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de Aya
Abr 8, 2020
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Are we getting a 2nd season?

I am only talking about this remake, and there's no comparison between this and other versions because I haven't watched them, but this felt incomplete and needs a second season for sure!

- Story wise, it is not an original story and I've read many books with the same story-line.
Did I predict this ending? DEFINITELY NO. NOT AT ALL. It didn't even cross my mind because that's the worst case scenario in a romance story. Bro who wrote this?!!! We need to talk. Seriously, if that's it and there is no season 2, it is the worst end to ever happen to such story!

*I dislike the miscommunication trope the most, this drama relied heavily on it, and it was left unsolved which angered me a lot. I understand the female lead feelings and how hurt she was, but the male lead kinda did his best (he wasn't the most amazing husband but he tried) and he deserved to have a proper closure with her at least.

- Acting wise, I think the cast was decent and really had potential.. I know because I have watched other works for most of these actors/actresses and they were great, specially the male lead and the female lead. I guess the short episodes were unfair to them. And most of the side characters were kinda pointless.
*Tokito Yuki for example, I don't understand what his role is in the drama, his scenes were actually good but he needed more time for his character to develop!
*Nakabayashi Taiki is probably my fave here. Watching him was so much fun and this role fit him really well!

- I don't talk about the music usually, but this one had great soundtracks. Yes I am obsessed with them since I started watching this drama! These are by a boy band called "One N' Only" and I highly recommend checking them out!

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O Amor Dura Para Sempre
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de Aya
Mar 27, 2020
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No geral 7.0
História 7.0
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Musical 7.0
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To be honest, I need to say that overall I enjoyed watching this, but it wasn't the best drama I've ever seen. Cliche romance with cliche tropes, but I think the acting saved this one.

- I haven't read the manga, but I felt like I've seen this before. NOTHING NEW. Typical female character that wants to get that one man no matter what.
- This specially felt like "Itazura na Kiss, season 2" remake. Sakura is basically Kotoko 2.0. Even though I love Kotoko, I don't get what Tendo saw in Sakura. She is so pushy, loud and annoying. Also, why did she kept calling him "Sensei" when they are in a relationship? (ONE OF MY BET-PEEVES)
- Second male lead syndome is REAL right here. Kisugi is the ideal man.. JUST WHY? I truly hoped they focused more on Kisugi and Sakai. oh well..
- Nishi and Ryuko's story-line was pointless. Instead, I would have loved to have more development on Kisugi and Sakai's story-line (THEY HAD POTENTIAL COME ON)
_ What I enjoyed the most is the medical stuff. Doctors and nurses were on point and these scenes were really heartwarming.

- Sato Takeru was on point (AM I SURPRISED? NO). My man's smirks just.. wow. Also, as a doctor, he did great as I always expect from him.
- However, Kamishiraishi Mone, idk but I don't think she was the best. She is just so LOUD, but also looks young that it kinda made me uncomfortable seeing her with Sato. I haven't seen any of her other works, but I would love to see more of her because I like her energy.
- The rest of the cast did an amazing job. I specially would love to see more of Maiguma Katsuya's works! He did so well!

P.S. istg this drama has the most amount of kiss scenes I've ever seen in a Japanese dramas! That was nice! JAPAN GET IT.

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Eu Quero Comer seu Pâncreas
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de Aya
Mar 25, 2020
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No geral 7.0
História 9.0
Acting/Cast 7.0
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I knew this movie is based on a novel, which I haven't read yet but might do in the future. Instead, I read the manga, and I am not sure if that is the reason why I wasn't as invested in the movie as I thought I would be.
I loved the manga..I bawled my eyes out. However, I didn't feel the same towards the movie.. it brought tears to my eyes but didn't have the same impact on me.

I would say it is a calm and slow movie. Some might find it boring. But that's what I love about Japanese movies. It is emotional and heartbreaking. You will smile and feel emotions while watching it. So I still recommend watching it.

Acting wise, I think my favorite was Oguri Shun, and I am not surprised because he is one of my favorite actors. Oh man.. his acting makes you feel things and in seconds he makes you cry. I specially liked the last scene in the movie because of how he brought it to life. He is always amazing!

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de Aya
Fev 14, 2020
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No geral 7.5
História 7.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Musical 7.0
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What are tears at this point? T_T

Even though this drama is not the best, and their relationship moved so fast in an unrealistic way, I still felt every single emotion! I laughed and cried a lot with them.

Hiro's story is really inspiring. He was never weak and neither was Mika. I wish it had more episodes to flesh out Mika and Hiro's relationship, These actors did an amazing job bringing the story to life.

I've read the manga and really enjoyed it. I may read the novel the drama is based on at some point as well. I am that attached to it I guess.

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