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Role Reversed (RR) Dom FL X Sub ML | Girlboss x Malewife

What is Role Reversal?  generally pertains to dramas where the Female leads takes on a more masculine, dependable, mature, stronger and dominant…

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Older female / Younger male ; Noona romance/Onee-san romance

I am not a fan of age gap romances. but Older women/ Younger male dramas are the closest thing to role reversal dramas, so i will keep a list…

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ML likes someone else at first

Exclusively mlw couples.and ML is the one who likes someone else not the other way round.unrequited love from FL's side.personally i prefer…

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Lesbian related shows and other lgbtq

GL/Lesbian/yuri shows or related shows ( main)also- bl, yaoi, lgbt, trans representation etc

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