de Hazel Jung, Setembro 26, 2023

In the upcoming MBN weekend mini-series Perfect Marriage Revenge, Sung Hoon has unveiled his first appearance as Seo Do Guk, the embodiment of a perfect man.

Perfect Marriage Revenge is a revenge romance series that tells the story of Han Yi Joo (Jung Yoo Min), who returns from the dead to seek revenge on her husband and family through a contractual marriage. Her husband, Seo Do Guk (Sung Hoon), delays his contractual marriage to welcome his new wife, setting the stage for an intriguing and passionate tale.

Based on the web novel of the same name with an impressive 9 million accumulated downloads, Perfect Marriage Revenge features a powerful ensemble that includes Sung Hoon, Jung Yoo Min, Kang Shin Hyo, Jin Ji Hee, and Lee Min Young.

Sung Hoon takes on the role of Seo Do Guk, the grandson of the founder of Taeja Group, one of South Korea's leading conglomerates, and the CEO of an interior platform company known domestically and internationally. His character, Seo Do Guk, is a charismatic figure with an eye-catching and refined visual appearance that turns heads wherever he goes. While he may appear cold to others, he possesses an infinite sweetness regarding his wife.

Sung Hoon, who has gained popularity through his active participation in dramas and variety shows, generates much anticipation for his remarkable transformation in Perfect Marriage Revenge as the "Mystery Pure Man" Seo Do Guk.

Sung Hoon expressed his affection for the character Seo Do Guk, stating, "I enjoy filming while embracing Seo Do Guk's unique way of expressing love, willingly being used for Han Yi Joo's revenge."

He continued, "As we show great chemistry with the actors we are working with, we are confident that Perfect Marriage Revenge, will be an enjoyable and satisfying drama from the first episode. Since the first broadcast is just around the corner, we ask for much support and expectations."

The production team stated, "With Sung Hoon taking on the role of 'Mystery Pure Man' Seo Do Guk, we anticipate that the revenge story will become even more thrilling and romantic. We hope viewers look forward to Perfect Marriage Revenge, the most intense and memorable romance among Sung Hoon's previous works."

MBN's Perfect Marriage Revenge will premiere on October 28th at 9:50 PM KST