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Vermont USA ♥


Vermont USA ♥

mdl 2022 watch challenge

Hello! Welcome to my profile :D

I am in love with Hang Hediiiiiiiiiii he is my love, my all time love, i cry beCauSE I WaNT hiM ToT 

He is so beautiful in every way and he needs happiness!!!

My absolute favorites

Not in order at  all

It's Okay to Not Be Okay
    Angel's Last Mission
 While You Were Sleeping
The Love by Hypnotic
 It's Okay, That's Love

The Wolf

Youth of May

Favorite quotes (from drama's) (or scenes) 

''I didn't care about a lot of things before. 
i didn't care about what tastes good,
which type of weather is best for a date,
whether that person likes me,
whether the person who likes me is happy.
or whether someone is thinking of me and missing me.
until I met that girl called shancai.
that's when I realized I care about so many things.''
What about now?
do you still care about her? 
i care about her so much. but I don't know how to protect her anymore.
Alright, stop this is so unlike you. daoming si, please... can you give me a bad boy expression? let's go back to when I first met you. that self-centered, god's gift to mankind, most arrogant and coolest daoming si.
alright. so that's what you like.
you asked for it.

yes, I did.
dong shancai, you're a stupid girl.
I command you to finish everything in this hotpot.
serve me some food and a bowl of soup too.

you're so annoying. why would I listen to you?
 nonsense. do whatever I say.
I can't do it.
you cant do it? 
do you want to die?
are you apologizing?
you can make that assumption.
-if apologies work, why do we need the police?
- if apologies work, why do we need the police?

 ''The mass's size is not proportional to volume.
A girl as small as a violet,
A girl who moves like a flower petal,
Is pulling me toward her with more force than her mass.
Just then, like Newton’s apple, I rolled toward her without stopping
 Until I fell on her with a thump, with a thump thump,
My heart, Keeps bouncing dizzily between the sky and the ground
It was my first love.''

“In this lifetime, our untwined fates end here.
If I had not met him, I would not yearn for him.
If I did not know him, I would not think of him so much.
If we had not been together, I wouldn’t have to disappear.
If I did not treasure him so much, I wouldn’t have so many memories.
If I did not love him... we wouldn’t need to throw each other away.
If we had not been face to face, we would have never been together.
Perhaps... if I had not met you at all.

-Moon Lovers 

At the end of that long dream, I finally made a choice. that even if I go back in the past, even if I do for a hundred more times, I will still choose to meet you.

Crash Landing on You 

Beautiful, I want him.

-it's Okay to Not Be Okay

tags/genres i love!!!

{Romance} - {age gap}  - {arranged marriage} - {tragedy} - { Tearjerkers} -- {contract marriage} -  {sweet FL}-{aggressive ML that's obsessed with FL (._. )  *cough* daoming si etc. } - {badass ML} - { ML changes bc of FML} - {Happy ending}

Tags/genres i hate!

 { Annoying second ml(its not a tog but you get it) *smh my head* }  - {abuse!} - {when the Ahhh hole of the story don't get what he or she deserve (also not a tag or genre) } -{mean parents} - {infidelity is number 1!!!.}

1st Korean
1st Chinese
1st Thai
1st Taiwan
1st Japanese
1st philipino
no idea...
ice fantasy
mint to be
moon river
switch girl
one true love
the beauty inside 
Crouching tiger hidden dragon
hello stranger
Take me to the moon
   you, I love  
Talk back and you're dead


❤ 10❤
ugh sucked! bad story and plot never watch again, don't even want to think about it, makes me angry!
boring to death/terrible ending, wouldn't watch it again unless someone really close begged me.
enjoyed it very much, maybe a little boring at parts. needed some more chemistry but was really good.
pretty much the same rating as 10 just loved his one a tiny teeny bit less but is amazing.
an absolute masterpiece! loved everything about it perfect chemistry, amazing story, acting, and ost. my favorite❤

Me while watching this scene. 


Well goodbye for know<3

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