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---------------------INTRODUCTION & MY STORY-------------------------

Hello, it's Gizem. 

['Gizem' literally means 'mystery' in English so my username is linked to my name. Mys(tae)rical. My BTS bias is Taehyung (V).]

22. Taurus. 

I am an ordinary girl who lives in Turkey and a fan of K-Pop groups BTS and Rainbow. I became a regular watcher of Korean dramas in March 2012 when a friend of my sister recommended us to watch Goong. After watching it with a Turkish website that uploads Korean dramas with subs, I became interested in Korean dramas, culture, and music. I started to listen to KPop as well as K-Ballads, Korean Indie. Later in 2012, I became a fan of ex(for me, not ex) girl group Rainbow's fan. I became members of various forums, websites, and started to translate contents related to Korean media & culture. After becoming a fan of BTS in 2013, I had a goal to learn Korean, but I wasn't able to do that at that time because of my private and education life. In 2017, I started to learn Korean properly. I watched lots of Korean dramas in the period between 2012-2014, but then I couldn't watch because of various reasons. Therefore, I like old Korean dramas and movies more than current ones. 

In 2013, I started to watch animes and soon I became interested in Japanese cinema&television. I started with Koizora and then 1 Litre no Namida. You can get that I like melodrama and suffering. Then I slowly continued to watch Japanese productions. 

In 2019, I started to watch Chinese, Taiwanese, and Thailand dramas too, but not as much as Korean dramas. 



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