, what actually matters is the journey that we have been put through. Believe me, we all are blessed to have ITSAY+IPYTM and we should definitely be thankful for it.

Let me tell you that if you're actually moved by the script, as in cried with Oh-awe, crused your heart out for Teh and hated Jai to your core, congratulations because that's what the team wanted. They've succeeded in their job when you are left with demeaning thoughts towards the entire thing. As already mentioned, ITSAY and IPYTM are nothing but revolutionary examples in the Thai BL industry that deserves much mote attention, recognition and attention. This too deserves a 9.5 if not 10/10.

In my 7 years of watching Kdramas and BLs this is the first time I paid to watch something with the anticipation to have all kinda nostalgia and art like ITSAY. Although it didn't have the same thing as the prequel rather I was hit really hard with reality, it is worth the money I have spent and worth best of the best appreciations.


(SKIP FROM HERE UNTIL YOU WATCH. If you want to read my analysis, you can come back after finishing)

Let's analyse!
Cheating is when you do things deliberately, with your full consciousness, without caring about your conscience. So from this, whatever Teh did, can't be considered entirely as cheating, because if being swayed from/getting confused about your feelings is considered as cheating, then more than half of the relationships of the world will fall apart right away as you read my review. Let's understand Teh's situation.

1) Firstly, in the Ep2 he saw his most dear person, Oh-aew growing away from him. It's not like Oh-aew's love for him was becoming lesser but just like many people Teh, who always finds deeper meaning to whatever happens with/around him, felt like with Oh-aew changing his major things between them might change too. He was insecure and afraid to lose Oh-aew whom he loves so much. But he was wrong when he mocked Oh during the dinner with his seniors, because it's okay if you're flustered but he should have taken his time to understand Oh-aew's situation for changing himself.

2) Secondly, after Goy and Top passed out of the Acting School, Teh was left with Jai Only. Because of the club, he never made friends from his dept nor did he hung out with anyone except these 3 people. Morever Jai was someone who was like-minded with Teh. Their field of study, their interest, their choice of career and their way of seeking meaning in lil stuffs; everything matched as if they were meant to be. We as human beings usually tend to get attracted towards someone with similar interest and thought process, isn't it? Many of us end up falling for someone with whom we spend almost all the time of our day, it's psychology. So Teh falling for Jai isn't something very big of a matter though he should has have control on himself as he's already in a relationship with someone else. He should have hold himself back even if he was intimidated by Jai's behaviour. Jai somehow was kind of a jerk even though Teh is to be blamed more for whatever happened.

3) Thirdly, the kissing scene. Yeah, Teh was at fault too but whatever happened was just a spark of the moment. Basically it was a rehearsal plus the scene's purpose was to depict intimacy. So while practising Teh, who was already swayed, ended up doing a mistake without consciousness and he was clearly out of his mind. He definitely did wrong but that can't be counted as cheating, again because that was so sudden during the rehersal and Jai had a part to play in the matter. Oh-aew as expected had to be upset and flustered seeing this and I totally cried all night, not because Teh kissed a 3rd person, rather Oh witnessing it was so tragic. I felt so poor for him.

4) Fourthly, the 4th episode that was an absolute tragedy. Teh who was caught off guard even though he did wrong over intimidation, he should have come to sense when confronted by Oh-aew. He should have understood that being seen kissing with another person by your boyfriend is not a small matter. He should have tried even harder to resist his emotions but that emotional fool! Everything went okay till the final play and was going smooth during the after party but that fool had to go out after Jai and confront him about whatever happened between them even when Oh-aew was present there, why!? He was given a very fair chance by Oh who himself was hurt to the core but Teh just couldn't draw a line and realize that everything should have a certain limit and committed a grave mistake. But still, would you call that cheating? NO! It still isn't because it's not like he did it deliberately behind Oh-aew's back. Oh himself was there and whatever Teh did was without his consciousness and everyone could clearly see that he was totally intimidated. So even if he had acquired some feelings for Jai, it can't be interpreted as cheating.

5) Teh never stopped loving Oh, even when he was swayed by Jai. He obviously was afraid of the fading relationship but he tried well to understand the situation and cope with it plus to make things better in their relationship. He was a fool to be intimidated but at the same time he never wanted to let go of Oh-aew.

