de Hazel Jung, Maio 9, 2023

Lee Ki Woo's agency, Never Die Entertainment, announced that Lee Ki Woo had been cast in MBC's new historical drama 'Flowers that Bloom at Night' (written by Lee Sam, Jung Myung In/directed by Jang Tae Yoo, Choi Jung In, Lee Chang Woo/produced by Base Story, Film Greeda, and Saram Entertainment).

'Flowers that Bloom at Night' is a comedic action historical drama that unfolds when Cho Yeo Hwa, a widow who leads a double life by crossing the line at night, and the perfect official at Geumwiyoung that everyone desires, Park Soo Ho, become entangled. It is the latest drama by PD Jang Tae Yoo, who directed SBS dramas such as 'Deep Rooted Tree,' 'My Love from the Star,' 'Hyena,' and 'Lovers of the Red Sky.'

In 'Flowers that Bloom at Night,' Lee Ki Woo will portray Park Yoon Hak, who collaborates to fulfill the king's ideals and strives to protect his younger brother's happy life.

Park Yoon Hak has a gentle appearance but strong inner strength. On the surface, he seems carefree, lazy, and reluctant about the world. Still, he has a sense of mission that anyone should take responsibility and change this distorted world by the king's side.

As the son of the noblest family in Joseon, he has grown up with Crown Prince Lee So's suffering and sadness since their childhood. He is a character who cherishes his younger brother, Soo Ho, whom he formed a bond with 15 years ago, more than anyone else.

Lee Ki Woo, who gained the nickname of a 'reliable actor' through his outstanding acting skills, demonstrated his ability to digest various roles in dramas such as 'My Liberation Notes,' 'Agency,' and '18 Again.' As he takes on his first historical drama, 'Flowers that Bloom at Night,' there is anticipation for the new charm he will bring and his contribution to the popularity of MBC's historical dramas.

Meanwhile, 'Flowers that Bloom at Night,' in which Lee Ki Woo will appear, is scheduled to be broadcast in the second half of this year.