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The White Truck of Doom


The White Truck of Doom


Formerly my profile name was Laura Roslin.
I tried to set up an "actors" page for TWToD because it plays such a key part in many Korean Dramas, but it was not approved, so I changed my profile pic and name to TWToD.

The first Kdrama I ever watched was "The Great Queen Seondeok"  which appeared on Netflix.
I found it by accident.   The next drama I found was Chuno .  After that I became an Asian Drama Addict!

I like dramas that are unforgettable.  Many dramas I watch I forget about after, but there are many that I still think about - and especially certain scenes.  Six Flying Dragons is one.

Preferences in Order:
1.  Chinese dramas first, especially Wuxia, Fantasy or Historical.
2.  Kdramas if they have a unique storyline or not too many re-used tropes.
3.  Some Lakorns.
4.  Some Taiwanese dramas, lately they've started producing some good ones.

I like strong female leads.    

I love Asian music too!  It's almost the only thing I listen too, so if you share music videos with OSTs to dramas,  I'm probably going to click.

Like to read the feeds,  a good place to see what's new and is usually less spoilerish.

The only English language dramas I watch are mostly science fiction.


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