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Aqua Star

*:・゚✧ she's in the rain *:・゚✧

Aqua Star

*:・゚✧ she's in the rain *:・゚✧


[ psa: if I go m.i.a I’m probably studying for exams ]

ᖴᑌᑎ ᖴᗩᑕ丅ᔕ

- female uni student infp-t

- kdrama watcher

- fav genres: romance, comedy, thriller, melodrama

- while I didn't join MDL until 2021, I have been an avid kdrama watcher since 2016

- a few of my hobbies include playing the kalimba, listening to kpop (among other genres),  crochet, sewing, and dance 

and welcome to my profile :)

[ feel free to check out my song rec of the day, which is always listed below + it's a link! please play it as you go through my profile :]

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My All Time Favorite Kdramas

  • Basically dramas that I would love to watch over & over again; and some of them , I actually do watch them a couple of times a year
  •  I tend to stick to a certain genre (romance), so virtually every drama in this list at least has aspects of romance, if not a romance drama
  • There are a TON of kdramas that I love, but aren't included-- so feel free to check out my list

All Things Kpop

  • to
  • be
  • continued


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