Ariyoshi Ao Resgate Episódio 1

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The guys from pop sensation GENERATIONS audition comedy hopefuls for a new dance-vocal group. They’ll need to sing, dance — and make them laugh. (Source: Netflix)

Ariyoshi Ao Resgate Episódio 2

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Ikko hosts a cooking show that's constantly interrupted by shocking surprises. At this rate, they're never going to finish making the budae jjigae! (Source: Netflix)

Ariyoshi Ao Resgate Episódio 3

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The Summers duo host a show where they play various games for the chance to win some cool — or maybe not so cool — stuff. (Source: Netflix)

Ariyoshi Ao Resgate Episódio 4

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A group of brave — if not exactly worthy — souls compete against each other for the chance to get in the ring with first-time MC Tenshin Nasukawa. (Source: Netflix)

Ariyoshi Ao Resgate Episódio 5

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Award-winning voice actress Maaya Uchida judges the studio comedians when they do their own original voiceovers for various well-known TV scenes. (Source: Netflix)

Ariyoshi Ao Resgate Episódio 6

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After 36 years in the business, Ahn Mika's done it all. But with the help of the studio comedians, she tries out some new things. (Source: Netflix)

Ariyoshi Ao Resgate Episódio 7

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MC Ken Horiuchi comes to the show with a lot of segment ideas, and none of them make a lot of sense. Confusion — and comedy gold — ensues. (Source: Netflix)

Ariyoshi Ao Resgate Episódio 8

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MC Fuwa-chan watches a selection of live stream channels by some comedians and sees if she can find the next streaming superstar. (Source: Netflix)

Ariyoshi Ao Resgate Episódio 9

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Rapper Ryoff Karma's heard about some comedians who think they can rap, and he wants to see if they can hold their own in a battle against some pros. (Source: Netflix)

Ariyoshi Ao Resgate Episódio 10

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If there's one thing Rino Sashihara knows, it's what makes a great idol. So, together with =LOVE, she hosts an audition to find the next idol superstar. (Source: Netflix)

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