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I-LAND korean drama review
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Set 23, 2020
12 of 12 episódios vistos
No geral 6.5
História 6.0
Atuação/Elenco 7.0
Musical 5.5
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The most stupid survival show

Well let me tell you i watched alot of survival shows ( all pd s1, s2, pdx, pd 48, mixnine, treasure maker, Niziu project and more..) but I-Land is the most stupid one lets tell why...

-Director in ep one tottaly show the wake point of the trainees and over all the producers didn't focus in showing how they are good in singing or rapping the show end and we can't see this a top vocal or this one is mean rap. They only focus on dance then don't debut the top dancer weird.

-stage director is so week that give that shining moments for a member.

-the voting system in part one make trainee out vote each other and that make some never go out of iland because they are friends.

- when trainees are talking it's some times so scripted that you can feel they are reading it.

-low key give a lot of trainee bad image for drama.

-All that buliding to show of BigHit money but we don't get to see a lot of it any way..

- the songs for stages wasn't really good like pd101 songs

I over all loved the boys and i love watching survival shows thats why i push myself to watch this but it's the most stupid show over all.
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