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Where the EmpireState meet the sky


Where the EmpireState meet the sky

W E L C O M E 

Re-watch ed

month as began until summer only

re-watched - Forever **



Watch This Summer only

I am all about romance Cdrama/games/sus... Mostly and maybe a view Kdrama but I never complete them in time. Still, very much an adult with anime taste below and a son that's going into his last year of college it's been that long smh!! I'm getting old.


Joined My Spotify as music OST it's a deep dive into musical sound

L a d y t e a r s

Step by Step Count 

Till The End Of The Moon(ep **) forever
best re-watched ever
Best Choice Ever (can't remember where I'm at)
Back From the Brink (ep **) watching in btw
My Divine Emissary( ep 11)
The Starry Love ( ep **)The Bargain Queen (ep 31)
Love Around (( ep **)) currently watchingBe Your Own Light( ep 7 been trying to finished this smh!!)
Love and Fairy ( ep ** )Dare to Love Me (ep 2)
Different Princess (ep **) foreverEveryone Loves me (ep 19)
The Blue Whisper: Part 1 (2022)Joy of Life 1 & Joy  of Life 2(just looking)

Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact (may drop this part of the drama!!)

The Double* (slow watch)


Sailor Moon 

Demon Slayer

Currently Re-watching this all season my summer watch

Attack on Titan

Currently about  to watch S4 (ep 0)

My Favorite actors

Slaying all the damn time with cuteness 

Bai Lu
Son Ye Jin/Hyun BinLeo Wu

Luo Yun Xi

Cheng Yi
Xu Kai

 My favorite song is: 玄鳥 (電視劇《長月燼明》插曲) - Mysterious Bird❤️


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