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Cryssy Anne

{Eastern Europe UTC +2} A passionate Video Editor at YouTube (Free hobby).

Cryssy Anne

{Eastern Europe UTC +2} A passionate Video Editor at YouTube (Free hobby).
Unforgettable Moments from Nothing But You
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Introducing great moments and quotes from the Chinese drama "Nothing But You" and some more drama recommendations for this Summer!

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The director of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” shares ideas on why this series became so popular worldwide!

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Here you'll find some lovely reasons on why you should look forward to the upcoming Korean drama, titled "Today's Webtoon."

30 All Time Favorite OST's: Summer 2022 Edition
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New Trailer Revealed: 5 "Sweet On" Summer Lineup of 2022
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5 Anticipated 2022 Summer K-Dramas to Look Forward To
Notícias - Jun 17, 2022

Bored and not sure what to choose, to watch this Summer? Don't worry, Cryssy selected a list with 5 upcoming K drama series you will surely enjoy!

Premiere Diary for Link: Eat, Love, Die
Notícias - Mai 27, 2022

Get ready to find out juicy details about the most mysterious romantic comedy mixed with spicy flavors. This drama is set to air on June 6th.

Premiere Diary: Tomorrow (2022)
Notícias - Mar 29, 2022

Prepare yourselves to find out juicy details about this thrilling fantasy series filled action and excitement, "Tomorrow (2022)" that will air this 1st April.

Healing Through Music: Soundtrack #1
Notícias - Mar 17, 2022

This article presents a peek peak of the main characters in the upcoming Disney+ miniseries, called " Soundtrack #1" set to air since 23rd March!

Premiere Diary: Twenty-Five Twenty-One (2022)
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Get ready to find out everything you can about this winter drama coated with a summer scent, "Twenty-Five Twenty-One."

Son Ye Jin Becomes A Dermatologist for Series “Thirty-Nine"
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Discover some details about Son Ye Jin's next role in JTBC's upcoming series titled "Thirty-Nine" airing since 16th February!

Winter Dramas & Movies with Blue Theme
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Stay warm during the Winter of 2022 with a new selection of delightful movies and dramas, this time with blue-themed posters!

Premiere Diary: Moonshine (2021)
Notícias - Dez 21, 2021

Some juicy details about the most comical historical drama "Moonshine (2021)" await you! It will air on December 20th!

To Fly With You Is Gearing Up For Premiere With Enthusiastic Posters!
Notícias - Nov 21, 2021

One of the most awaited Chinese dramas of 2021 will be airing soon! To Fly With You will premier on November 22nd.

Premiere Diary: Melancholia (2021)
Notícias - Nov 7, 2021

Here are a few things you can look forward to with the Autumn scent "Melancholia (2021)", airing this 10th November!

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Kim Hye Yoon Shares Why She Chose To Act In “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy”
Notícias - Out 18, 2021

Here you'll discover the main reasons why the young and talended actress Kim Hye Yoon is back in action with “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy”, airing in November on TvN.

"Dali and the Cocky Prince" Shares Funny Artistic Posters For Premiere
Notícias - Set 19, 2021

Get ready to know some comical small details about the most awaited K-Drama of this Autumn from KBS "Dali and the Cocky Prince", which will begin airing on 22nd September!

A Weekend Delight: The Day of Becoming You (2021)
Resumo dos episodios - Set 3, 2021

Let's take a small breather, with a sweet and funny Summer delight, just great for the weekends: "The Day of Becoming You (2021)".

"Lovers Of The Red Sky" Shares Gorgeous Posters Before Premiere
Notícias - Ago 27, 2021

The most amazing historical fantasy story of 2021 from SBS is finally here! Get ready to find out the main traits of the characters right now!

Premiere Reminder: Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha
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Get ready to find out some juicy details about the most awaited Korean series of this summer that is coming on 28th August! You're all invited to come along and sneak a peek!

Chinese Drama "A River Runs Through It" Shares Melancholic Posters For Premiere
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The newest coming of age Chinese series "A River Runs Through It" shares fresh posters for premiere day! Come in and sneak a peek.

New Trailer Revealed: 7 "Sweet On" Summer Dramas Lineup
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The newest trailer with a touch of romance from iQiyi, designed for the "Sweet On" production that includes 7 most awaited Chinese summer dramas is finally here!

The Funniest Squad Returns: Hospital Playlist 2
Notícias - Ago 4, 2021

This article presents a small introduction to the most-awaited Korean sequel of the year. "Hospital Playlist 2" with a newsline touch.

Get Ready To Be Enrolled In The "Police University" of 2021
Notícias - Ago 1, 2021

Here you'll find small details about the newest K-Drama premiere of "Police University" from network KBS, that is set for 9th August!

Chinese Adaptation of Laughter in Waikiki "Litter to Glitter" Shares Funny New Posters For Premiere
Notícias - Jul 15, 2021

Many drama lovers adored the hilarious Korean series "Laughter in Waikiki" and for great reason! Now it's time to see what the Chinese remake "Litter to Glitter' has in store for us!

A New Fantasy Horror Theme: The Witch's Diner
Notícias - Jul 14, 2021

Looking for a captivating fantasy story mixed with horror? Well, fear not, the actors themselves will tell you the reasons why "The Witch's Dinner" from TvN, is the perfect choice for you!