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Hi everybody :D 안녕하세요!

     My name is Tereza, but you can call me Kumiko. I'm from the Czech Republic. I am Asian drama maniac! Yes, I am obsessed, a lot.  :D

     I started to watch Asian dramas a few years ago, I think it has been since 2011. And I have watched a lot of Asian dramas! REALLY A LOT!!! :D My first drama was My Girl with Lee Dong Wook. He was so cute, but I have to confess that I haven't finished that drama yet. It was so weird for me to listen to Korean when I have been listening to Japanese for 4 years already. Yes, I was obsessed with anime, but not anymore! :D So I had put that drama on hold. And then I started to watch Dream High, which I take as my first drama Dream High because I have finished that drama. ♥ And after that, my new life began!

     'Cause I love Asian drama so much, I have started to make/edit fanmade videos! Hope you'll like them. → ← Check it out!


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