6) Ep1 to Ep4 are the story's side from Oh-aew's pov whereas Ep5 and particularly Teh's thesis play which lasted for a short while is from his pov. Please try to understand that too.

On my last note, I wanna remind y'all about the conversation that Oh-aew had with his school friend,Boss. If you were carefully listening them and tried to understand what exactly it meant, then I am sure all my analysis and explanation wouldn't be necessary to prove anything. Also, Teh and Oh-aew's last conversation on the beach made sense to a great deal, if you didn't understand it, I am sorry you didn't deserve it. Life, love and relationships are always unpredictable. So accept it as it comes to you and embrace all the hurdles with grace, and of course, together.

Finally I just want to say that, when it comes to love stories, we only have very few options or let's say 2 options: "moving on" and "reunion". What matters is how that's represented and whether it's reasonable or not. I am truly happy that Nadao didn't let us down. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.

I really hope my analysis, examination and interpretation would help you in better understanding the things and what the directors plus the entire team have tried to convey. If you still don't agree, I welcome any argument in the comment section. Thank you for bearing with this long review, I wish it helps.

Lastly, I TOLD SUNSET ABOUT YOU and I PROMISED YOU THE MOON will forever be in my heart as THE BEST THAI BL SERIES EVER PRODUCED. I am so happy, so content and so grateful I can't even express them through words. Can't really bring myself to say goodbye to TEH and OH-AEW as well the entire thing of 2 years but I will remember everything till the moment I die, I PROMISE.

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"Love when you are ready and not when you are lonely"

What can I say? NADAO really isn't playing when it comes to the production of this series. Ever since the first season to this one, I actually believe they have improved and given us this delightful first episode, filled with many captures and panoramic views of the city, and also of course the always so aesthetically pleasing scenes with our main leads, Teh and Oh-aew.

The shots where they enter and the whole dynamic with the colors Blue and Red (just like in the first season), will be very significative along the series and probably has a plethora of symbolic meanings associated to them.

What I do love about this story is how realistic and relatable it truly feels. Teh and Oh-aew really do represent all of us in terms of chasing our goals and dreams, while questioning our own sexuality and passions, to graduating high school and applying to college that not always is close to home, having old and new friendships, and many more... all in all, the ordeals of a lifetime.

Am sensing that a lot will happen this time around too...

The first season was more like an awakening. Like a realization of a blooming of youth.
Meanwhile in this, it will depict the changes that come with college life and access to adulthood.

BK once again awe us with his skills in conquering both of our hearts with the way he takes the character of Teh, the always avid dreamer and aspiring actor and then we have PP being his adorable self, taking us in an emotional ride by how well he shows Oh-aew struggles through the screen. The way they can draw emotions in their roles is truly amazing. PP with just his expressions alone can really makes us see the pain and suffering that his character is going through, that talent hasn't changed from the first season to this one, on the contrary their acting has only gotten better. Am looking forward to see more of it.

Teh is a constant, while Oh-aew is a variable.

That is only reinforced through the outcome of their own life changes and decisions within their personal journey here. Hard not to feel empathetic towards the characters when they give us an insight that we can without a doubt relate. Not everyone is set on their dream so passionately as Teh is, some of us are lost like Oh-aew until we do find our own dream. Changes are always the hardest to accept, mainly when the fears speak louder than reason. However some are inevitable.

What I do love about the episodes of this second season is the fact that we are able to witness their coming of age, along with how their personal choices affect others and their own perceptions of what is right or wrong, bad or good, and the maturity they need to overcome the obstacles that might settle in their own way.

And somehow, I like those odds.

"Love when you are ready and not when you are lonely"

It's a phrase that can easily apply here and also when it comes to temptation. Still, it's quite enthralling the way they film the turmoil of conflicted emotions within the scenes between Teh and Oh-aew. Every single scene is made with the sole purpose of pleasing the artistic eye, therefore to engage the viewers with the complexity of feelings their characters are feeling, all through their intimate and personal journey and paths.

If we go beyond and past all prejudice here, we might see the levels of maturity this season and characters deal with when it comes to the ordeals of life and relationships, be it love, betrayal and even friendship and family. It teaches us valuable lessons if we are able to see between the lines, if we manage to decipher the symbolic value of each and every scene.

