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Cryssy Anne

{Eastern Europe UTC +2} A passionate Video Editor at YouTube (Free hobby).

Cryssy Anne

{Eastern Europe UTC +2} A passionate Video Editor at YouTube (Free hobby).
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Both dramas are simillar in terms of genres, with intensive training, the will to continue pursuing dreams despite many obstacles, along with powerful acting and slow burning chemistry that develops over the course of the entire plotline.

Great and memorable, yet remarkably different soundtracks with a mix of international, but universal tones.

The one thing that will be different is the portrayal of the entire cast, due to opposite cultures. Nevertheless unforgettable moments and quotes will be present for sure!
Recomendado por Cryssy Anne - Set 26, 2022
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Both dramas have a historical cross-dressing theme and what is more surprising is they were written by the same amazing and delighting screenwriter.

Not to mention the both stories have respectively wonderful and different enchanting backgrounds from nature like gorgeous and fragile flowers combined with a very warming shower rain.

Everything will slowly remain engraved in your memory from the start to the finish because the script is sprinkled with unforgettable lines that are delivered to the viewers in the most pleasant ways.
Both dramas are equally fluffy and light, filed with a feeling of love and healing that will make you feel warm inside and lift up your mood any day.

Though keep in my mind that "The Tale of Nokdu" will bring forward new and entertaining plot twits almost in every episode along with a whole new level of romantic humor!
Recomendado por Cryssy Anne - Nov 26, 2019
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Search: WWW in my view was a little bit influenced by the classic and original fantasy story of "Goblin" with some elements more tied to the background scenes of the story life, like rain, nature itself and the intense feelings that surrounded the story as a whole with strong and versatile characters.

The big difference is that it's centered on a more modern scale where women from the search engine industry with strong careers and personalities challenge themselves to fight against prejudice, injustice and eventually the corrupt society itself!
Recomendado por Cryssy Anne - Nov 7, 2019
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The points I found similar were the fact that both story involve the gaming industry, with lots of challenges along the way in the E-sports world, overcoming these adversities with bonding heartfelt friendships and a great team work along the way to accomplish the dreams they set for themselves to reach.

You might ask: What's the difference, though?

Gank Your Heart also includes a sweet slow burn romance story winch initially starts off on a wrong foot, but in time it will evolve beautifully.

On the contrary, The King's Avatar may completely lack that love line connection (with no romance included) since it's a more practical and realistic story that is also mixed with a bit of fantasy.

Thank you for reading. ;D
Recomendado por Cryssy Anne - Jun 16, 2019