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Friend requests: if you don't send a message, or if we have never talked together, I can't answer too.
And I try to keep my friend list short so I can remember the people I've met. Well, what is friendship.

W two worlds season 2 drama script (US/FR).
W 두 세계 시즌 2 더블유 네 세계 - 드라마 스크립트 OR

If you like the drama W two worlds, you'll find on my blog the screenplay of season 2 (unofficial).
It's free to read! And I hope can please even the hardcore fans of the drama, about thrilling story.
Drop comments, to help me make corrections and know which moments are the most impactful.

Some background information:

- Unlike fan fiction often focusing on the previous romance, the drama offers a new plot, a sequel, reusing some of the characters. Exactly as if you were watching the real season 2 on TV!

- The tone is faithful to the original drama. Plot-twists, new phenomena, mysteries, thrills, with a fast-paced rhythm. Here's a summary of the style:

- This is a Korean-format screenplay, which is more easy to read than western novels or screenplays!
And it also uses images to make it even easier to read. Audience friendly.

- It uses the same techniques as the W original screenplay , since the scriptwriter published it.
Of course, I've studied her work extensively, as well as various other screenplays.

- It's a different kind of writing from novels. Faster to read. Producing the illusion of watching it on TV.

- Over the years, I've made fast progress in this area. Books on the subject, tips, forums, receiving or giving feedback, and mainly a lot of work.

- Some of my principles: "never be boring", "each scene must be captivating in itself", "create the drama I'd dream of watching" and "look into my mind as if it were a TV screen".

- This takes a lot of time. For example, before writing, the preparation phase lasted over a year, gathering thousands of ideas in text files. Then came the structure and outline work. It's a complex type of story, with mysteries and lots of logical links. So everything has to be planned beforehand, from start to finish.

- After I'd finished writing it, a few years later, I'd made progress in screenwriting and a lot of the flaws had become obvious to me. So I did what most screenwriters or writers do: rewrite. I'm at that stage, at an advanced point, and publishing the rewritten episodes.

- I had more than one reason for doing this, but one of them, helping me to try my best was: "let's make a story that could surprise and entertain Song Jae-Jung herself, the writer of W".

- Last word:
"A story comes to life on its own, and the author is the simple service provider in charge of printing it".

I like stories with a fast pace, hectic, with frequent and terrible twists and turns.
Complex stories, structured, with an unstoppable logic,  "mind-blowing".

  • Indeed, I consider W two worlds to be the best screenplay
  • This is followed by Liar Game  (Japanese) and Empress Ki. And now The Penthouse.
  • Other scenarios I like: Death Note (anime), Kaiji (anime), Sherlock (series), Primer (movie), Cube (movie), 2001 Space Odyssey (movie).
  • Movies like "Inception" or "Interstellar" are also interesting.
  • American series like "24h chrono", "Prisonbreak" and "Battlestar galactica 2004" were very good concerning rhythm, suspense, cliffhangers.
  • I also like other types of movies, which it would be too long to summarize here:  fantastic, comedy of manners, absurd humour, satyr, etc.

My 4 favorite Korean drama screenwriters:

  • Song Jae Jung : A genius talent. One of the rare one that uses the fantastic process to trigger emotion. Mind blowing stories, always going back and forth about the high-concept.
  • Park Hye Ryun : An unequalled ability to convey certain emotions: human warmth, optimism, hope, tenderness. She make you feel better in your life.
  • Jang Young ChulJung Kyung Soon : Able to propose long stories, but whose rhythm does not slow down, full of twists. A great sense of storytelling. Some offbeat comedy, situational, satirical.
  •  Kim Soon Ok  : Queen of Makjang. But she do it better and differently than others. Crazy pace, almost self parodic, and great at depicting bad people. She is the creator of "crack majkang", or "makjang on steroid" style.

Then, list to be completed:

  •  Hong Jung EunHong Mi Ran  : Able to build perfectly the beginning of a drama and its sequence of events.
  •  Kim Young HyunPark Sang Yeon : They write historical dramas and do it very well, with so many details from daily life used for plots, unexpected, rich.

About my grading system.

  • I try to keep a wide and nuanced scale, although it is still unsatisfactory.
  • For example, a score of 8 is good, whereas it would be considered average for others.
  • I sometimes change my scores to better balance the overall rating.
  • I sometimes make mistakes, especially for dramas I saw a long time ago.
  • Well it's innacurate, I rated very low the drama Hello! Miss because I tried to be objective, but I had a better time watching this than many higher rated drama of my list...


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