de Dojemi10, Julho 22, 2019

 Jerry Yan and Shen Yue were officially announced as leads during the filming ceremony of the upcoming romance drama “The Exchange Luck”.  Produced by Youku, the series is said to have a total of 24 episodes. Jerry Yan will take on the role of Lu Xing Cheng, an arrogant editor-in-chief who leads an extremely fortunate life and is always experiencing remarkable strokes of luck in everything he does.  In total contrast, Shen Yue will play the female lead Tong Xiao You, a young fashion designer who is always followed by bad luck. Their circumstances reverse after an accidental kiss.  

Together with the leads, Miles Wei is said to take part as an antagonist. 

In real life, the two actors have an age gap of 20 years, do you think their chemistry will work out? 

Along with this drama project, Jerry Yan is currently filming a movie in Chengdu, China (hence he was absent during the filming ceremony), while Shen Yue’s latest series ‘Another Me’ freshly aired today! See more pictures from the event down below and share your thoughts about the upcoming series in the comments!

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