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Asian shows portrayal of love is so great, that’s one of the reasons why I love them so much, other ones are the unique enticing plot, short length but gripping and intriguing episodes & the fact that my all time fav songs are Asian drama OSTs! I’m currently hooked on the C-dramas of fantasy genre Xianxia & historical Wuxia, those intro animations of these dramas are pure perfection! The creativity of the cast and crew of Chinese & South Korean people is just top notch! I never knew how much I was missing out until I started watching these dramas! 

The first Asian show that I loved was a K-drama The Sound of Magic, and even though it was one of the shorter ones with just 6 episodes, it still managed to win my heart with the best plot, superb acting, stunning visuals, excellent CGI and gorgeous cast!! Ji Chang-wook became my first South Korean crush! After that I watched many greatest K-dramas like- My Holo Love, Flower of Evil, Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Alchemy of Souls, Vincenzo; equally greatest Chinese dramas- the first one was Love Between Fairy and Devil then Till the End of the Moon, Back from the Brink, Lost You Forever, Story of Kunning Palace, Meet Yourself; Taiwanese drama- More than Blues and so on!! 

haven’t watched & didn’t quite like any other country’s shows or movies after that, I’m exclusively AsianShowsAddict (my MDL & Viki handle lol)! My K-drama/C-drama addiction led me to VikiRakuten and IQiyi when I was frantically searching for apps that had variety of choices and can also enjoy it on my TV which is a huge plus to the overall experience!! MyDramaList made it a cakewalk to search and get recommended the best shows and connecting with these amazing likeminded individuals with similar tastes! Thanks so much Viki, IQiyi & MDL team & community for bringing me so much great entertainment from South Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand & Japan, and helping me in expanding my horizon, whilst giving me endless exclusive selections, and making my day happier everyday!!


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