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                   hello. annyeong. ni hao. sawasdeekha ...  to everyone !



I ultimately came here to keep track of all the dramas I watched and wanted to watch because bookmarks just did not cut it anymore. Seriously it's so much work...

Now here I am giving in to my drama addiction (acquired in 2017) and I am more than happy to meet some new people who share my love for anything Kdrama , Cdrama Thaidrama/lakorn , or Taiwanese drama related ;)   Say hello to another student who is spending way too much time on dramas, Kpop and the internet....


Regarding the genre I watch, it is pretty much everything. Give me some great character arcs, a solid storyline, some growth, real chemistry and you can count on me overthinking the most simple stuff. Who doesn't love a multilayered and deep character ?
But if there is no clear consent, I'll drop it.

If you want to check out my lists, beware they are messy...
I watch dramas depending on what mood I am in, so if I start a drama and loose interest suddenly I might bingewatch another one before coming back to it.
plantowatch is just a summary of dramas I'm interested in and want to check out. Honestly I may just end up watching all of them, who knows right? If a drama is put onhold then I wasn't in the mood for it quite some time but I may pick it up whenever I feel like it again. I don't think I'll continue watching it for whatever reason, sorry but then it's dropped . That doesn't happen often though -  I tend to force myself to finish dramas  and I don't like skipping as well.

My RATING SYSTEM is more than biased and subjective :

If there is something in the story that I love I'll probably give it a higher rating than any technically perfect drama. What I want is to be drawn in, to fall in love with the good or bad guys  (depending on who's more captivating) or simply be  kept on my toes. Same goes for the other way around. If I end up remembering a part of a drama that bothered me a lower rating is most likely gonna be the endresult.
I do tend to be picky and move dramas around even months after finishing them..

10holds a special place in my heart and moved me in some way that made me emotionally invested and connected - definitely rewatched a couple times
9.5still an almost a perfect drama but a spark was missing
9up until here are probably my favourite dramas
8.5I'd definitely recommend watching but it's not all there (some slight behavioural changes or an unnecessary cliche/dramatic ending) but enjoyable nonetheless
8a great overall watch and experience with minor struggles
7.5I enjoyed several aspects of the drama while I didn't quite like some others
7guess it was a goodish drama but it didn't really stick with me
6.5-6an okay drama that's just there - it didn't leave that much impact ; something bothered me
5.5- 5 I finished it, but I can't remember why since I didn't really like it all that much

If you want to say hello, discuss some dramas or look for a friend with similar interests, feel free to send me a DM or a friend request !
I'm always looking out for new drama experiences and opinions!



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