People keep on commenting and comparing about ITSAY and IPYTM, from my point of view they are both masterpieces in their own unique way. Both series are different but with the same characters, they are shown to take a step towards adulthood while making mistakes and losing the moon while counting the stars, but it's also shown how to overcome obstacles, how to change paths and chase new dreams, how to deal with breakups and failure, the bittersweet feeling of loneliness and the good friendships we make in life we do carry in our hearts. To not give up on ourselves and on others, and most importantly to learn our own worth and to love ourselves first before opening our hearts to love once again.

It's a trial and error this thing called LIFE.

We're never too sure of whatever our decisions be won't uphold consequences of appreciation or regret.
Sometimes we have to swing it, be bold, learn how to overcome our mistakes. Be mature enough to admit them or to forgive them. Not everything can be forgiven, that's certain, when it comes to relationships communication is one of the most important things to have, without it there's no foundation to begin with.

Teh and Oh-aew have shown that they have come a long way. And it's okay.

Coming to the start point is not always a step back. The beach in Phuket is always their start point.
It's the place where they matured from boys to men. Where they shed uncertain and sorrowful tears, and where they discovered themselves and their over growing feelings towards one another, their sexual awakening was written in those grains of sand and witnessed by the crashing waves, and their very first time was shared and covered by the blanket of the twilight sea as the beaming moon testified up in the night sky above them.

It was their safe place, where they started it all and I found it was the perfect place for them to end their final scene.

They did it, they fulfilled a full cycle ever since ITSAY all the way until here and now in IPYTM. And I am one to admit I would love to have a third installment but at the same time am pleased with how this one ended as a whole in all the symbolism.

Both of them were able to show that it's okay to have new interests, new paths, different dreams and goals, and jobs. It's not okay to cheat in anything or anyone in life, but there are those who overcome it, those who regret it, and those who don't mind at all.

I am just glad that Teh and Oh-aew were able to show where they stood in both of their point of views in that matter.

Don't blame one character, to err is human. Humanity is bound by several mistakes it makes, no one is a saint in this life. And not everyone have or deserves any second chances. For some mistakes it does not take one person but two. If people blame only one in a scenario, then what about the other party? It was the trouble the minute it showed up and the way it used it's own way and merit to climb up top too success without caring about the lives it would ruin by allowing so...

Meanwhile let me add another thing to this long review xD sorry not sorry...

The only flaw I might point out to this, or rather my expectation when I learned that ITSAY was going to have a second season. I was looking forward to have a better insight of Oh-aew. In the first and last episodes we are somehow granted that. But in the middle it felt off. Almost like Oh-aew was a support and not a main character because the attention seems focused on Teh once again just like it was on ITSAY and although on that one it's totally understandable, here it would be better to have both or more screen time for him to shine as well. Nevertheless, they tried to include a variety of characters each one with their own struggles and at the end they even brought the old friends from the first season into the screen to show their roots and connection between the series and the main characters. It was a nice touch I give them that.

The OST is cute, to have BK and PP song as an intro makes it even more special.
They made this one for this and the lyrics are all about Teh and Oh-aew.
And I also like the fact that it has an instrumental version too. They have outdone themselves with the OST of many songs for this season and I am loving them all. NADAO really spoilling us with MVs from the songs and promotions that I can't complain.

I might change the ratings at the end, but so far I am given a high score even though I know they will make me suffer :')

Visually appealing, the emotional scenes are nicely done too, not to slow or fast paced, it doesn't dwell on too silent moments and it also doesn't have those overbearing music scenes. Cinematographically they give us plenty of good shots, while playing with angles, taking advantage of the natural and artificial light and even using the zoom in such a smoothing way that it's very pleasing to see. In certain scenes it gives us a warm like filter, and in others a cold filter which makes me think again of the colors they are paired with, Blue and Red (detail on that also on the plushies they have, and also their college ties ;3)

This drama is the reason I will be anticipating the next few Thursdays of the moon cycle schedule.
Because this season started on a full moon and it will end on a full moon :') therefore completing a full cycle.
And I really wonder if both Teh and Oh-aew will complete their own cycle as well after everything they will go through...

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