Milklove is on the first episode of this. It's also a stand-alone sequel to their story from Bad Buddy. It'd be worth giving this a try before/after jumping into 23.5.
Recomendado por karayili
0.0 Pluto (0)
Both are gmmtv produced thai gl dramas with misunderstandings/hidden identity and talented main actresses.
Recomendado por Sleepy Strawberry
This is Milklove's first series as a couple. While they do not have as much screentime, this series did give viewers the chance to experience Milklove's chemistry for the first time.
Recomendado por karayili
Both are sapphic stories with mostly female casts that take place in an academic setting (23.5 in high school, Love Senior in college). They also feature secondary GL couples in addition to the main GL storylines!
Recomendado por mermysteries
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It is a another GL produced by the same company, GMMTV. Also, two of the cast members from 23.5 are in Pluto.
Recomendado por yilis
Love Senior and 23.5 both center around main leads who are sapphic and currently in uni. Also, each story features two side gl couples along side the main couple.
Recomendado por moon
Be my baby is coming too, it's also a very good lesbian drama, these two series both come out of novels, it's very suitable, hope girllove will be produced more, not only in thailand market but also in many parts of the world, recommend this to let them know more
Recomendado por tnPhm
- Lesbian romance
- Thailand lesbian
- Thaidrama
- Thaigl
- Suitable for gl
- Girls Love
- Age appropriate
- Good plot, all adapted from famous and best-selling novels
Recomendado por tnPhm
In both of these productions, a popular student and nobody in school strike up an anonymous penpal friendship through exchanged notes - with one student knowing the whole time who they are conversing with and maintaining a hidden identity in fear of rejection.
Recomendado por AthenaTheStorierX
They both have the same supporting leads and they are a couple in both series... that means you can watch geminifourth's chemistry in both series...
Recomendado por G_ash_y
Two GL stories that take place in high school, following a popular character and the loser who falls for them! Both are supposed to come out around the end of 2023.
Recomendado por mermysteries
- Lesbian romance
- Lesbian drama life
- Unrequited love
- Thai GL
- Girls Love
- Thai drama
- Lesbian life
- Lesbian couples
Recomendado por tnPhm
If TinnGunn got you hooked with Gem4th's chemistry then how can you say no to NorthNight's dynamic? This one's not airing yet but it already gives me butterflies, with MilkLove being the other pair, I just know it's gonna be worth the days, weeks, and months of wait.
Recomendado por Rei
Milk Pansa (known as Ongsa in 23.5) and Love Pattranite (known as Sun in 23.5) had a cameo in Vice Versa episode 2 [3/4] as Som and Prae.

Despite appearing for a short time only, you can still see and feel their overflowing chemistry.

Recomendado por zii
Same cute vibe and a romantic mixup in high school.
They are both full of secondhand embarrassment humour, and both dramas will have you rooting for the accident prone lead.
Both dramas have an opposites attract scenario.
Recomendado por Mic Lo
23.5 Degree the World Incline (2024) poster



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