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Mai 30, 2023
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“I didn’t come to Love Village to find romance. I came to find the final partner of my life”

And that quote presents both the best and the worst aspect of the show.

I found it interesting how vastly different were the motivations of contestants in this show compared to all the dating shows with young people. Romance and thrills were almost never the priority. With how almost all dating shows are focused on the initial attraction, Love Village shines with something different.

At the same time, the production team was not quite on the same page. From participants' side we saw how they were looking for someone to be their partner, but not necessarily lover. Which is fine, but there was a disconnect on how the production team was presenting it. They kept making it seem as if these people had true romantic feelings for each other, when their interactions and conversations painted a different picture.

Some other flaws were how little interactions we actually saw - the real time progression completely did not match the episode's pacing, so when a couple started to have feelings for each other, I often questioned when they even got close to each other, when we saw them talk maybe three times. What’s more - adding contestants close to the end was questionable at best. It was obvious they won’t have a chance to even get to know others, not to mention find a partner, so what’s the point?

On the other hand, I loved Anchovy. This guy is an unintentional comedic genius. He lived in delulu land, misunderstanding every interaction he had with any women. Gold quality of content.

Also, Minane is such a kind and thoughtful woman. I do think she should start thinking about herself more, but I’m also truly impressed how she can see different situations from different perspectives. I have a lot of respect for her and how she presented herself in the show.

Overall, the show was a bit too condensed for my liking. I would love to see more meaningful interactions - slower pacing by either adding more episodes or making them longer.

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Jun 26, 2023
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Heartwarming mature romance and friendships! You might binge it!

Love Village editors know how to create a compelling narrative that hooks you in! They know how to select reality show members, that will vibe with each other and most importantly feel like genuine friends.

This reality show felt more genuine than most because the cast was set to rebuild the abandoned house and make it pretty together while building their romance and friendships.

I was glad that we got a reality show that focused more on the romance of 40s-year-olds, quirky ones, with personality and joy! Somehow I felt more confident to grow old.

Music was mainly Backstreet Boys songs or instrumental, unpopular opinion - but lyrics fit the scenes and opening! So if you are a fan, be warned, you may get distracted!

Will I watch it again? Nope! Will I wait for season 2? Yes!!

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Jun 10, 2023
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Backstreet Boys y romance adulto

La casa del amor es un reality show diferente. En primer lugar, llama la atención la elección de los participantes, que todos tienen entre 30 y 60 años. Personalmente, me encantó esta característica, ya que no es común ver a personas mayores en este tipo de programas.

Sin embargo, lamentablemente, esperaba encontrar algo más maduro, serio y adulto, pero el programa se queda en un híbrido entre bizarro y serio. No terminé de entender el enfoque. Además, los conductores me resultaron insoportables. De todos modos, me pareció interesante el formato de video reacción, donde podíamos ver sus reacciones en el momento en que sucedían las cosas.

Y la elección musical... No entiendo por qué los Backstreet Boys, pero ahora no puedo dejar de cantar "Everybody".

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