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I first got in touch with Asian Culture when I began reading Mangas and watching Animes many years ago. I think it was in 2003. Then I began watching Japanese Dramas and listen to J-Pop, before I got into K-Pop and Korean dramas.

My favourite Genres and Dramas are;

Romance: Kill Me, Heal Me, Love Me If You Dare, Thirty But Seventeen, Where Stars Land

Melodrama: Autumn Tale, East of Eden, Green Rose, Mask, Summer Scent, The Innocent Man

Crime:  Circle, Duel, Tunnel

Action: Two Weeks

Boys Love: TharnType, Together with Me, My Day, Manner of Death, Bad Buddy

I mostly watch Korean Dramas (all Genres), Thai Dramas (BL and some other), Taiwanese Dramas (BL and Romance)., Japanese Dramas (Romance, BL)

I also watch Chinese Dramas, but honestly after watching many C-Dramas (modern & Romance) I think most of the have to many episodes, so I skip a lot of Scenes. They are very well produced, the Acting is really good (most of the Time) but most of the dramas should have 16 or 20 episodes at the most... That's my opinion.

My favourite Actors are:

My favourite Actresses are:

My favourite Couples are:

Other than Asian Dramas I like to watch Series from other Countries:

Shadowhunters, One tree Hill, Grey's Anatomy, Miss Fishers Mystery Murders, Murdoch Mysteries

Upcoming Reviews:

Dark Blue Kiss

Fish upon the Sky

A Tale of 1000 Stars

Together with Me

TWM - The next Chapter


Sotus S

Bad Buddy

Cupid's last Wish

Bite Me

Manner of Death

Don't Say No

TharnType 1

TharnType 2

Golen Blood

Lovely Writer

Something in my Room

Second Chance


The Gifted

Until we Meet Again

Be Loved in House: I Do

We Best Love 1

We Best Love 2

Where your Eyes Linger

Color Rush 1 + 2

Wish You

Mr. Heart

To my Star

Behind Cut

Tinted with You

My Sweet Dear

The Tasty Florida

Light on Me

You Make Me Dance

Oh! Boarding House

Kissable Lips

Semantic Error

Blue in Winter


First Love Again

Cherry Blossoms after Winter

Thirty Nine

Twenty-Five, Twenty-One

Star in my Mind

Sky in my Heart (if completed)


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