Role Reversed (RR) Dom FL X Sub ML | Girlboss x Malewife

What is Role Reversal?  generally pertains to dramas where the Female leads takes on a more masculine, dependable, mature, stronger and dominant role in a relationship versed to the Male lead taking a more feminine, princess-like, soft, immature, weaker and submissive role.Shows and films featuring unconventional power dynamics between the male and female protagonists, with gender roles flipped or non-traditional . 

some famous examples would be- wonder woman and steve trevor, death by snu snu (futurama), addams family mom and dad etc.

imdb linkrolereversal (link)
more info : rr (link)

Below I have listed down some common criteria and events you'd notice in rr couples

  1.  Older woman - younger man (not necessarily a RR dynamic but often has the effects)
  2. Good boy - bad girl 
  3. Female lead has a higher post/authority in work place than male lead (FL is ML's boss)
  4. FL is physically/magically much more stronger than ML
  5. ML is nice and shy - FL is crude and outspoken
  6. ML is soft and clumsy - FL is rowdy and rough
  7. FL is cold and often rude and has an ice queen-like personality - ML has a warm bubbly princess like personality
  8. ML blindly trusts and depends on FL and often calls for her help
  9. ML dresses in a feminine manner/ is  a femboy, likes cute and fluffy pink things
  10. FL approaches and woos ML and takes him off his feet
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