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People who are saying, she's following her magic not her own feelings, i think your concept is a bit wrong,

even though its shown in a practical form, but the magic is supposed to be her metaphor. she takes time to accept what she really wants,and her magic reflects her desires. she did love chalarn and her love for peng was slowly fading away.
its not her magic's wish. it is indeed her wish. her magic is acting on her desires before her.


" i bore what i could, i accepted what i can, that's why we lasted 15 years" tantawan said to chalarn about peng

Girl, a clap doesn't make sound well with just one hand's force. that one hand will eventually get tired.
Actually even though i kinda shipped pengXtantawan more than tantawanXchalarn at the beginning, im glad she ended up with chalarn.

BUT from episode 9 i was all tantawanXchalarn.

yes i read the comments in mydramalist, a lot of ppl were saying that the ending is unclear. the ending looked pretty fucking clear to me.

Yes tantawan loves peng more than chalarn, even during the ending of the last episode, but her love for peng is slowly fading away as well. i mentioned above that her magic is her metaphor portraying her desires before herself.

when she closed her eyes beside her brother at the starry sky, she of course thought of peng and it was peng who indeed came.

most ppl thought that to be the important moment. but the most important moment was after that, when they were sweet conversing in the bed.

when she asked peng for the next night to hang out with her or dine , his reply was " i have shifts".

And her expression said the very thing," ah shit here we go again"
she was sick of this,

" love and compatibility are not the same thing,"

even though very supernatural based, if the super power is considered her metaphor, the ending was very realistic.

she clearly loved chalarn,. and peng too. peng more.

but with peng she was suffocating slowly. and chalarn? he was everything tantawan wanted peng to be. no one knows if chalarn isn't gonna turn out just as peng later on, but for now, we live this very minute, and in this very minute, she felt extremely happy with chalarn

even though they say opposite attracts, complete opposites dont attract each other. complementary opposites attract .
north pole is opposite to south pole, but together they make a magnet. chalarn and tanta are different or opposites but they are complementary.
but even though peng and tanta were opposites, they were not complementary .

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Nas Asas do Amor
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Mar 27, 2020
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Now please, yes in reality as well as other dramas there have been scenarios like this where the couple fall in love by fake marriage for a green card in america. " the american life" is such a myth and reality at the same time.

but this story was really unique i was tired of watching the same shitty cringe dramas. i was at that point bored of anime too so i decided to give it a go.
god it was long. i did skip a few episodes. but the first 30 or 50 i couldn't skip. the chemistry the acting they were so perfect.
even though the story is filled with unrealistic co-incidences i, the acting and cinematography made it perfectly realistic.

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Me Beije
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Mar 27, 2020
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A 8/10

THis was the most logical version of itazura na kiss. i watched this ages ago. i think i will rewatch.
itazura na kiss always got me disgusted and angry and annoyed. i always left the the itazura versions half watched or incomplete.
i started watching this cause damn, mike is hot.
but it was the most realistic version . taliw or kotoko wasn't sharp, but she was not dumb. she did not lack basic common sense to live. she just wasn't outstanding smart. she was average and slightly hopeless romantic. but she could acknowledge with her hopeless romanticism. she knew she wouldn't die if the guy she likes wouldn't like her back. she could , and probably would find someone else.
she did not lead the 2nd guy on unnecessarily.
She was not blank unlike the other kotokos. her identity just wasn't irie/tenten's girlfriend. she was lot lot more than that!
like oh god, he considered her as a human as well. he respected her. he didn't just view her as complete trash. he always had considered her. he treated her like he would treat 10 other ppl. no extra hate or humiliation( unnecessarily). this irie can smile, can have fun, can become down to the earth. he is kind! !

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