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Hello, thanks for visiting me...

A little about me:

I love books,
I love series,
I love anime,
I love behind the scenes,
I love telling and listening to stories.
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  Own Assessment Formula:

1.0 point for each. 10.0 points in total. 

Story  : General context of the story, idea and plot. 

Plot twist: whether there was a plot twist and what the quality of that plot twist was. 
Comedy : Whether there was comic relief and whether it was balanced with the drama. Unique: If there was any difference in the story, what distinguishes it from other stories as “unique”;
Secondary: Quality and performance of supporting characters (secondary). 
Continuous enthusiasm: There are no moments of tiredness and discouragement in the middle of the story.
Loose Ends: If there were loose ends, how many and what size.
Emotion: Whether I cried or not (as it is important for a story to make people laugh and cry)
True Love: Affection between characters, whether brothers, lovers, parents or friends. Was the love between them true for the viewer?
I want more: In the end, I missed the Drama/Movie and was sad that it was over? 
1) Alchemy of Souls
2) Eternal Love of the Dream
3) Love between Fairy and Devil
4) See you in my 19th life
5) Hi, bye, Mom!
6) Eternal love
7) Who rules the world

8) Hidden Love  
9) What's Wrong With Secretary Kim 
10) Tomorrow

11) Queen of Tears
12) The Uncanny Counter  
13) Love like the galaxy

14) Crash Landing on You



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                                                 Recommendations: Fantasy                                           

                                         Recommendations: Wuxia/Xinxia                                      

                                                 Recommendations: Cry                                                  


Doom at Your Service

Hidden love

What's wrong with Secretary Kim

               Favorite OSTs             


Eternal Love of the Dream

See you in my 19th life

Love between fairy and devil
(And I’m here)
Ancient Love Poetry
Till the End of the Moon

Zhao Lu Si Dramas

untouchable lovers201856 episodes(5.5)
Chef Cinderella201842 episodes(5.5)
Oh! My emperor201824 episodes(3.5)
I hear you201824 episodes(3.5)
Prodigy Curator201936 episodes
Love better than immortality201940 episodes
Love of a Thousand Years202030 episodes
The romance of Tiger and Rose202024 episodes
Dating in the kitchen202024 episodes
The long ballad202149 episodes
Please feel free, Mr.202124 episodes
A woman. Student arrives at Imperial College202130 episodes
Who rules the world202240 episodes
Love like the galaxy202256 episodes
Hu Tong202236 episodes
Generation Z202340 episodes
Hidden love202325 episodes
The Last Immortal202340 episodes (8.0) 

                             Voices of Zhao Lu Si                             

-------------------- I love behind the scenes --------------------


                            Actors/actresses I follow                             

Favorite actresses

Zhao Lu Si

The vast majority of its characters are similar, both in voice, actions, personality and especially humor. And that gives me a certain comfort, because I know what to expect when I start seeing her work, and that gives me security.

I had already given up on C-dramas when I saw the trailer for Love Like the Galaxy , as soon as I saw Zhao Lu si's character “pretending” to be passed out, I couldn't ignore her anymore.
But I confess that I would really like to see her as a villain or a darker character, like in Cinderella Chef or Untouchable Lovers   .
When it comes to humor, each actor has their own “default” humor that they feel most comfortable using. To identify this humor is very easy, just think: If you were on stage and were asked: “Improvise something funny”, what would you do?

Well, the form of humor you use is the one you feel most comfortable with and is most natural to you.
The “form of humor” used by Zhao Lu si is what I find most natural, familiar and comfortable to watch.

Shin Hye Sun

In Angel's Last Mission: Love she was a former ballerina who became blind and therefore had a bad temper.
In Oh My Ghost she was in a wheelchair, very sweet, understanding and kind.
The reason I like her is the opposite of the reason I like Zhao Lu Si.

If with Zhao Lu Si I already know what to expect and feel comfortable, with Shin Hye Sun I never know what to expect, it's always a surprise. Its versatility is impressive.

In Mr. Queen she was a cool, popular man from the 21st century who went back in time 200 years and entered the queen's body!
In I'll See You in My 19th Life she was someone who had already incarnated 19 times and remembered all her lives, and that's why she was extremely strange in the eyes of some.



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