Love Village Episódio 1

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A group of men and women looking for love move into a shared house in the countryside. First, they must work together to renovate and restore the house. (Source: Netflix)

Love Village Episódio 2

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Hollywood reveals what he looks for in a perfect partner and has someone in mind — but he possibly goes a step too far. (Source: Netflix)

Love Village Episódio 3

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Tensions grow between Yukiemon and Hollywood. Totchan approaches Tabo. After a touching moment, Hollywood makes a big decision. (Source: Netflix)

Love Village Episódio 4

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Yukiemon must contemplate her future. Anchovy seems overly confident. A string of surprising news shakes up the group. (Source: Netflix)

Love Village Episódio 5

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With fresh faces in the mix, Tabo finally starts to get his game on. Totchan cooks her speciality dish and the reserved Sakechan starts to open up. (Source: Netflix)

Love Village Episódio 6

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Okayo reveals how she's been feeling but has a change of heart. Totchan makes her move. Anchovy remains in his own world. (Source: Netflix)

Love Village Episódio 7

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Okayo tries her best to win Junpei's attention. Minane struggles to fit in with the crowd. Yukorin suggests an idea to the women. (Source: Netflix)

Love Village Episódio 8

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Tabo reflects on his first slip up. Okayo and Junpei work together on the women's bedroom — later, she makes her boldest move yet. (Source: Netflix)

Love Village Episódio 9

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Junpei makes a final decision. Yukorin starts to show interest in a special someone. A new member joins and bonds with Minane. (Source: Netflix)

Love Village Episódio 10

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Sparks continue to fly between Tabo and Yukorin. Totchan's feelings for Sakechan grow stronger. Nakasan and Minane share a surprising past. (Source: Netflix)

Love Village Episódio 11

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Yukorin starts to second guess her feelings. Meanwhile, Totchan and Sakechan build a fire pit together and for a second, seem to grow closer. (Source: Netflix)

Love Village Episódio 12

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After receiving a heartwarming gift from Yukiemon, Totchan makes her final move. Sakechan contemplates his future outside of the village. (Source: Netflix)

Love Village Episódio 13

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Two new residents move in. Tabo plans a surprise for Yukorin, but tensions grow as they get to know each other on a deeper level. (Source: Netflix)

Love Village Episódio 14

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Anchovy thinks he may be stuck in another love triangle. It’s Yukorin's birthday, and Tabo finally reveals what he's been making. (Source: Netflix)

Love Village Episódio 15

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The next morning, Yukorin makes her decision. Anchovy confronts Yukiemon and has a revelation. Nakasan reveals his painful past. (Source: Netflix)

Love Village Episódio 16

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A colorful new resident joins. Anchovy whips up a special treat for Tomochin. Minane and Numa P go fishing and find even more things in common. (Source: Netflix)

Love Village Episódio 17

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Bable plans a fun summertime event. Nakasan struggles to let go of his past. Numa P musters up the courage to approach Minane. (Source: Netflix)

Love Village Episódio 18

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As Minane thinks long and hard about her future, the residents face their last day in the village. Later, the hosts receive some surprising news. (Source: Netflix)

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